Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 62

Chapter 48: chapter 48--Shao Kaile

"No, Shen Quan said that when you get up, you need to drink it. It's good for your health." After Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, the first reaction is to consider the possibility of not drinking, but immediately he thinks of Shen Quan's words. Directly, he refuses Tang Ningshan's request.

Tang Ningshan swallows an unpleasant smell and forces herself to drink up the bowl of medicine.

Then she sees Shao Ruihan nodding his head in satisfaction.

After drinking the medicine, Tang Ningshan stops him just as Shao Ruihan is about to go downstairs.

"What do you think of your cousin's plan to work with me and ruin you?" Tang Ningshan stares at Shao Ruihan's eyes and says word by word. If she discovers Shao Ruihan is a bit different, she really may go to help his cousin.

"Shao Kaile?"

"Well, he said he knows about your past."

"He knows?" Shao Ruihan frowns and his expression change a bit.

"Well, he said he'd tell me how to take you down if I work with him."

"We'll talk about it later. You need to have a rest."

Tang Ningshan nods.

Shao Ruihan leaves the bedroom, going straight to the study. After making a few phone calls, he goes downstairs as if nothing had happened.

He sees Lee already sitting in the living room.

"Come on, what have you got?"

"Boss, did you run into Shao Kaile when you went to Lan Yuan today?" Lee looks at Shao Ruihan and asks softly.

Shao Ruihan thinks for a moment, then nods.

"That makes perfect sense. In that warehouse, two disheveled men were killed. Inside, there is a cell phone, and the last two phone records on the phone are from Shao Mushuang and Shao Kaile respectively. Here, I want you to look first... Now I suggest you ask your wife about the rest."

Shao Ruihan puts the phone aside, and his finger gently beats on the coffee table a few times.

"Well, you can arrange it later." Shao Ruihan whispers in Lee's ear, saying a few words softly. The person on the edge does not hear.

Lee looks up at Shao Ruihan, nodding and turning away.

"What?" said Ji Jun, looking at the demented Shao Ruihan, "is finally ready to take action after all these years?"

At the same time, in Shao's house.

Shao Mushuang is sitting on the bed and looking out of the window, imagining that she would be able to go to Shao Ruihan when she receives the video. She need to let him see how dirty and lowly his wife is, and is not worthy of being his wife. And she alone could sit in that noble and honorable position.

While thinking about it, she laughs and even walks to the mirror and practices what expression she need to show in front of Shao Ruihan to get a good impression.

Just then the phone rings.

Shao Mushuang goes to the edge of the table, picking up her mobile phone and looking at the number on it. It is from Shao Kaile. There is a trace of disgust in her eyes.

"Well, Kaile, what are you doing calling me at this hour?" Shao Mushuang's voice is soft as if she is talking to her lover.

"Oh, what are you doing? Come to my side." Shao Kaile chuckles.

"Right now? Can I come tomorrow?" The voice of Shao Mushuang is full of hesitation.

"You'd better get in front of me if you don't want your things to be seen." The voice of Shao Kaile is a little cold, letting Shao Mushuang cannot help shivering.

"You... You-you said you have deleted all that stuff." Shao Mushuang giving a quivering hisses.

"Oh, as long as you're obedient..." Shao Kaile seems to appease his pet, and his voice becomes soft again.

"Well, where are you?" Shao Mushuang's hand grips the phone with a grim expression on her face.

She keeps thinking in her heart, when she becomes Shao Ruihan's wife, she must let Shao Kaile die.

"In my villa, of course. You'd better hurry up and make yourself look pretty!" Shao Kaile finishes the call and hangs up.

When Shao Mushuang hears that, she throws the phone against the wall and lets out a shout of "ah".

Outside the door, Yao Ye softly knocks on the door, "Mushuang, are you all right?"

Shao Mushuang quickly kicks the phone to the side of the floor, "Mom, I'm all right, accidentally, I broke the phone."

"Oh, be careful, don't scratch your hand, it's broken and I'll get you a new one tomorrow." Yao Ye is talking outside the door.

"Well, Mom, why don't you go and have a rest? I'll be out in a minute. They want me to go out to a party." Shao Mushuang shouts to the door, while trying to avoid being discovered by Yao Ye.

"All right, be safe." Yao Ye answers carelessly and leaves.

Yao Ye returns to her room and looks at Shao Xingsheng who is reading a newspaper on the bed,

"Xingsheng, what's the matter with Mushuang? She goes out early and comes home late every day. She always says that she goes out for parties. How could there are so many parties?"

