Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 70

Chapter 56: chapter 56--what is the money for

"Shao Ruihan, there's no one likes you. For you, hoes before bros." Ji Jun stands up at once and starts shouting.

But just as Yin Bilu goes out from the kitchen, she heard this sentence, instantly she begins the infinite imagination.

Does she succeed? Has she successfully made them fight for her? If that's the case, then the target is within sight of her.

The smile on Yin Bilu's face is getting stronger and stronger, and the swaying of her body became more and more exaggerated.

Under the swaying of her body, the tea inside of the tea cup overflows, sprinkling on the tray.

Qu Bo looks at Yin Bilu carrying a tray to walk to him.

"Bring me a new cup!"

'Why?' Yin Bilu looks puzzled.

Qu Bo begins to exude the same cold feeling as Shao Ruihan, which is a little weaker than his, but still let Yin Bilu tremble.

So Yin Bilu with a wronged expression looks at Shao Ruihan, the eyes are saying that I am bullied, you have to help me.

Shao Ruihan is quiet, but there is a trace of joy in his eyes. And this joy is just seen by Yin Bilu, she feels that Shao Ruihan is giving her a wink, maybe tonight a good thing will really happen.

"I'm on my way." Yin Bilu poorly stands by Qu Bo and says softly.

When it's the time for dinner, Tang Ningshan goes out from the bedroom and is ready to go downstairs. Just as she walks the first step, she sees Yin Bilu with a charming smile pleasing four men around her, letting her footstep pause.

It's not because of anything else. It's just that Yin Bilu's servant's uniform is beyond her wildest imagination. Originally it's black and white clothes and trousers. Yin Bilu wears a short skirt, and the following is a pair of exquisite high-heeled shoes, it is not normal.

Tang Ningshan then continues to walk down, seeing Yin Bilu throws a warning look to her.

Walking to the restaurant, Tang Ningshan still finds a place to sit down by herself. At this time Shao Ruihan asks the three to come to eat.

Steward Lin asks servants, including the unwilling Yin Bilu to prepare all the food and serve the dishes one after another.

When everything is on the table, Yin Bilu turns and walks to the seat next to Shao Ruihan. Since Tang Ningshan did not sit down on it, she will certainly sit, in which way, it is kind enough to show her position in the room.

Yin Bilu's buttocks have just touched the chair below; Shao Ruihan lifts his foot to kick on the chair.

His movement is neat; nobody sees his action at all.

As she sits down, the chair clicks, and she falls backward with a yell.

Tang Ningshan frowns. Not that she really disliked Yin Bilu; it's just that she's made such a freakish scene. Must she show that she wants to get on Shao Ruihan's bed such obviously?

"What the fuck? What is your weight? You've broken your chair all of a sudden. I think you'd better leave there quickly, or else all the chairs will end up like this as long as you sit on them." said Ji Jun with a wry look.

"Oh, young lady, you'd better hurry up and go where you came from. The job is not suitable for a man like you." Xuan Yun says with a smile.

Qu Bo nods with approval, which shocks Tang Ningshan. She has always thought that Qu Bo has only one expression, which is no expression.

That's the look that makes Tang Ningshan stare at him for a long time. Until Tang Ningshan feels a burning look on her, which lets her uncomfortable, she just lowers her head to eat. She does not want to watch Yin Bilu's performance; after all she does not know her very well.

"Ruihan, I, this..." Yin Bilu moves leg, wanting to stand up, but this movement allows Ji Jun to see her underpants directly.

"Shit. What's the fuck? Ruihan. Do all your servants wear skirts? And she's wearing such sexy G-string. One line..." The expression of Ji Jun is exaggerated.

"Ah," Yin Bilu hears that and directly presses the skirt. But because the skirt is too short, it can only cover either front or back, letting her nearly cry.


"..." Tang Ningshan looks up vacantly.

"Why are you on the floor? Quickly pick her up, Lin. and you could not sit on the ground, as if we are cruel to you." Tang Ningshan looks at Steward Lin with a didactic appearance, letting Shao Ruihan slightly smiles.

"And you. What are you doing on the ground? Look at your dress. You can't even cover your ass. And you just sit on the ground. Who are you trying to show it to?"


"Well, I know you like Ruihan, but he's your brother-in-law. You must have known when my father asked me to marry him. At that time, you didn't have any reaction, and what do you want now?"

"No ..."

"I also understand, in fact, you looked down Shao Ruihan's identity, now that you know what he is, you feel regretful."


"You don't have to explain, but in my father's eyes, you deserve the best. If my father didn't ask Shao Ruihan to marry you, it proves that Shao Ruihan is not your Mr. Right in my father's eyes."


