Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 69

Chapter 55: chapter 55--Don't involve her in

"If you're gloating like this, I don't mind disappearing with you!!!" Tang Ningshan howls in her heart, just hoping the system does not come out to annoy her.

"Dear Master, please come in tonight and finish your study. Good-bye..." The sound of the system becomes smaller and smaller, but Tang Ningshan becomes more and more angry. Previously, she only knew the system is not reliable, but the system was very obedient, no matter what she said, it would obey. But now the system is simply a little devil, it always sees the play for

And it is in this anger that Tang Ningshan forgets a very important issue.

Putting the rest back in the box and finding a place for it in the closet, she puts the box in. she thinks the so-called dowry in the bank has nothing to do with her. It isn't hers, so she'd better not touch it.

"We'll have the goods coming in tomorrow, Ruihan, and the company will start hiring. Do you have any good candidates?" If Tang Ningshan were here, she would be shocked; because this is the first time she had seen Qu Bo say so many words.

"Well, I seem to have heard someone mention that there is a designer, but the designer is very temperamental and unusual. And his taste is very strange, it is said that he especially likes beautiful woman, as long as that a beauty asks her to design something, he would design for free. However, it is difficult for a man to ask him to design something. The more handsome the man is, the more he hates that man." Shao Ruihan thinks for a long time, mentioning such a person.

"Oh, that's wonderful. Just let your wife go. Then, we'll get a free designer." Ji Jun fantasizes to let Tang Ningshan to seduce the designer. After that, the company will go on the smooth and easy road from then on.

Shao Ruihan doesn't even talk to him.

"I'll give you the address, and you'll figure out the rest. Do not involve my girl in!"

"Ruihan, the company has a share for you too. Aren't you supposed to be helping? Besides, why are we founding a company? All we've done is for you. Getting your wife to dig people up, Isn't that proof of her competence? Isn't that right?" Ji Jun doesn't care too much, as long as it can be good for the company, that's good.

"She has to agree, and you'd better satisfy her first. After all, if you don't treat someone well, she will treat you well, she said. But if you don't satisfy her, I'm really looking forward to see what Shan will do to you."

"..." Ji Jun's face is bitter.

"Come on, let's be serious. Even if this designer is done, we're going to hire other designers. A designer is simply not enough for all the jewelry our company involves. In addition, we have way to purchase goods, but we have never had any development in China. The first shot must be beautiful; otherwise, we will have to take other routes." For the first time, Xuan Yun holds back his smile and looks at Ji Jun with a serious face.

"Well, let's split the work. You hire people. I'll run the market. I'll do a market survey first. I'll hire people and hire apprentices. I'll be more comfortable with people who I teach than people who we hire from other companies." Ji Jun also honestly says his thoughts.

"Well, that's it. I may not be home for the last few days. If Shan wants something or wants to do something, you can help her in secret. I'm sure the average person can't bully her, but I don't want that thing happen again." Saying here, Shao Ruihan's eyes suddenly become fierce.

"Well, we'll take good care of your wife. If you're busy, you can go." Ji Jun's face has the expression of confidence, which lets Xuan Yun give him a supercilious look.

Just as they are discussing it, something happens.

Steward Lin takes Yin Bilu to the servant's room. Since it's a servant's room, it can't be a separate room. But that room is completely different from what Yin Bilu imagines. Although she also has a servant's room in her house, it's totally different. Yin Bilu in the heart growls ceaselessly, but the face still keeps a smile.

"So this is where Ruihan wants me to live?"

Yin Bilu looks at this room, it's big. There are several ordinary single beds, placed in each corner. Each bed next to a wardrobe, and then the underground is ordinary wood floor. Each bed has a curtain, which should be used to protect individual privacy.

"From now on you can sleep in this bed. This is the wardrobe. There are some servant's clothes in it. You can change them later. I'll arrange things for you later."

Steward Lin makes a simple plan and prepares to leave. For he is, after all, the housekeeper, a housemaid does not trouble him at all.

'Wait a minute.' Yin Bilu stops Lin who is going to leave.

"I'm not here to be a servant. I'm here to be a guest. Why should I change servant's clothes?" Yin Bilu's face is displeased. She comes to be the guest here, instead of serving other people.

"Mr. Shao has no other explanation. If you live in this room, you must obey the rules here. If you think you are a princess, you can go home and no one will leave you here." Steward Lin's expressionless rebuke makes Yin Bilu angry.

