Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 64

Chapter 50: chapter 50-- guests

Waiting until the video finishes, Shao Ruihan directly hits the table. His power of the fist is so strong that the table directly split from the middle.

Steward Lin hears the sound, immediately standing outside the door to ask.

"Mr. Shao, what's going on?"

Shao Ruihan hears the sound and turns off the video, letting steward Lin get into the room to clean, and also asks him to buy an new one tomorrow.

Shao Ruihan gets back to the bedroom, seeing the sleeping Tang Ningshan. His heart flashes a trace of love; this kind of emotion has not appeared in him for a long time, so he feels strange.

Standing there and staring at the girl in the bed, he murmurs to himself, "Am I distressed about her?"

Then he shows a self-deprecating smile, how he could appear such kind of mood.

Tang Ningshan turns over, turning her back on Shao Ruihan, which lets him instantly put all his emotions to one side and lies down on the bed. Putting the person into his arms, he tightly buttons her. Once, he did not have the ability, but now....

Shao Ruihan's eyes fill with sharp light; he thinks he could protect everything he wants to protect.

"Since you have annoyed the wrong person, you should take all the consequence." Shao Ruihan keeps thinking about every step of the following in his heart, but his heart is desolate. When he got the information at the beginning, his heart was frozen in a moment. And as the details become more and more detailed in front of him, he begins to suspect that in such a dirty place, is there any such thing as human nature?

The next morning, Shao Ruihan with Tang Ningshan goes to the Shao's house.

As soon as they come into the room, they see that Shao Kaile with a joking face is teasing Shao Mushuang.

Tang Ningshan's eyes twinkle, and soon she is calm again.

After they enter the room, they say hello to Shao Cheng firstly. Shao Ruihan doesn't say too much, and his expression is still cold, letting others have no desire to talk to him except Tang Ningshan.

Shao Cheng looks at clever Tang Ningshan, saying to Shao Ruihan: "why you come back today?"

Shao Ruihan looks at the people in the room and says coldly: "Well, I just want to introduce Ningshan to you guys, so that you guys won't offend the wrong person"

Shao Cheng listens to this words, the facial expression immediately becomes very angry.

"Ruihan, they are all your families. Is that appropriate to talk to them in such way?" Shao Cheng is ready to make a platitude.

Shao Ruihan says with a mockery, "Grandpa, they are my families? If the people in my family have done something that should not be done, should they be ... "Shao Ruihan doesn't finish saying, he just keeps staring at Shao Cheng.

Shao Cheng looks at Shao Ruihan like this, as if he sees his son.

Xiao Leping softly coughs.

"Ruihan, should you let my daughter-in-law to come to the company to practice? After all, this company will belong to you two. After all, grandmother is getting older, and there are a lot of things don't make enough sense to me, but it will all fall on you couple." The smile on Xiao Leping's face is exceptionally kind. And if there is not a trace of cold in her eyes, Tang Ningshan would think she is a gracious lady.

"Well, when she graduates, she will go to practice, and then I hope grandma will teach her something." Shao Ruihan looks at Xiao Leping. His eyes are much gentler.

Before they finish talking, Shao Cheng asks Steward Wei to serve the meal.

"Now that you said you want to introduce Ningshan to them, you need to go every villa to visit. You are junior; naturally you need to keep the attitude of junior. After all, this is not a big deal. "Shao Cheng takes a look at Tang Ningshan, and the disgust on his face is not covered at all.

Just when Shao Ruihan is about to speak, Tang Ningshan pulls his hand under the table.

And then she says, "Well, Grandpa, we're going to visit them from house to house."

Finishing saying, Tang Ningshan turns her head to smile to Shao Ruihan.

After the dinner, Steward Wei leads Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan walk around in the house of Shao's family.

"What if I need to go to each room to set up something later?" Tang Ningshan whispers in the ear of Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan looks at her.

"Give me that."

Tang Ningshan frowns. It's not impossible to ask him to set, but how could she give these to him?

"Come on, you can't use it. You just have to take me in and turn around."

"Where should we go first? Mr. Shao?" Steward Wei has a smile on his face.

"From the very close one, after all, I am not familiar with here." Shao Ruihan thinks for a moment, and says gently.

Steward Wei takes them to Shao Xingsheng's house first, and there is no one downstairs when they enter the room. Shao Ruihan says that he'd like to go upstairs to see and it is his own home, there should be no problem going upstairs.

Steward Wei's expression changes, but he still takes them upstairs. Every place, about fifty meters, Tang Ningshan will throw a "grain" on the ground.

Tang Ningshan feels that her movements are very vague and no one will find.

