Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 65

Chapter 51: chapter 51-- Yes, I can

Yin He continues to smite with the tongue.

"I don't mean to insult you, but you have to learn from Bilu. You are both in the same university. Bilu is the top student in school, while how about you? Why did you always get the academic warning from the school?" Yin He twists the fact, which let Tang Ningshan feel speechless.

"Aunt he, I did not get as much care as my cousin Bilu. Since I go to the university, I seldom see my father. In these years, the time that I talk with my father all together will not more than one hour.

And I also didn't get any warning from the school, how can you say that." Tang Ningshan's head droops, and her voice is very sad, as if she is about to break down if Yin He continues saying something.

Yin He listens to this, subconsciously raising her hand.

"Aunt." Yin Bilu shouts at the same time.

Yin He just remembers this isn't her home.

She laughs embarrassingly then puts her hand down.

Tang Ningshan looks at Yin He, she is a little puzzled. Because in Tang Ningshan's memory, there was no picture of being beaten. Of course, there was no retort, and she now begins to feel that the original host might not be stupid, but that it was only her way of protecting herself. Only in this way, she could live a life with less suffer.

Yin He has to stop talking about Tang Ningshan, but she turns to talk to Xiao Leping, thinking from the bottom of her heart that only if Bilu can get the acceptation of Shao Cheng and Xiao Leping, that letting Bilu marry Shao Ruihan will become an undisputed thing. After all, the two girls are both in Tang's family, plus, Bilu is much better than Tang Ningshan.

"I am sorry about what I have said, but I hope you'll bear Ningshan more." Yin He fakes a smile and twists Tang Ningshan's body with her hand.

'Ah!' Tang Ningshan shouts, her tears soon come down, and she looks at Yin He with a doubtful expression, as if she is asking Yin He that how could you treat me that way?

After that, she comes to Shao Ruihan. The meaning is also clear; you have to make the decision for me.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, and he feels funny. This girl actually wants to involve him into this to help her solve the problem. But also he feels that this development is good, in which way, he will let her more dependent on him and cannot leave him.

With this thought, Shao Ruihan stands up and puts his hand on her waist.

He says softly, "Honey, it's all right. Your husband will make the decision for you."

"Mrs. Tang, are you here today to deliver something or to try to insult my wife?" Shao Ruihan's words are straightforward, letting Yin He a little embarrassed.

"Ruihan... Aren't we family? How can you say that?" Yin He seems to be humiliated and she looks at Xiao Leping.

"If the Shao's family doesn't want us, we can leave." After saying that, she gets up, but the eyes are staring at Xiao Leping, obviously hoping Xiao Leping to help her.

Xiao Leping doesn't let her down, either.

"Ruihan, she is a senior. You can't be so rude. Since she comes to our house, she is the guest. That's not the way we treat our guests at Shao's family." Xiao Leping's words sounds very mild, but her tone is not very nice.

"All right, Grandma, I've something to do, so I'll take Ningshan to come back and I'll visit you in a few days." Shao Ruihan says that, and is ready to pull Tang Ningshan to leave.

"Honey, wait a minute." Xiao Leping sees such attitude of Shao Ruihan, the mood gets bad immediately.

"Wait a moment. At least, leave after the dinner. Ningshan, come to Grandma." Firstly, she shows a smile to Shao Ruihan, then with a more gentle voice says to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan's body quivers and feels as if she is about to meet with a catastrophe.

Seeing this scene, Yin Bilu understands that Xiao Leping actually doesn't like Tang Ningshan at all.

Tang Ningshan has no other choice but to come to Xiao Leping and bow her head and say respectfully, "Grandma, what's the matter?"

Xiao Leping reaches out and touches Tang Ningshan's face, which makes Tang Ningshan feel as if she has been rubbed against the sandpaper. She is uncomfortable, but she can't reach out to push

Xiao Leping's hand, and can only endure.

"Ningshan, now that you're married to Ruihan. You know that Shao's daughter-in-law has to pay for the Shao's family. You're already married. Then I hope to hear good news from you next month. It would be better to have grandchild next year. That's what his grandfather thought. What do you think?" Xiao Leping says, but Tang Ningshan feels that this like a threat.

"Grandma, it's no use trying to do such a thing all by myself." Tang Ningshan blushes.

This lets Yin Bilu grits her teeth.

She walks quickly to the side of Tang Ningshan, shyly looking at Xiao Leping, "Granny Shao, can I go to Ruihan's house to play for a few days?"

