Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 67

Chapter 53: chapter 53-- he touches my ass

Even if Shao Ruihan admits that he is related to the Tang's family, he will not admit any relationship with Yin He or Yin Bilu. Because in Shao Ruihan's eyes, Tang Ningshan is not the original owner, even if it is the original owner, then he will only accept Tang Ningshan's father and mother, instead the stepmother and stepmother's niece.

"Get in or not? You can't stay at the door if you don't go in." The doorman's words are very straightforward, and not for any other reason, for the gatekeeper is a member of the army, a member of the Shao Ruihan's team, who is obedient to Shao Ruihan. And he quite dislikes these two women.

"What are shouting at? You have startled us. After that, she'll be the hostess here. You'll lose your job right away." Yin He is also keeping a Shao Ruihan's mother-in-law's posture. But she still knows how to behave, knowing her and Shao Ruihan's status gap, so she did not say to let Shao Ruihan come out personally to pick them up.

The guard looks at Yin Bilu from top to bottom with a look of contempt in his eyes. The position of Shao Ruihan's wife is not so easy to sit. If she wants to be Shao Ruihan's wife, she also needs to be able to beat that girl in the house.

Can't blame this guard to look down on Yin Bilu, but Tang Ningshan's performance in Shao's house that day really let a group of people unbelievable, and that there was his former comrades in arms in those eight people that day.

According to his comrade in arms, "Tang is very dark. And with a murderous look, she's a monster. She attacked lethal position all the time. Some of those people who attacked her, basically they would stick in bed for the rest of their lives."

This impression let the guard; even many of their fellow soldiers know that Shao Ruihan's wife is a killing god. Do not provoke her.

Of course he would never be kind enough to warn theses two people. For no other reason than that this girl is said to be rather petty. Just because someone else's words, originally she intended to put them all down, finally rigidly left an indelible mark on their body. Everyone has the hole that high-heeled shoes stepped.

"Well, you are not wise. When I'm going to be the mistress here, you'll be the first one to leave." Yin Bilu turns a blind eye to the guard, but still gets out of the car with Yin He to enter the room.

Yin Bilu in the room sees Tang Ningshan sitting on one side of a small round table by herself, as if she is excluded. Then she shoes a faint smile.

When looking at Shao Ruihan, her eyes show bit starlight, disgusting the other three people.

"Look, Ruihan, Ningshan left her things in Shao's house, so I bring them to you." Yin He goes to Shao Ruihan's side and puts the box on the sofa beside him.

Shao Ruihan seems not to hear the words, staring at the tea cup in his hand.

Yin He sees the three people looks at her with a feeling of looking at a clown, she suddenly feels embarrassed.

"Ningshan, come and put this thing away." Her tone is mandatory, just like Tang Ningshan is her servant.

Tang Ningshan is still sitting there, drinking tea and eating the dessert. Her head was lifted up when Yin He called her name and then hung down again.

"Tang Ningshan! I talked to you, do you hear me?!" Yin He's voice grows louder and makes everyone else frowns. It is in Shao Ruihan's house, and Tang Ningshan is his wife. How dare she scold Tang Ningshan like this?

"Hey, who are you? Are you here to deliver something or break in? You want to boss around here?" Ji Jun's face naturally appears that evil smile.

"Who the hell are you? Shao Ruihan is my son-in-law. You don't get to talk." Yin He takes a look at Ji Jun and glances at him. She doesn't find anything valuable on his body. None of them are big brands. Naturally, she thinks they come to flatter Shao Ruihan.

"Whether I have the qualification to talk, you'll find out soon enough." The expression of Ji Jun remains unchanged. He waves for Steward Lin.

"Ask this woman out, and she will not be welcome here again." Ji Jun just turns to Steward Lin and says that. Then Steward Lin makes a gesture of invitation to Yin He.

Yin He sees Shao Ruihan has no expression, feeling that she can't stay here, so she prepares to go home to find Tang Yichun to let him help her take it out on Tang Ningshan.

'Auntie.' Yin Bilu watches anxiously, but she was not easy to come in, how could she go back so. While holding Yin He, while she shouts a cry.

"Bilu, let's go back. We're not here to be bullied. Listen to your aunt. Be good." Yin He looks at Yin Bilu, she a little angry. But also she feels that she likes Shao Ruihan, so she comforts her.

"Auntie... I, uh..." Yin Bilu has a pair of eyes with a teardrop, sadly looking at Yin He, letting her feel upset.

"Oh, well, I'll go back and pick you up in a few days."

Yin He finishes, staring at Tang Ningshan and Ji Jun and then turning away.

"Lin, don't let such a woman in from now on. Her existence is to pollute the air here." Just as Yin He walks to the door, Ji Jun speaks again from behind.

