Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 60

Chapter 46: chapter 46--the cure

"Oh, it's cool." Tang Ningshan sighs.

"Shan?" Shao Ruihan discovers that Tang Ningshan's smiling face is getting red. He just reaches out to pick her up, but her body is very hot.

Shao Ruihan's expression changes immediately. Was she drugged?

He quickly picks up Tang Ningshan, immediately walks into the car.

"Hurry up, call the doctor, tell him to bring the equipments to see what she's been injected, and have someone round up the warehouse for me afterwards." Shao Ruihan's face is as black as ink, letting Lee even feel that Shao Ruihan has been angry to the limit.

Lee even begins to pray, hoping that Tang Ningshan won't have any problems, or when Shao Ruihan gets angry, no one could bear the consequence.

Lee immediately dials a number and asks nearby people to come over to circle the warehouse first to avoid the spot being destroyed.

Then he calls Wang Yu, telling him to take the doctor to Shao Ruihan's villa immediately. And then he looks back at Shao Ruihan, who is still with a black face, and drives the car faster.

At this time, Tang Ningshan feels like she's safe. The unbearable commotion in her body has been too much for her to hold back. Her body begins to twist over Shao Ruihan's body. She even puts her hand into Shao Ruihan's collar.

Her hand touches Shao Ruihan's body; two people's bodies are getting closer. Tang Ningshan also pulls his clothes while shouting that she is hot.

Shao Ruihan is reacted by the friction of her writhing body, and immediately fixes her with both hands.

Tang Ningshan's face immediately shows a grief expression.

Shao Ruihan's hand feels Tang Ningshan's back. "Shan, good girl. We'll be home soon." Shao Ruihan is trying to keep his voice under control.

"No... Hot..." Tang Ningshan feels Shao Ruihan's body, hoping Shao Ruihan can make her a little cooler.

The hotter and hotter Tang Ningshan completely loses her sanity.

Both hands constantly pull on her clothes, so that her snow-white shoulder with bloodstains on the topis exposed.

This scene lets Shao Ruihan's eyes darken down; his eyes are staring at the shoulder with blood stain.

Shao Ruihan just freezes for a few seconds, while Tang Ningshan has already pulls his clothes to pieces. Inside the suit the shirt buttons are all tore, revealing the vigorous chest. Tang Ningshan's face sticks directly on it.

But after a while, she seems to feel it is not enough, and she puts her hands into his belt.

"Tang Ningshan, stop."Shao Ruihan clasps her hands with one hand and whispers a warning in his ear.

Maybe because that she couldn't move her hand, Tang Ningshan begins to use her mouth. She bites randomly on Shao Ruihan's body. She even is still shouting that this is too hard to taste.

This successfully makes Shao Ruihan speechless. In front of the car, Lee stifles a smile; Shao Ruihan can only see his trembling shoulder.

Shao Ruihan can only buckle Tang Ningshan in the bosom, giving out the shoulder to let her gnaw. At least, this is the best way to make her comfortable now.

Tang Ningshan chews on his shoulder for a long time; perhaps she finds this does not reduce the body's heat. Directly she sticks out the tongue to lick.

This lick directly stuns Shao Ruihan; he does not understand why his body is so uncontrolled today. In the past, even if a woman sits in the bosom to move all the time, he won't produce any reaction. But now he almost couldn't control himself.

'Hurry up.' Shao Ruihan's voice is filled with anxiousness, letting Lee's body quivers. This is the first time he hears such a voice.

Lee steps on the gas, and the car speeds along, running through several red lights.

At that moment, Lee takes a deep breath when he sees that he is about to arrive at the place.

There is a sudden brake and the car is parked directly in front of the villa.

Shao Ruihan plans to get out of the car first before holding Tang Ningshan out, but this time Tang Ningshan has no reason, no matter how Shao Ruihan moves, she does not let him go.

"Come on, let me go!" Shao Ruihan whispers in Tang Ningshan's ear.

But Tang Ningshan does not have any reaction, still holding Shao Ruihan's neck, the body tightly attaches to his body.

Shao Ruihan can only move her face away with his hands and pats her on the face to try to wake her up.

Tang Ningshan feels his breath and feels the coolness in the breath.

Her lips are directly attaches to his, without a crack.

His hand directly reaches to Tang Ningshan's head and removes the arm which has been around his body, then picks up the person to get out of the car, but the two people's lips do not separate all the way.

Getting into the house, there are already several people standing in the room.