"Oh?" Xiao Leping's expression is doubtful; she did not expect Yin Bilu to make such a request.

"Granny Shao, I like Ruihan very much too. I just want to go there to spend a few days with my cousin Ningshan, can I?" The voice of Yin Bilu is careful, the eyes glint tear, as if that is Xiao Leping does not agree, she will cry at once.

"Well, you'll have to ask Ruihan. After all, it's their home. I can't make that decision" Xiao Leping looks at Shao Ruihan's eyes, obviously telling Shao Ruihan that he must agree and this matter is not negotiable.

"You're going to my house?" Shao Ruihan comes over and takes Tang Ningshan's hand.

Yin Bilu nods immediately.

"You can go if you want to, but our current rooms are full. If you're going, you'll have to live with the servants. You want to go?" Shao Ruihan raises the corner of the mouth but the voice is unusually cold.

"Well, I'll do anything to go to your house if I can. I don't care." Yin Bilu answers quickly, as if she did not consider what Shao Ruihan said at all. Tang Ningshan thinks Shao Ruihan has already fall in love Yin Bilu. But she doesn't care, she is willing to let Yin Bilu to come to his house if she can exchange with Yin Bilu.

But in the heart, there is always a kind of unspeakable discomfort, Tang Ningshan chooses to ignore.

"Well, you'll come with us now." Shao Ruihan holds Tang Ningshan's shoulder and turns to walk out the door.

"Auntie, I'll go to Ruihan's house. You're here with Granny Shao." As she speaks, Yin Bilu smiles at Yin He, as if she has already seen herself sitting in the position of Shao Ruihan's wife in the future.

"Well, call me if you need anything. Don't make Ruihan angry." Yin He still wants to pretend to be an understanding woman, after all, Xiao Leping is still here. "All right, I'll leave then." She bows to Yin

He and Xiao Leping and then leaves gracefully.

Looking at the back of the three people, Yin He smiles with satisfaction and looks at Xiao Leping with an even stronger smile on her face.

"Mrs. Shao, what do you think of Bilu? She is quite good." Yin He's expression is proud, that's like Yin Bilu is her daughter.

"Oh? I thought the Tong's family only has one daughter, right?" Xiao Leping is confused and is not ready to talk with Yin He. After all, she just wanted to see what Yin He and Yin Bilu I going to do, but also she wants to create some conflicts between Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan. After all, Tang Ningshan is not their favorite granddaughter-in law.

"... Well, you're right. The Tong's family only has a daughter. But Bilu is my niece. Yinchuan and I dote on her like a daughter. She has been stayed with me since she was a child, just like the daughter of our family." The smile on her face is a little stiff.

"Oh, after all, it's not your own child, how can a niece surpass a daughter?" Xiao Leping's words let Yin He think that this is another meaning.

She thinks that Xiao Leping is telling her that Yin Bilu is an outsider; after all, Tang Ningshan is Tang Yichun's own daughter.

"Oh, there are some things you don't know, but I can't wash my dirty linen in public. I hope you'll forgive me." Yin He seems to want to say something.

"In that case, let's not talk about it. It's your family's business. I'm too embarrassed to ask." Xiao Leping's face is still smiling.

Yin He laughs for a moment, then turns and sees the box Tang Ningshan has left on the sofa, her eyes brighten.

"Look, Mrs. Shao, She has left her mother's things here, and I have to send them to her as soon as possible, because of this box, she has quarreled with her father several times, and has always upset her father." Yin He doesn't forget to destroy Tang Ningshan's impression in her mind. However, she does not understand that Tang Ningshan has no good impression in the heart of the Shao's family.

And they think she is just a countryman.

"Then send it to them at once." Xiao Leping says slowly, and then asks the servant nearby to drive Yin He away.

After Yin He has gone, Xiao Leping says to steward Wei nearby, "Wei, it's a waste of time for people like them to chat with me. Do not to let them in so easily." Xiao Leping still has a gentle smile on her face, but Wei feels that she is angry.

"Yes, madam. That's what the Mr. Shao said. Let them come in and give Miss Tang some experience, or they won't bother you." steward Wei says with his head bowing.

"Well, never mind. I'm going to have a rest." Xiao Leping glances at Wei and turns to go upstairs.

After Xiao Leping goes upstairs, he takes his cell phone out of his pocket and makes a phone call.

"Sir, they have gone."

"Did they bring her back?"

"Yes. Madam asks Ruihan to take Miss Yin back."

"Keep an eye on them and see what they're up to."

"Very well, my lord, I see."