"You don't have to tell me. I understand, but your acting is not like a lady today. Haven't you always been a lady? Look at your dress. Aunt He didn't teach you that at home, right? Why did you put on such a dress today? Go and change it at once." Tang Ningshan says patiently, but also she has always been holding Yin Bilu's hand. The power of her hand is quite strong, no matter how Yin Bilu struggles, she cannot pull out.

"Lin, take her down and change her clothes. See what you look like."

Tang Ningshan doesn't give Yin Bilu a chance to speak. As soon as she opens her mouth, she immediately interrupts, letting Yin Bilu have no idea that whether she should cry or laugh, can only in the heart scolds that Tang Ningshan is a bitch, a lowlife who has robbed her things and is still here to show off to her.

"Send her back tomorrow, or you'll get her a guest room. I'm uncomfortable to see her with such a dress." Tang Ningshan says to Shao Ruihan, and then turns to go upstairs.

After seeing what Yin Bilu has done, she is not in the mood to eat at all.

Shao Ruihan is in a happy mood, because he feels that Tang Ningshan is swearing her own sovereignty, which is having the possessiveness to him, this discovery makes him feel extremely happy.

The eyes he looks at Tang Ningshan become much softer than ever.

"Hey, hey! Return to yourself. She has gone, what are you doing?" Ji Jun says directly what he thinks.

"Tomorrow you will spend the day with Yin Bilu and then send her back." When Shao Ruihan speaks, he puts extra effort into the word 'send'.

"I do not want; you just forget what I have said. Tomorrow, I have something important to do, and have no time to accompany her. "Ji Jun says with disdain.

And Shao Ruihan's expression is clearly telling Ji Jun that this matter has to be done by him.

"All right, but the time is a bit tight tomorrow." Ji Jun says in his heart that he really doesn't have time.

"That's your problem." Shao Ruihan finishes, and is ready to go upstairs.

"Hey, after dinner, you just go upstairs with your wife. I'll think you're going to be a henchman..." Ji

Jun yells behind Shao Ruihan, but Shao Ruihan goes upstairs without even stopping.

"What? Ruihan, is this for real?" Ji Jun asks suspiciously the two people near him.

'Maybe.' Xuan Yun responds in kind.

Qu Bo takes one look at the two on the side and gets up to leave. After all, there are many things to be done tomorrow. Now that there is no play, he should prepare the things for tomorrow.

Shao Ruihan returns to the room and sees Tang Ningshan sitting by the window, and her hair that is long and black scatter on her shoulder. A pair of eyes is looking out of the window, as if she is thinking something, her eyes are lost.

So he goes over to her, reaching out to pull her. Reaching over to the bed, he takes her in his arms. The familiar warmth that makes him thinks that this girl seems to be born to be in his arms.

"Are you in heat?" Tang Ningshan feels that his body begins to have reaction after he holds her in his arms.

"..." Shao Ruihan is silent. He also wants to know what happened to his body. From that day on, as long as he touches her, he will recall the scene of that day.

"You'd better calm yourself down, or I don't mind giving you a hand." Tang Ningshan's voice is low.

Shao Ruihan buries his head in Tang Ningshan's neck. "How are you going to help me?" The breath hits her neck and makes her feel strange. It makes her feel very uncomfortable.

"You let me go!" Tang Ningshan's face is stiff, and says with cold voice.

Tang Ningshan begins to struggle, being in his arms lets her feel very dangerous.

"Do you know where my cards and ID and wallet are?" Tang Ningshan has been rummaging around the house for a long time, and found nothing useful except clothes and a few pieces of jewelry.

"You want money?"

Shao Ruihan's question lets Tang Ningshan directly laughs.

"I mean, I'm a living person. What's wrong with using the money?"

"What is the money for?"

"For using!" Tang Ningshan thinks this is bullshit, what else she can do with money.


"Wait a minute; I'll get it for you. Come over." The face of Shao Ruihan is full of tender smile.

"What?"Tang Ningshan looks wary.

Watching Tang Ningshan warily backs, he has to get up and walk towards her.

"... You're afraid of me?" The voice of Shao Ruihan sounds cold, just like the other day, letting her heart suddenly drop to the bottom.

She steps back and shakes her head; obviously she is not the person she was at the beginning. At least, she will not so easily controlled by him, but she is afraid from the bottom of her heart, as if he is the devil.

"Never mind, I'm just trying to help you with your clothes." Shao Ruihan seems to lose his strength in a moment, and his voice is lost.