Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 63

Chapter 49: chapter 49--the source of the information

Tang Ningshan listens to the system. the first time, she begins to be curious about the origin of the system.

"Your planet?"

"... Well, our planet, but, Master, I can't divulge everything about the planet, so... ". The system feels itself a little smug, how can he say such a thing to Tang Ningshan.

"Well, let's just set them up and take a stroll around every villa in the Shao's house tomorrow?"

"It's up to you to decide, and master, you have had several days of study tasks to complete, I suggest you start today, otherwise..." The system does not finish, but Tang Ningshan understands.

"Or I will be punished, won't I?" Tang Ningshan says in anger.

"Hey, master, you're getting clever. I'm the one who changes you." The system laughs and says.


Now that she has decided to go to Shao's house tomorrow, she thinks that she should first inform Shao Ruihan.

As soon as Tang Ningshan gets downstairs, she sees many people sitting in the living room, which stuns her. Then she walks to them.

"Are you in a meeting? Tea party? " Tang Ningshan looks at the table that fills with tea and fruit, making a joke.

Ji Jun sees Tang Ningshan, feeling like she is not the same with before. After all, it has been a few days since they met, and this is the first time he sees Tang Ningshan treat friendly to them.

"Hey, do you have a good rest? We are discussing about founding the company. Shao Ruihan asked me to find a place on foot, or I am not allowed to come back. Mrs. Shao, do you think you should help me to say something to Shao Ruihan to give me more time?" Ji Jun walks towards Tang Ningshan affably.

" On foot? " Tang Ningshan picks her eyebrows, and taking a look at Shao Ruihan.

Ji Jun hurriedly nods.

" It's not good to walk, it's green, but it takes a long time to find a place. "

Ji Jun sees Tang Ningshan helping him to speak. From the top of the coffee table, he picks up a cup of tea to Tang Ningshan.

"Shao Ruihan, otherwise you give him a bike, so that he not only can exercise, but also will not waste time. "

Hearing such words, Xuan Yun bursts of laughing.

Shao Ruihan also looks at Tang Ningshan in surprise.

"Girl, you can't do this, you have to help me, if you help me, I will tell you what Shao Ruihan used to do, such as his girlfriend ... "Ji Jun doesn't finish saying, Shao Ruihan's eyes on him directly let him shut up.

" Oh? Is that true? But I think it looks like you don't dare to say. "Tang Ningshan finds a vacant seat and sits down, putting down the cup in her hand, and then looks at him with disbelief.

Ji Jun sees Shao Ruihan's vision falling on him, and immediately he draws back. "Well, I really don't dare to do so."

"Shao Ruihan, tomorrow I want to go to Shao's house." at this time Tang Ningshan is looking at Shao Ruihan to say.

" Tomorrow? "Shao Ruihan's face is calm, but there is a trace of doubt in his heart. After experiencing such a terrible thing, what does she want to do back to Shao's house.

Tang Ningshan nods.

"You'll have to come with me, and I'll go in and put some things in, and it won't be long." Tang Ningshan says indifferently.

Steward Lin is still standing beside Shao Ruihan respectfully.

" Well, that's tomorrow. I'm going to send a gift tomorrow, too." there is a flash of light in the eyes of Shao Ruihan. No one notices that except Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, and then looks away. She sees there is a DV on the table.

" Well, give it to me. " Tang Ningshan stretches out her hand and points at that DV.

" I'll give it to you after I watch it. "Shao Ruihan directly picks it up and puts it beside him.

"... "

" Ji Jun, you just said that you are going to start a company? " Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun, as if she is really interested in.

" well, yes, it's just the location that is not clear, and the rest of the work can be done. " probably because what they are talking about is the thing that Ji Jun interested, his face shows a natural smile, not the kind of evil smile, and now Ji Jun looks very pure.

" Oh, what kind of company? I'm going to graduate from college soon." Several people all understand Tang Ningshan's words, turning head to see Shao Ruihan.

"What is your major?" Xuan Yun asks.

" Appraisal of jewelry. " she answers carelessly. In fact, Tang Ningshan doesn't care what kind of company they are going to run. After all, she has a strong learning ability.

"Perfect, that's right, we are just going to found the jewelry company." Ji Jun immediately comes over to her. After all, if Tang Ningshan would like to join, Shao Ruihan will definitely go to their company often. Even if Shao Ruihan doesn't like those things, if they have some problems, Tang Ningshan can ask him for him, then Shao Ruihan will help. Ji Jun decides to keep Tang Ningshan in their company for no matter what reasons.

