Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 68

Chapter 54: chapter 54--you want to touch

"How about that you just get around him when you see him? Or you go home, so you can get away from him." Tang Ningshan finishes saying, nodding for that she very satisfies with her own words.

"Eh... Ningshan, Mrs. Shao asked me to company you. How come I just go back? I'll leave him alone from now on." Yin Bilu vaguely stares at Tang Ningshan with her eyes full of malice.

"In that case, I will not say anything." Finishing saying, Tang Ningshan then continues to eat her cake. This cake is really delicious, and she basically does not want to stop.

"Lin, take her to the servant's room." Shao Ruihan takes a look at Tang Ningshan, seeing she is satisfied. And he also does not want to let Yin Bilu disturb her, so he lets Steward Lin take Yin Bilu away.

"Ruihan." Yin Bilu looks at Shao Ruihan with an unwilling look on her face.

Shao Ruihan waves his hand and motions Steward Lin to take the woman away.

After Steward Lin leaves with Yin Bilu, Ji Jun rushes to the table of Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan, looking at the gentle eyes of Shao Ruihan, Ji Jun subconsciously chooses to ignore.

"Hey, girl, I can swear to the god that I have not touched her." Ji Jun looks sad and feels that if he doesn't explain the misunderstanding today, he won't be able to stay in the house for the rest of his life.

"Oh?" Tang Ningshan while sending cake to the mouth, she makes a voice of confusion.

"Look, I've seen a lot of women like her. How can I ever touch her buttocks? I don't think I'd want a woman who's better than her." Ji Jun thinks that he is a person of high taste. How can he touch such a woman? It is down to his standards.

"And what kind of woman would you touch?" Tang Ningshan's eyes flash slyness with a fox-like smile on her face.

"At the very least, she must be good-looking and have a good figure. When I am looking at her, I will have an appetite. I'm sure I won't feel wronged about myself." Ji Jun says that, as if he has already had that model of his dream girl.

"Oh? What kind of woman would qualify meet your standard?" Tang Ningshan asks harmlessly.

"Someone like you, you're a good girl. If you want to touch someone, I must touch someone like you." After Ji Jun smiles and laughs, he feels that he is locked by a murderous look.

"Oh, I'm so high in your heart. I'm so embarrassed." Tang Ningshan says, then ignores Ji Jun, and begins to eat on her own again.

Shao Ruihan looks down at Tang Ningshan, who is struggling with cake. He smiles and his eyes are full of love that he doesn't even know.

"Jun, do you think you can touch Ningshan? You want to touch her?" The voice of Shao Ruihan is deep and seductive.

Ji Jun at this time does not get the temptation of Shao Ruihan. When Shao Ruihan's words finish, he desperately shakes head.

"Why. How could I want to touch your girl? I'm just saying she's a goddess. Everyone loves goddess. She's a goddess. How can we be blasphemous about her? Right?" As he speaks, Ji Jun backs away and quickly leaves away from the reaching range of Shao Ruihan. But he still feels not safe, then he runes to Xuan Yun's side, and then looks at him and directly hides behind Qu Bo.

He reaches out to push Qu Bo, and then says "what do you think? She is a goddess, right?"

Ji Jun's face clearly says that "help me quickly, otherwise I will die today."

Qu Bo looks at him and shakes his head in an uncoordinated way.

Ji Jun thinks he's going to die today.

"Ruihan, may I apply for a suicide note?" Ji Jun pitifully puts his head out from behind Qu Bo, showing only two eyes. And there is a sobbing voice in his words.

"Of course." Shao Ruihan cooperates with his performance.

"Girl, you must be a witness for me. If I die today, it is your husband who has done this to me. You must avenge me in the future." Ji Jun says while doing the action. Tang Ningshan thinks that if giving him a handkerchief now, he will be holding the handkerchief to wipe tears, while holding the handkerchief waving.

Suddenly, Tang Ningshan bursts of laughing.

"Come on, don't do that. If you like acting so much, you'll really have to consider taking the responsibility for that girl one who is just right for you." Tang Ningshan finishes, giving an ambiguous smile to him.

Ji Jun coughs then restores the usual normal look, looking at Tang Ningshan seriously.

"Girl, I can't imagine that you are the one who had always been bullied, and you still being bullied by such a person." Ji Jun's tone is confused, but he does not doubt Tang Ningshan. He just feels that whether there are any unknown things about Tang Ningshan's past.

