Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 67

Chapter 67: chapter 67-- please

After dinner, Pu Jiayi stands in Tang Ningshan's side for the first time and hands her a piece of paper.

Tang Ningshan takes the paper to look, she is a bit awkward.

It says, "Master, I need a set of carving tools."

"You can call me Tang Ningshan. Don't call me master. I'm not used to such a title." Tang Ningshan looks at Pu Jiayi beside her and she could not imagine what she would be like if he really call her master.

Pu Jiayi listens to Tang Ningshan's words, his eyes get red, tears are circling around his eyes, as if that if she continues saying, the tears would fall down.

"... Fine. Suit yourself." Tang Ningshan is a little helpless, rubbing on the forehead. Now she begins to doubt whether he is right.

Looking at the opposite person who with an expectant is looking at her, Tang Ningshan feels that this is not a person; he looks almost like a pet.

"I'll have it delivered tomorrow. Do you have any special needs? For example, what brand, or what type." Tang Ningshan says, and her hands begin to move unconsciously.

Pu Jiayi shakes his head. Tang Ningshan can only let him go to the room first.

"Ji Jun, can you help me find a better carving tool?" Tang Ningshan thinks Ji Jun is very nice. In Shao Ruihan's absence, the first reaction when there is something she cannot figure out is to look for Ji Jun.

When Ji Jun listens to Tang Ningshan's words, he looks at her quizzically. They all know that Tang Ningshan is studying jewelry identification, but she never said that she can carve.

"Girl, do you carve?" Ji Jun asks. If Tang Ningshan can be trusted, then these temptations can be regarded as a piece of mutual understanding, but if she is not trusted, then these will become a bargaining chip for them to understand the enemy.

"I don't. It's Pu Jiayi. I don't know what he wants, but I promised to give it to him tomorrow, so please." Tang Ningshan folds her hands in front of her chest and bows a few times.

"... girl, are you worshipping Buddha?" Ji Jun dodges Tang Ningshan's movements speechlessly.

"Anyway, I'll take it as a yes. I'll go upstairs and rest. When the things arrive, you can just take them to Pu Jiayi." Tang Ningshan doesn't care about that. Now that she's thanked him, he'll have to help her.

"Hello..." Ji Jun shouts to Tang Ningshan's back, but after Tang Ningshan hears the sound without pause, the footstep is getting faster. Soon, she has disappeared in Ji Jun's sight.

But Ji Jun could only look at two people eating in the restaurant over there; he thinks they are too indifferent. Even if he is rich, but his money is much less than Shao Ruihan. A good carving tool would cost too much, he feels that he must let Shao Ruihan reimburse him.

The next morning, Tang Ningshan receives a strange phone call while she is eating.

Tang Ningshan picks up the phone and hears a middle-aged female's voice. "Hello, is this Tang Ningshan?"

'I am.'

"Oh, Tang Ningshan, I'm your head-teacher. I'm telling you to come to school tomorrow at eight o'clock for a professional exam. I hope you're not late."


"Yes, there will be other exams after the professional exam. The exam lasts two days and I hope you can do a good job in review."

"Well, I see thanks."

Hanging up the phone, Tang Ningshan puts her cell phone on the table and calls Steward Lin.

"Lin, can you help me check when the final exam of A university is? Is it tomorrow?"

Can't blame Tang Ningshan to have the doubt, she does not know who has her telephone number, but this head-teacher's voice does not seem to be the voice that she has heard before, so she wants to make sure.

"Mrs. Shao, there will be a test tomorrow. I received a courier a few days ago with your admission ticket in it." Steward Lin directly answers Tang Ningshan's question without thinking.

'How come? I don't know.'

"Mr. Shao said he would bring it to you."

"Oh, well, I see." Tang Ningshan waves to Steward Lin.

Then she picks up the phone to call Shao Ruihan, but his phone has turned off.

'Never mind.' Tang Ningshan puts the phone down and sighs. She is ready to go upstairs to review those professional books. At least, she cannot fail, if she cannot graduate, that would be too humiliating.

When she enters the study, she takes a book about jewelry from the bookshelf. The study has been altered, and she does not know whether Shao Ruihan is careful or Steward Lin is careful. The bookshelf is divided into two sides, and there are some things between them. On one side, there are glass cases on the bookshelf that are locked. The side of her, books are directly putting there. and at first she feels a little unfair, Why Shao Ruihan's things have to be locked, and then she figures out that Shao Ruihan works in the army, so there are a lot of things can't be lost, so it's normal to lock them up. and she hasn't been thinking about it since then.

Tang Ningshan browses the content of the book, feeling that these books are really good. Even if she doesn't have such a gorgeous memory, she would like to read them. She even thinks that every female wants to know more about them.