"Girl, you must come, and we need talents like you. "Ji Jun says that, and he keeps approaching close to Tang Ningshan.

"It's enough."Shao Ruihan's cold voice spreads to him.

"... I don't even touch her. You are getting stingier and stingier. "Ji Jun mutters in a low voice.

After dinner, they all go back to the room. After Tang Ningshan takes a bath, she sees Shao Ruihan sitting on the bed.

" What are you going to do about that? " Tang Ningshan asks calmly.

" What do you want to do? " Shao Ruihan looks at calm Tang Ningshan, beginning to doubt that whether she is the girl he familiar with, who would get angry when she is touched by others. She is too calm when such a thing happened.

" Have you seen it? "Instead of answering his question, Tang Ningshan asks something else.

" Not yet. "Shao Ruihan's eyes staring at Tang Ningshan, hoping to see through her thoughts, but nothing is found. Tang Ningshan's eyes and her tone of voice prove that she is calm.

" Well, wait until you see it! " Tang Ningshan says with a sigh.

Shao Ruihan looks down at the DV in his hands. In fact, he knows that Tang Ningshan has not been infringed upon except some scars on her body.

Looking at the appearance of Tang Ningshan and it seems that the things are not important. But now she let him watch it.

"Do you remember all that day?" Shao Ruihan hesitates, but he still decides to ask.

"Yap" Tang Ningshan sits on the bed with the computer and answers Shao Ruihan's question.

"Do you remember what happened later?" Shao Ruihan does not have any expression on the face, but he is a little nervous in his heart.

"Not at all. Please do not expect me to thank you for saving me. After all, you have taken advantage of me." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, and even begins to think that Shao Ruihan should be an alien creature. Why does he have to ask such a thing.

" I will be responsible for it. After all, you are my wife. "Shao Ruihan has a solemn face.

" ... Ah, man, what's wrong with you? I didn't say you need to be responsible for that. What are you doing?"Tang Ningshan feels Shao Ruihan is strange. And from that day on, he does not speak to her in that cold voice, and if you look carefully, you will see that there is warmth in his eyes. But such a person is not what Tang Ningshan wants.

"I'll go to the study to check something, you can sleep first." Shao Ruihan says and leaves immediately, so that the Tang Ningshan doesn't finish saying what she wants.

"Shit!"Tang Ningshan looks at the closed door and drops a pillow.

Tang Ningshan holds the computer, in that website, she posts a hidden post. The post is all compiled with code, you must have a certain foundation to see inside content.

After posting, she just goes though the website, while waiting for reply.

Soon, she finds someone replies below her post, she is very interested to see the reply content.

After translating those codes, she finds that these people are scolding her, saying that she writes the wrong code and she is wasting the resources of the website and also ask the moderator to delete her posts.

Tang Ningshan begins to doubt whether her plan can be achieved in this website.

Soon, she receives a letter from the station. The content is still a pile of complex code. While Tang Ningshan is decoding, she begins to feel that this person may be able to meet her plan.

The content of the letter in the station is very simple, just a simple contact information.

Tang Ningshan loads a MSN, adding that person as her friend. Then two people begin to chat with the code.

Tang Ningshan thinks this person is a potential talent. She is able to master so much code, because she has a system. And the opposite person obviously has no such shortcut.

After getting to know each other, Tang Ningshan tells that person what she wants to know. And the remuneration that the person requests is very simple, which is to let Tang Ningshan help him track a hacker. The hacker is always making trouble on his computer, making him afraid to store anything on his computer, but that hacker did not destroy anything useful. Every time he invades his computer, it seems to be talking to him.

After Tang Ningshan listens to him, feeling that the person that invades his computer seems to be making friends with him, every time fixed time he would come to chat with him.

The opposite person also tells Tang Ningshan, if there is any message, he will tell her on MSN, hoping she can quickly help him find the hacker's address. Then, at last, they can exchange information.

The two people finish chatting. Tang Ningshan turned off MSN, continuing to look through the website. Later, the system asks her to go into the virtual space to finish the learning task. Tang Ningshan has to turn off the computer. Lying in bed with eyes closed, she comes into virtual space.

She has not completed the learning task for many days in a row, leading that she has fall behind the process a lot. Because the tasks are mandatory, Tang Ningshan must finish all the tasks for these days within today.

Tang Ningshan does not know that in the study, Shao Ruihan has broken the table.

Shao Ruihan takes the DV to the study, beginning to play the contents of the inside. At first, he can only hear the sound, and later, he sees Tang Ningshan was thrown on the bed, he clenches his fists. And when he sees the hands of the two men touching the legs of Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan's eyes are red and full of anger.