"Check if she's been drugged." Shao Ruihan moves away his lips to speak, which lets Tang Ningshan bite him in the neck.

Shen Quan looks a purple people in Shao Ruihan's bosom.

"Why don't you just take her upstairs, or you won't be able to save her for a while." Shen Quan smirks on the edge of Wang Yu.

Shao Ruihan looks at the woman in his arms, and even her body begins to turn purple. Since Shen Quan said that only he can save her, then he can only help her.

Looking at Shao Ruihan's back, Ji Jun looks at Shen Quan.

"Is it serious or not?"

"According to Ruihan's constitution, I guess he has to be weak in his legs to get her relief..." The voice of Shen Quan is very loud, letting Shao Ruihan who is going upstairs look back at him fiercely. Then quickly he walks toward the bedroom.

"Really? Yeah. Then I must prepare to record this glorious moment!" As Ji Jun says this, his eyes are shining with gossipy.

"Lin, you'd better get them something nutritious for them. I'll go back first. I don't think they'll be able to finish today." Shen Quan's face shows an elegant smile, and he looks just like an ancient scholar.

When Steward Lin hears this, he nods. His eyes darken and no one knows what he was thinking.

Qu Bo looks at Steward Lin thoughtfully.

Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan into the bathroom, putting her in the bathtub. The water let Tang Ningshan have a moment of sobriety.

"Shao Ruihan?" Tang Ningshan squints at the person who is watering her constantly.

"Wake up?" The voice of Shao Ruihan is full of danger.

'Where is this?' Tang Ningshan looks around in bewilderment.

"At home." Shao Ruihan's voice is crisp.

"Ah..." Tang Ningshan seems to be in a safe place, and immediately she is fainted into the bath. Shao Ruihan quickly reaches out and pulls out the girl who has fallen into the bath.

This time Tang Ningshan finally completely loses consciousness, even has begun to coma.

Shao Ruihan scolds, picking up Tang Ningshan toward the bed of the bedroom. Gently put Tang Ningshan on the bed. He begins to take off his own clothes one by one, then pressing on her body.

After a day and a night, Tang Ningshan still does not wake up. At this moment, Shao Ruihan even has the plan to kill the people who injected her. And he keeps himself as the antidote all the time; however, the person in bed just closes her eyes without any sound. If not that she is still breathing and the body's purple begins to fade, Shao Ruihan would suspect that the person is dead.

Another day later, Shao Ruihan is now happy that his physical fitness is very good, the physique is superior, otherwise, according to Tang Ningshan's condition, and he really cannot save her.

The third day of the morning, tired Shao Ruihan looks at her face finally turns back to the normal, he takes a deep breath, but he is still not assured. Then he takes out the phone in his pocket.

"Come and see if this is solved or not."Shao Ruihan's voice is hoarse.

"Yo, finally? I thought you are going to die in bed." Shen Quan chuckles.

'Hurry up.' Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan who is till closing her eyes on the bed. He starts to worry about her.

"Well, I'll be there in a minute."

Shen Quan over there hangs up the phone. Shao Ruihan picks up his shirt from the ground and puts it on Tang Ningshan's lap before he goes back to bed.

Soon, there is a knock at the door.

"Come in." Shao Ruihan is still in bed.

Shen Quan smiles and walks in. First, he looks at Tang Ningshan who is still asleep, and then says.

"Well, it seems that I underestimated you, you can even solve 80 percent effect of such hard medicine."

"So?" Shao Ruihan frowns.

"The rest effect is easy to deal, but first I need to give her a shot. Who did you offend? Who dare to torture your girl like this? Do you know that on that day, if it's an hour later, she would die of a blood problem?" Shen Quan says and his face appears a serious look.

"Well," Shao Ruihan nods, his eyes are darkening.

"She hasn't woken up all the time, but it's not a big deal. I'm guessing it's going to take all day. I hope you still have energy." Shen Quan laughs and walks out the door.

He comes back in a minute with a syringe.

"Please take out your baby's arm." Shen Quan looks at Tang Ningshan who is wrapped by quilt and only showing a head, and jokes.

Shao Ruihan carefully takes Tang Ningshan's arm out of the quilt, rolling up the sleeve bit by bit.

There are some teeth marks on her arm.

"Shao Ruihan, are you a beast? How could you bite her like this? Look at her arm; I guess there probably is no unharmed place left on her body." Shen Quan looks at Tang Ningshan's arm.

"Quickly!" Shao Ruihan grits his teeth and says.