The day passes quickly, and Tang Ningshan has read 80% of those books on the bookshelf. Then, she is ready to go downstairs to eat, have a look at a few books that she have not finished, she decides to take back to the bedroom to read in the evening.

Within one night, Tang Ningshan got a clear understanding of such things about jewels. After studying in the virtual space at night, she can also identify the material through the jewelry itself, and wait for the system to confirm her pass the task, and then she comes out to sleep. She is ready to go to school tomorrow to show off to help the original owner win glory.

The next morning, Tang Ningshan gets up very early. having a good breakfast, she takes her own bag, and goes to the A university taking the car with Li. Looking at the crowd at the gate, Li squeezes out a way for Tang Ningshan to get in. In fact, Tang Ningshan would like to tell Li that she can get in herself, but Li's action shuts her mouth.

Entering the school, Tang Ningshan feels that there is not a sense of belonging. she goes into her classroom, inside the house there are many people sitting, including Song Zhu. When seeing her, Tang Ningshan subconsciously frowns.

She always feels that there is something different about Song Zhu, especially flattery on her face. and the former Song Zhu is not the same at all, subconsciously making people not want to approach.

As if Song Zhu does not see Tang Ningshan, she does not open the mouth to ridicule her as before, but is talking and laughing about something with the boys around her.

Soon, the classroom becomes quiet and Tang looks up and sees a woman in a gray suit standing on the platform with a stack of papers in her hand. "is there anyone who does not bring the examination certificate, or does not know your own exam room? if there is, raise your hand quickly, I'll give you a permit. If you do not know the exam room, you just go up front to see your own exam room." Hearing her voice, Tang Ningshan knows that this woman should be her head-teacher, but she is different from the people in her memory. but it doesn't matter, anyway, she is about to graduate.

Tang Ningshan pulls out her admission card from her bag. It said three rows and six in Room 8. But she is ready to go up and see where Room 8 is.

Having found the position of the exam room, Tang Ningshan returns to her seat and closes her eyes. The classroom has also resumed its noisy voice, and if the outside door is noisy with the loudest of parents, then the inside is now a market for food, the sound is higher and higher.

Presently, the bell rings, and all the people in the room begin to walk out to look for their own exam rooms. Tang Ningshan quickly finds her own exam room, although she does not know the direction, but she can understand the plan clearly.

After entering the exam room and looking at the two people who have sat before and behind her, Tang Ningshan feels that she is really haunted. Her front is Song Zhu, and the back is the boy who has joked with Song Zhu in the class.

Tang Ningshan goes to sit between the two men. As the invigilator has not yet arrived, they have no choice but to sit and wait. Song Zhu then turns back to discuss some dirty topics with the boys behind Tang Ningshan. Just when Tang Ningshan cannot bear her, Song Zhu gives the boy a wink, and then she turns around, because the invigilator has come.

"Put away all the things that have nothing to do with the exam, leaving only a paintbrush." Then he sends the papers down, two papers and a card for each.

Tang Ningshan looks at the whole piece of paper and looks around and writes her name on the paper and card. This is the first time Tang Ningshan starts writing something. She is a little uncomfortable. This kind of thing such as pen has been far away from her for too long. She thinks for a while about how the name should be written, after making sure that what she writes is not wrong, she just releases a sigh of relief. And she even thinks that she should look for a dictionary, so that she will not be confused by the word she has not read for a long time.

The card is quickly finished, Tang Ningshan looks at the watch, she only use several minutes to finish. boring Tang Ningshan is ready to hand in the paper. The final exam is just an hour and a half, according to normal calculation; the fastest time to hand in the examination is about 30 minutes. when Tang Ningshan raises her hand to hand to hand in the examination, directly she is reprimand by the teacher.

"Teacher, I have to hand in my paper. I have something to do at home, and I have already finished it." Tang Ningshan raises her hand and sits down in her seat. She doesn't want to get up or the teacher may suspects that she is copying other people's answers.

'It's not the time.' The teacher goes to her side, looking at her card, which has been painted, and looks at her again.

"Teacher, I really have something urgent to do at home. Today my grandpa is going to visit, and my husband is not at home. I have to entertain him, or else he would think that I don't respect my elders." Tang Ningshan's words stun that teacher. what the era is now, there are too many university students get married without graduating, but such reason also can't let her hand in the examination paper ahead of time.

"No." The teacher says sternly.

"or how about this? You can check my answers, I am confident to my answers. If I answer 80 percent correctly, could you please let me hand in my papers in advance?" Tang Ningshan smiles at the invigilator to propose conditions.