After going upstairs, they find that there is no one else in addition to some servants. They are ready to go to the next villa.

At this time, Steward Wei walks to Shao Ruihan.

"Mr. Shao, grandpa asks you to go back first, and some guests come."

Shao Ruihan gives Tang Ningshan a look, Tang Ningshan blinks to him. Then two people follow Steward Wei to return to the main house.

Then they walk to the door, Tang Ningshan's body pauses for a moment.

"? " Shao Ruihan doubts.

"Oh, no ... " Tang Ningshan sighs.

"After getting in, you'll know." Seeing Tang Ningshan doesn't want to say, Shao Ruihan also doesn't want to force her to say.

Entering the house, they see Yin He and Yin Bilu are chatting with Xiao Leping, while Shao Cheng is not in the living room.

"Ruihan is back, I ask you to come back home more often. But since you have no time, I have to come to visit." finish saying and walking to Tang Ningshan, Yin He pulls up a hand of Tang Ningshan.

"Ningshan, your father let Bilu to send something to you, so we are here to give it to you." The strength that Yin He beats Tang Ningshan's hand is very strong. Soon, Tang Ningshan's hand gets red. Shao Ruihan directly pulls the arm of Tang Ningshan to drag her back; letting Yin He appears an embarrassing smile.

"Aunt He, thank you for coming to send things to me." Tang Ningshan's face is full of smile. As long as she is in front of Shao Cheng and Xiao Leping, it is natural for her to show a well-behaved look.

"Come and sit down. Your grandma is very fond of Bilu, and she hopes to keep her for a few days." Yin He seems to show off, and says to Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan leads Tang Ningshan to one side of the sofa. After sitting down, he naturally pulls Tang Ningshan onto his legs, which lets Yin Bilu shows a very jealous expression. And this scene is seen by Xiao Leping and even she is very happy to see it.

Yin He looks at Shao Ruihan, and can only continue to say "Ningshan, your mother has left these things. Here you are." Yin He picks up a box from the edge of the sofa and hands it to Tang Ningshan, waiting for Tang Ningshan to come and take it.

Tang Ningshan stands up and walks over. She is directly pulled on the sofa by Yin He.

"Bilu, could you please leave and chat with Ruihan a short while? I and Ningshan need some private space to check these things." Yin He grabs Tang Ningshan's hand and pushes Yin Bilu, giving her a wink and letting her sit down beside Shao Ruihan.

Yin Bilu walks to Shao Ruihan, and sits down beside him shyly. Shao Ruihan does not look at her at all, and his eyes are staring at Tang Ningshan, which lets Tang Ningshan instantly feel a lot of pressure.

"Ningshan, your father said that your mother left these things at that time. The reason why he gives this to you now is that you are married, so he hopes you will not be like your mother." Yin He says to Tang Ningshan, while looking at Xiao Leping secretively.

But she finds that no matter what she says, Xiao Leping's expression won't be changed.

This makes Yin He feels that it is a very good phenomenon.

"Ningshan, since you are now the wife of others, I hope you can be a good wife. Do not do something that does not meet your identity."

"What do you mean, Aunt He?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Ningshan, as your family, everything I said is good for you. I hope you will not be like your mother. Don't be polyandrous." This sentence of Yin He has almost touched the bottom line of Tang Ningshan.

When Xiao Leping hears this, her expression changes a bit, and soon recovers.

Although she is not the original owner, but the title of mother for her is very sacred existence. She was an orphan, growing up in an orphanage; the dean took care of her like a mother. And the dean told her that her mother had entrusted her to her because she had died of illness. So in the heart of Tang Ningshan, the mother is sacred and cannot be profaned.

"Aunt, why do you say that my mother is polyandrous? Is that what you say now, even what you've been doing, worthy of who you are now?"Tang Ningshan's eyes are red and her tears are sparkling, but she still says.

Yin He glares at her, feeling that Tang Ningshan is not the same as before. No matter what she said, Tang Ningshan would hang her head and listen quietly. And she never retorts; she would do what she was told.

"Ningshan, you are wrong to say that, my aunt says this for your own good. It's your blessing to marry in such family and marry such perfect man. My aunt is to let you cherish the blessing, there is no other meaning."

Finishing saying, Yin Bilu turns back to Shao Ruihan.

But she finds that his expression doesn't have any change. She thinks that since that day Shao Ruihan agreed to go upstairs with her, and then today she can also ask Shao Ruihan to drive her home.

Yin He looks to Xiao Leping.

But Xiao Leping does not say any words, just drinking tea elegantly, as if they were discussing something that has nothing with her.