Hearing Ji Jun such question, Tang Ningshan's body suddenly become stiff, even the facial expression also changes.

This performance lets Ji Jun thinks that whether he has said what shouldn't be said, mentioning Tang Ningshan's sad matter.

If Tang Ningshan knows what he is thinking, she would tell him that you are right. This is really her sad thing, because she is not the original owner. Is she going to say that she was bullied because she was too stupid before? This kind of thing does not hold water at all, even if she says that won't be believed. So how does she say such a terrible thing?

Ji Jun looks at Shao Ruihan questioningly.

"Shan was so filial. She only changed when she married me." Shao Ruihan says to Ji Jun with a serious face.

Then the other two see Ji Jun nodding his head. This explanation works. But what they think of at the same time is whether Tang Ningshan is like them. She is also a victim of family interests.

Three people at the same time cast a sympathetic look to Tang Ningshan, which lets Tang Ningshan perplexed. So she looks to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan shrugs his shoulders to show that he had said nothing.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shaw Ruihan speechlessly, can only shut up. Do they want her to say that she is not the original host of her body? That's impossible. So she can only accept Shao Ruihan's explanation.

Looking at the cake on the table, which she had eaten, Tang Ningshan puts down her fork. She looks regretfully at the rest of the cake, then goes to the sofa to pick up the so-called mother's belongings, and is ready to go upstairs to open it to see what is inside.

"You guys enjoy yourself, I'll go upstairs." Tang Ningshan holds the box upstairs. She does not notice that Shao Ruihan has been looking at her with affectionate eyes behind her.

After entering the room, Tang Ningshan couldn't wait to put the box on the ground. Then she sits down on the carpet and opens the box like opening a treasure chest. There are only a few pieces of jewelry, which are not very nice, and some beads. They don't look valuable, and there is a paper bag.

Tang Ningshan takes a look at the jewelry and quickly opens the file bag. Inside is a letter, which is crumpled and sticky, as if it has been torn apart.

The letter is also simple, except saying that she had left her 50,000 dollars in some bank as a dowry from her mother to Tang Ningshan. Then she left a phone number for a lawyer, which is said that if she got married she could call the lawyer, who would take her to the bank and retrieve the dowry she had prepared for Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan thinks that the mother of the original owner must be a gentle person by the handwriting on the letter. The words look rather soft, without any sharp edges, and looks very beautiful. To Tang Ningshan's regret, there is no name and photograph of her mother in the so-called relic.

Tang Ningshan puts the beads in the palm of her hand. She feels that the beads are very attractive to her and she should have seen anything like them somewhere.

Just as Tang Ningshan is thinking, the system suddenly speaks.

"The energy is discovered, would you like to absorb?"

This is the first time the system says such a thing, which also Tang Ningshan feels strange. The system has been with her for decades, but it has never told her something about the energy.

"Absorb." Tang Ningshan puts down the question, answering the system.

"Absorbed. Would you like to merge?"

"Merge? Into what?" Does not blame Tang Ningshan have such a problem, she just thinks that absorption is to absorb into the system, the energy is for its needs.

"Blend into your body. It's a good thing. Do you want it or not? If you don't want it, I'll take it." The system's sound has the obvious meaning that if you don't want it, then the good stuff is mine.

"Then do it." Tang Ningshan says carelessly. Anyway, the system will not harm her, they are a community, as long as she has a problem, and the system also cannot escape.

"The fusion has begun. The required time is 50 hours."

"Come on, what the hell is this?"

"It's a good thing, Master, something better than the gene potion. That will lead to the development of all the parts of your body into the best possible state, and that will continue to go in a good direction."

"Are there any side effects? Like bleeding, diarrhea, pain?" Tang Ningshan recalls the horror and pain she felt when she first used the gene potion, which she does not want to experience anymore.

"There are no side effects, dear, a purchase for life, you deserve it."

"Will you stop watching those useless ads?" says Tang Ningshan.

"Master, you can not deprive me of the pleasure of learning. It is unlucky for me to have such a master who does not like learning as you. But you can't prevent me of study. You know, there's no end to learning. When I have turned you into a real talent, then I'll be at my best and probably will..." the system stops again.

"Stop again? It's immoral to keep me curious like this all the time, you know? If you go on like this, the two of us will either you die, or I die, sooner or later." Tang Ningshan says angrily.

"Master, you should still worry about your graduation exam now, because if you fail to pass this time, the system will punish you." The system says and then laughs, as if it has already saw Tang Ningshan be punished.