Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 66

Chapter 52: chapter 52-- Shao Ruihans confusion

Shao Ruihan pulls Tang Ningshan to get into the car directly, after closing the door, he tells Yin Bilu the address, letting her go herself.

Watching the car going out, Yin Bilu, who is standing where she was, does not feel embarrassed at all. She even thinks Shao Ruihan is giving her time to go home to pack up her stuff and get dressed, and she even plans to long-term stay at Shao Ruihan's villa.

"Bilu?" Yin He comes out and sees Yin Bilu standing at the gate, shouting at Yin Bilu in confusion.

"Auntie, let's go home and pack up a few things. Then I'll get dressed." Yin Bilu's face is blushing.

"Okay, we'll go back and pack up. They've forgotten their stuff here and I'll bring them straight to her. I can go to Shao Ruihan's house and help you with your plan." Yin He responds to Yin Bilu while saying her intention.

At the top of the main building, Shao Cheng looks at what is happening and smiles sarcastically.

"Ruihan, let's see how long it takes you to change... Hope you don't let me down."

"My lord, in Master Xingsheng's villa, Mr. Shao and Miss Tang visited every room, but it seems that Miss Tang has dropped rice on the floor." Steward Wei walks over to Shao Cheng and tells him what has happened.

"Drop rice? Is it a custom?" Shao Cheng steps aside and sits down. He stops looking out the window at the two women.

"This is not clear, but it is rice, and there is no other special situation except this." Steward Wei finishes and puts a cup of tea on the cabinet next to Shao Cheng.

"Well," Shao Cheng nods.

"Let those who are staring at them be careful not to miss any detail." Shao Cheng with a deep voice says to Wei, and then he goes to the edge of the desk. From the top of the bookshelf, he takes a picture frame; there are a man and a woman inside.

"I hope Ruihan doesn't end up like you..." Shao Cheng looks at the picture above and murmurs to himself. After saying that, he throws the picture frame into the dustbin.

Steward Wei seems to be used to such a scene, the expression doesn't have the slightest change.

"Well, I have forgotten my things." Tang Ningshan in the car constantly struggles. Shao Ruihan's hand clasps her waist, no matter how she twists, that hand is still remaining in the waist.

"Someone will deliver it." Shao Ruihan holds the writhing Tang Ningshan with the other hand, and the hand on his waist pats her gently on the top as if it is soothing.

"Shao Ruihan, you let go of me!"Tang Ningshan's face is almost a palette, and in the heart, she constantly imagines the scene when they first meet. Where is the indifferent man? It's better to have previous Shao Ruihan who is always cold back.

Shao Ruihan looks at her, his eyes are firm, letting Tang Ningshan thinks he is to see a joke. His eyes clearly says let me let go of you is impossible, are you kidding me?

'What do you want?' Tang Ningshan now is too lazy to struggle, just keeping telling herself in the heart. Sooner or later, she will be stronger than him, and then he will be her bully toy.

"What exactly did you put in that room?" As he says this, Shao Ruihan looks out of the window as if he is not asking her a question.

"You don't care what I've installed, as long as I can meet your standards and follow the terms of the agreement, that's enough. By the way, you'd better give me a satisfactory answer about the events of that day." Tang Ningshan subconsciously does not want to say anything about the system at all, subconsciously transferring the topic.

Shao Ruihan just looks back at her without asking questions.


After a while, they return to Shao Ruihan's villa.

The first thing Shao Ruihan does is to say to Steward Lin when he comes into the house.

"There'll be a servant, Lin. You'll arrange a room for her."

After hearing this, Tang Ningshan laughs, and she is very happy. There is no other reason, but she just feels that Shao Ruihan's behavior lets her feel very good.

"Hey, are you sure this is a good idea? She is coming for you. You're treating her like a servant.

When the time comes, you'll break her heart. You can't get her back." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

"Yeah? What? Something happen?" Ji Jun, who has just come back from outside, comes in with a sweaty face.

"Girl, who did you say Ruihan is going to go after?" Ji Jun sits on the sofa, directly putting his feet above the coffee table.

"A girl you'll see in a moment, and I believe she'll be in this room in an hour or so, and she'll be under the same roof as you." Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun, thinking that he is really a good person, besides he is somewhat a gossipy, there are no other shortcomings.

As for their first meeting, Tang chooses to forget directly and tells herself that she is not the one to hold a grudge.

Qu Bo hears Tang Ningshan's words, his eyebrows slightly move, but then recovers.

Xuan Yun smiles and looks at them quietly. In accordance with the principle that as long as he does not speak, the fire would not burn on him.