Then Yin He goes out angrily, making a sound of "pah".

"Ruihan" Yin Bilu comes over to Shao Ruihan with red face. Her hands wrings clothes corner and says in a low voice.

"My aunt, she didn't mean to, you don't mind." There is anxiety in the voice, as if she would burst into tears if Shao Ruihan does not answer.

Shao Ruihan gets up and goes to Tang Ningshan's side and sits down. He puts out his hand to wipe the cream on Tang Ningshan's mouth, just as he has not seen Yin Bilu.

"Ruihan... You..." Yin Bilu stands still and stamps her feet, and her tears directly drop down.

If someone comes into the house at this time, he would think that the people in this house are bullying a girl.

"I mean, what exactly are you doing here? Say what your name is. Don't make a scene here. Shao Ruihan is not the only one in this room." Ji Jun sits in Shao Ruihan's seat just now, looking at Yin Bilu a while. In the heart, he has only one conclusion that this is a material woman.

He loves to tease such women, each time; there would be different things happen. And his endurance is very strong.

"I, uh... I'm Ningshan's cousin, Mrs. Shao sent me..." Yin Bilu looks at the evil smile of Ji Jun, thinking that since she is going to draw Shao Ruihan's attention, she must firstly create a good relationship with his friend. Since this person can take her aunt out so easily, he must have very close relationship with Shao Ruihan.

"Oh? Mrs. Shaw sent you? What are you doing here?" Ji Jun's face is curious; the body gets closer to Yin Bilu.

"Mrs. Shao said that I can stay a few days with Ningshan and Ruihan." When Yin Bilu says the words "Shao Ruihan", her cheeks flush and she is shy, which surprises Ji Jun. how could her face change too fast.

"But as far as I know, there is no room for guests in this room." Ji Jun remembers that Shao Ruihan said there will be a servant, and Tang Ningshan tells him to treat the girl. Is not she the one in front of him?

"Ruihan said that let me stay in the servants' room. Later... "Yin Bilu says that, her eyes stare at Shao Ruihan who is looks at Tang Ningshan, full of hope and anticipation.

At the same time, Shao Ruihan moves, just as Yin Bilu thinks Shao Ruihan would say a word for her, Shao Ruihan kisses Tang Ningshan's cheek, but also with an enjoyable expression.

'Ah!' Yin Bilu screams.

"What the fuck? What are you doing?" Ji Jun is not happy immediately, does she have mental disease? Such simple chat can make her scream? This is too offensive.

"Ruihan, he... He, he touches my ass." Yin Bilu's words causes the people in the room to roar with laughter, besides Ji Jun. the expression on his face is unbelievable.

"You're sick, right? What part of your body do you think deserve my touch? Even if you were naked, I wouldn't even have looked at you in bed. How dare you say I touch you?" Ji Jun says louder and louder, with a little bit angry trend.

Xuan Yun pats Ji Jun and looks at him sympathetically.

"Ruihan, he..." Yin Bilu walks quickly to the side of Shao Ruihan, reaching for Shao Ruihan's sleeve.

Shao Ruihan dodges, letting Yin Bi Lu's hand grasps an empty and stay in the air.

"Ningshan, I, he really touched my ass." Yin Bilu sees Shao Ruihan avoid her, can only ask Tang Ningshan for help. In this room, only Tang Ningshan that she can bully, and she has been bulling her since they were child.

"So what do you want? Ask him to take the responsibility?" Tang Ningshan is doubtful, and her sentence makes Ji Jun unhappy.

"Girl, I didn't touch her." Why should he be held responsible? He should be held responsible for what he did, but what did he do?

Tang Ningshan winks at him and tells him to watch quietly.

Ji Jun can only sit honestly on the sofa, not because of Tang Ningshan's hint, but because Shao Ruihan is looking at him and his eyes are full of warning.

"No... He's not responsible. He just needs to stay away from me." Yin Bilu hangs her head, the voice is extremely wronged, as if she just receives a great injustice and cannot be redressed.

She keeps scolding Tang Ningshan. If she asks Ji Jun to be responsible for that, she would miss Shao Ruihan. How could she marry two people? But when she thinks of it, suddenly it occurred to her that in the movie a woman has several lovers, and all of those lovers love her so much. Leaving her as if they have lost the whole world. And this makes her idea of staying away from Ji Jun go away. Even she begins to look back at Ji Jun; she thinks he is also good.

If a few men in the room know she has such an idea, they would have sent her straight away, and since she likes men so much, they would be more than happy to arrange a better place for her.

"But he lives here, and can't get away from you, or else."Tang Ningshan's words finish, Yin Bilu looks at her, she is waiting for Tang Ningshan's below words.