"Bring me Ruihan, and I will speak to him myself." Yin Bilu's eyes get red because of anger; making Steward Lin more dislike her. A woman, who wants to get a better life by getting on man's bed, has so many requests and always pretends to be poor. Now, women can only use such means?

"I'll let you know if Mr. Shao wants to see you or if he has any other answers. Now all you have to do is put your things away and get dressed, I hope you can satisfy Mr. Shao and his wife during the probationary period, otherwise I will definitely let you go." Steward Lin doesn't like Yin Bilu at all.

"You... Okay, I'll change."

Steward Lin looked at Yin Bilu's expression and guesses that her eyes would turn red as she sees Shao Ruihan, and her voice is naturally coquettish. But Mr. Shao is not a common person, and he has seen so many women like her, and he would not be tempted at all.

Yin Bilu's idea is similar to Lin Bo's, but there are some differences. The first thing she thinks is that now that she comes, she needs to gain something. Maybe Shao Ruihan did that for her just wants to test her. She'll change places with Tang Ningshan in the evening. She's in good shape anyway; Shao Ruihan will belong to her sooner or later, including the three men just now. All of them will be hers. Thinking of here, Yin Bilu begins unlimited fantasy. In the future the five people live together with her, and Tang Ningshan is her servant.

Steward Lin stands and looks at Yin Bilu's changing expression. And he is eager to remind her to wake her up a bit and then he thinks about what has just happened in the living room. Perhaps Mr.

Shao brought the girl back just to make his wife happy. After all, he also looked up Tang Ningshan's past information and found out what position Tang Ningshan was in the Tang's family.

Although he does not like the present madam, comparing with this woman, the present one is much better.

"Then hurry up. Don't dawdle here. Get up at five o'clock every morning and have a rest at ten. If Mr. Shao has other accounts, the time will be recounted."

Steward Lin looks at Yin Bilu sternly, he does not care whether Yin Bilu is from a rich family or not, even if she is a daughter in such a family, she is a maid here.

Yin Bilu thinks that until she becomes Shao Ruihan's wife, the first thing is to throw the housekeeper out. She is angry now, but her face still shows a sweet smile,

When Lin goes out, the first thing Yin Bilu does is to put the suitcase in her hand on the bed.

From inside, she takes out originally prepared clothes. She stuffs all into the wardrobe; Yin Bilu looks at the lace nightgown in her hand.

"Damn Tang Ningshan, you will fall into my hands one day." Yin Bilu clenches her teeth, and her face becomes more vicious, as if Tang Ningshan had killed her whole family. While the dress she is holding is torn to pieces.

Then she throws her discarded clothes into the trash can. After changing into the so-called servant's clothes, she looks in the mirror. She feels that she is naturally beautiful. Even wearing such a lowly dress, it could not conceal the fact that she is a beauty.

After leaving the house, she goes straight to the living room. And as a servant, she wishes to be a servant of Shao Ruihan as well.

Seeing a few people chatting in the living room, Yin Bilu's face hangs a perfect smile. Of course, the smile is perfect only in her heart.

"Ruihan, the room..." Yin Bilu goes to the edge of Shao Ruihan, whispering.

Shao Ruihan looks at her and says nothing.

"Well, that's a good dress for you, then." Ji Jun sees Shao Ruihan gives him a wink, and can only begin to turn on the attack mode.

"You..." Yin Bilu's face turns red and then turns blue.

"Do you think it's pretty?" After showing a shy face, she walks toward Ji Jun.

This time, Ji Jun gets silly. Doesn't this woman's target is Ruihan. How could she fire at him? Such a woman he does not want, and cannot afford to. So he instantly sends out the distress signal to Qu Bo.

Qu Bo glances at her.

"Give me a cup of tea." The cold voice comes from Qu Bo's mouth; letting Yin Bilu thinks the voice of the man who originally looks hard to deal with is so pleasant, and very manly.

Yin Bilu smiles at Qu Bo and then twists herself into the kitchen.

"Gosh, did you see how she flirted with me, and then winked at Bo? What was she up to do?" Ji Jun looks frightened.

"Does she really think she is a national lover? Everybody falls for her? Gee, that woman's a bitch, Ruihan. Are you sure a woman like this would make the girl upstairs happy?"

It is not Ji Jun doubts Tang NingShan's fighting power, it is such a woman is too upset.

"If she's not happy, then I'll make you very unhappy. Just do it yourself." Shao Ruihan says indifferently.