"Really? Ruihan, if you bring a woman back in front of your wife, aren't you afraid she won't let you go to bed?" Ji Jun does not think to throw such a sentence.

Shao Ruihan looks at Ji Jun to smile, which is very seductive, letting Ji Jun directly freeze.

Tang Ningshan goes to Ji Jun's side and picks up an apple and stuffs it into his mouth.

"Ji Jun, she'll be here in a minute. You serve her, and if you don't treat her well, I'll treat you well." Tang Ningshan laughs and turns upstairs.

Ji Jun's facial expression is unbelievable. He doesn't know what he has done wrong. Are not all

looking at Shao Ruihan's joke, how will this joke become his?

Xuan Yun walks to Ji Jun's side and pats him on the shoulder with a meaningful smile.

"Ruihan, we'll go to your study later and show you our plans." Xuan Yun is walking towards Shao Ruihan.

"Well, a moment." As he speaks, Shao Ruihan glances at Ji Jun.

After backing room, Tang Ningshan turns on the computer. She sees that originally empty file inside has appeared many surveillance picture. It is simply 360 degrees without dead angle, letting

Tang Ningshan deeply feels that alien technology is extremely advanced.

Looking at the surveillance footage above, she sees Steward Wei came back to the villa after they left and pick up the rice grains that Tang Ningshan dropped on the ground, so that Tang Ningshan is happy. Thanks to her foresight, she had mixed a lot of millet in those electronic worms before going out. Even if Steward Wei finds the grains, he would only think her behavior is weird, and would not think that the rice has any effect.

Tang Ningshan turns off the computer, changing a suit of clothes. Then prepares to go downstairs, after all, there is a different scene downstairs waiting for her to watch.

Tang Ningshan finds a sunny spot in the living room and sits down. Then Lin sets aside a few cups of fruit juice and cakes. And she eats it by herself.

In the upstairs study, Ji Jun looks at Shao Ruihan with a straight expression on his face.

"Listen, Ruihan, what the hell are you going to do? You were nervous that day. Why do you bring another girl back today? Are you lying all this time?" Ji Jun's words also let two people on the edge nod at the same time.

"Bring her back to vent Tang Ningshan's anger." For the first time, Shao Ruihan utters an explanation.

"The address of the company has been found and we have contacted quite a few sources of supply abroad, but some of them are not so easy to get in for some reasons." Xuan Yun says that.

Qu Bo is still silently listens, as if the dialogue between them has nothing to do with him at all.

"Well, I'll take care of that." Shao Ruihan thinks for a while, just nodding his head.

"Then the rest is nothing. We don't know much about the domestic market. We still need to do a few market researches, and still need a few designers. These are easy to do, and the main thing is to let supply can quickly come in." Xuan Yun tells Shao Ruihan everything, the main purpose is to tell him to take the time.

"Well, I see. I'll give you a route by tomorrow at the latest so that they can transport it from here, but only if we're on our own." Shao Ruihan says.

Three people nod at the same time.

Then the four men look at each other and laugh together. They had not been together for many years. It is happy for them to be around Shao Ruihan as they are now.

When the four of them come down again, Tang Ningshan finds that the way they look at her has changed. And the biggest change is Ji Jun, who looks at her like as if he is looking at Shao Ruihan, with a kind of indescribable respect and deference.

"Sir, a car comes in and she said she is for you." Steward Lin goes to Shao Ruihan's side and says in a low voice.

Hearing Lin's words, Ji Jun's face is excited and makes Tang Ningshan wonders. He was afraid of being tortured just now, so why does he is anxious to show off now?

"Just come." After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Steward Lin turns out.

After saying a few words to the guard at the door, he turns and comes back.

"Open the door." Yin Bilu shouts loudly, which seems to be the same as the hostess of this house.

"Mr. Shao says you can get in, but not the car." The guard does not even look at her, but repeats what Steward Lin has just said.

"Who are you? I will catch up with you sooner or later." Yin Bilu says, holding Yin He's hand.

"Auntie, it must be Tang Ningshan. She's afraid I'll steal her place and give me such a low blow before I get in." Yin Bilu's appearance of grievance makes Yin He very upset.

"Don't worry. Auntie's taking it out on her." Yin He calms Yin Bilu. She is angry, feeling that Tang Ningshan is originally a cheap bastard who would come here to show off her power.

However, she had completely forgotten why they had let Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan get married, and had forgotten that they had given Tang Ningshan away and that Shao's family does not admit that they had a family relationship with them in the first place.