"Oh, don't you think it's good for our daughter to have many friends? In such family like us, it's common that there are too many people want to flatter us. You just let her grasp the scale of making friends, do not make some lowlife friends." Shao Xingsheng doesn't care. He thinks the daughter has reached the age that likes to hang out with friends. He thinks Yao Ye has thought too much.

"Well, let's have a good rest then." Yao Ye goes to the bed to lie down. And when she turns off the lamp, she feels like she has been thinking too much.

Shao Mushuang changes her clothes and goes downstairs. She is really hesitating, but she still walks toward Shao Kaile's villa. Two villas are not far away, it only take a few minute to walk.

Standing in the doorway, Shao Mushuang presses the doorbell and the door opens directly.

"Here we go, would you like to sit down or?" Shao Kaile is sitting in the living room, shaking a glass of red wine in his left hand. He sees Shao Mushuang coming in, and his eyes are wandering back and forth on her body.

"Shao Kaile, what do you want? You promised me that you wouldn't come after me again." Shao Mushuang yells at Shao Kaile in anger.

"I don't want to go out today. And when I was making love with others, Shao Ruihan has interrupted me. So..." Shao Kaile puts down his glass and walks toward Shao Mushuang and forces her to sit on the sofa.

"You can't blame me for interrupting you, especially since we're cousins." Shao Mushuang grips her collar, and says alertly.

"Can't blame you? Are you sure you haven't done anything you shouldn't have done today?" Shao Kaile's face presses close to Shao Mushuang's ear, softly saying.

"What did I do?" Shao Mushuang's face is startled.

"Should I tell you what you have done, I advise you not to pay the wrong attention, spoiling my good deeds, or I'll make your life miserable." The expression on Shao Kaile's face immediately becomes ghastly.

"I, uh... I, uh... I'm not!" Shao Mushuang says.

"I don't care about you at all right now, but if you let me know that you're trying to sabotage my plan, I will show the whole world what a slut Miss Shao is." Shao Kaile retreats to one side, picking up the red wine that had just been put on the table. He sips softly, and then says.

"Then can I go back now?" After hearing Shao Kaile's words, Shao Mushuang is on her feet.

"Go back? Do you think there's such a simple thing in the world, you know what's going to happen, and you've played with so many people. Today is my turn" Shao Kaile says, so that Shao Mushuang's face immediately turns red.

"Yo, what's up, I didn't know you are going to be shy? Hurry up. You can use everything in the room. Have a shower and wait for me inside. Hurry up. I'll be up in a minute. If I see you still standing there, don't blame me for being so rude." Shao Kaile takes the red wine and drinks it in one gulp, looking at Shao Mushuang's eyes.

Shao Mushuang bows her head, biting her lip and looking at Shao Kaile.

"Come on, Kaile, we're cousins. Can we not go on like this?"

"Cousins? Why didn't you tell me we are cousins when you were trying to seduce me? Don't give me that crap. My patience is limited." Shao Kaile says.

"..." Shao Mushuang bits her lip and walks up the stairs with a humiliation look.

"Shao Mushuang, if you're going to make me mad later, then I won't let you have a good time either." Shao Kaile chuckles.

"One day, sooner or later, everything will be mine, and as for Shao Ruihan, he is a bastard." Shao Kaile looks at the wine left in the glass and says to himself.

What Shao Kaile doesn't know, however, is that his good days are coming to an end.

At the moment, Tang Ningshan is waiting in the virtual lab for the electronic worm to come out of the machine. This is the only thing that makes her happy these days. With this thing, she can finish the deal with Shao Ruihan.

"How to operate this?" Tang Ningshan is holding a box filled with something that has the same size with grain.

"Master, it's very simple, like the room you're in now, you just need to throw it on the floor, and it'll find its way around the nearest wire, and then you can leave it away."

"How do I watch the surveillance?" Tang Ningshan is still dubious.

"It's easier. The e - worms give feedback every day. They're all controlled by your mind, and you can get them to feed back in anywhere, in your mind, or on your computer, or on your TV."

"So I set up a special place inside the computer to store the daily content of the surveillance into the computer, so they can do it?" Tang Ningshan stands in the same place thinking for a long time.

"That's fine, but you'll have to set them up first."

"How do I set it?" Tang Ningshan looks at a box of millet and thinks it is nonsense.

"You put them in the palm of your hand and give them orders afterwards. Give them a feedback address. They'll do it automatically. You don't have to do anything else. Trust me; it's the most common surveillance device on our planet."