Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 71

Chapter 57: chapter 57--bandage

Along the position of Shao Ruihan's figure, Tang Ningshan sees that the skirt's strap has slipped to the arm.

Tang Ningshan blushes and gnashes her teeth staring at Shao Ruihan.

"Then what are you looking at? Get out!"

Shao Ruihan looks at the girl in front of him, only feels his lower abdomen is tight. That coquettish expression lets him a little out of control, but now is not the right time at all.

"Then I'll go to the study."

Shao Ruihan's voice is husky with desire, letting Tang Ningshan's face gets more and more red.

She is relieved when he goes out. If she lives with him every day, she could not guarantee that he would really not be seduced by his handsomeness.

"Master, I think you will fall sooner or later."

'Get out!!!' after Tang Ningshan hears the words, the strange feeling in her heart is more and more clear. Just hearing Shao Ruihan's voice, she feels that there is a kind of inexplicable mood comes from the heart, and the more she stays with him, the more such mood would often appear. But she does not think she likes Shao Ruihan, just thinks that she is enchanted by his appearance.

"Master, I can't. If I get out, I'd still be in your body. Isn't that too hard for me?"

"Then you just leave at once and keep quiet!"

"No, master, you must come in now and accept the new study, or you know the consequence."

"Damn it, can't you just stop talking to me?"

"I'm sorry, master; I can't talk to anyone but you..." The voice of the system is full of loneliness, letting Tang Ningshan have a little bit of guilt.

"Never mind. What should I study today?" Tang Ningshan's voice soon softens.

"You will learn medicine today; a qualified warrior must have the ability to do everything on the spot. Like the world in which you live in, the medical treatment is not on that high level, so it is very important to learn medicine. Although your body is not normal, it is not enough. Even though you have blended with energy, you cannot be considered to be perfect, so we must study medicine."

"Well, that's too general. Why don't you just tell me what I need to learn today?"


"Why are you so conscientious today?"

After Tang Ningshan gets into the virtual space, she is thrown into the simulation battlefield by the system. This time her mission is not to kill the enemy, but to deal with the wounded in the rear.

The conditions for completing the task are also simple, which is to take a second to finish bandaging a person. The steps are sterilizing, medicating the trauma, and bandaging.

If it can be done in half a second, the reward will be doubled. And this is the first time the system tells her that the reward will be doubled, so that she is willing to walk toward the wounded soldier there.

When she sees the so-called wounds that are needed to be bandaged, Tang Ningshan is completely stunned. Originally she thought that the bandage is to deal with some minor wounds.

And now she's looking at a guy who got shot by a shell, there are multiple bleeding spots all over the body. And even there are blood overflowing from the corners of his mouth. And one-third of the arm had been blown off. And the system actually said that such a wounded person only need to be bandaged.

"Master, hurry up. If you don't move quickly, your players will die because of your slowness."

Tang Ningshan can only begin her mission. Such wound, let alone bandage, even if the suture, she doesn't think it can be completed in a few hours.

She could only get the iodine on the side and sterilizes the man bit by bit. When the iodine cotton wipes the wound, the wounded man would give off a violent tremor, which makes her nervous. She is sweaty because of a simple sterilization.

'Next.' The system suddenly says.

"?" Tang Ningshan wonders.

"You handle it too slowly, and if you follow your speed, the wounded man would have bled to death and lost the chance to have an operation."


The second wounded man is even more exaggerating than the first. His arms and legs are half amputated and are bloody, so that she has no idea where she should start from. All over the body is bleeding; such a wounded man can be cured just by bandage? She repeatedly asks herself in the heart.

She begins to quicken her movements, and the iodine is no longer wiped. She begins to unscrew the bottle and pour it on his body. Two bottles are used up.

'Next.' The system's making noise again.

"What is it now?"

"If you were such a wounded person, who is lying on the ground and being poured by iodine, you would lose hope of survival."

Then the third, the fourth. Tang Ningshan begins to feel that bandaging is not a simple matter at all. It is too difficult to do three steps when it came to the matter.

Instead of waiting there for the system to choose the wounds, she begins looking for some simple wounds.

Even for some minor injuries, scratches, she couldn't wrap up in five minutes, leaving her feeling a little frustrated.

"Master, you'd better see how others bandage first, and then do it. According to the rate you're treating the wounds; they will die as many as you deal with." The sound of the system is full of helplessness.

"... give me a potion to replenish my strength, first." Tang Ningshan sits on the ground weakly.

She drinks the potion while watching the others bandaging in a simple way.

She sees the man with gloves on his hands, and he puts his hand straight in the iodine. He takes out the iodine cotton, wiping quickly on the wound, the medicine is aimed directly at the most serious place, sprinkling in the surrounding area. Finally he uses the bandage directly on the wound, the movement is clean.

She just looks one after another over there, and then she goes to practice. But she couldn't get to the speed that the system required.

"Or you can think of this as typing code. It's a one-time thing anyway." The system finally can't stand her movement. If at her rate, let alone one minute, within five minutes she can only bandage a person.

When she hears the system's words, she thinks that she should try it. After all, they are all done by hand.

So she begins to move faster and faster, but when she wipes the wound, the strength is very heavy, for she used the wound as a keyboard, and she only thinks how to get there quickly.

"Stop! You're killing them. If you go on like this, I'll just have to let you practice catching coins in the boiling oil pot, master."


She begins to restrain herself to be quick and to be light, but not too light. She feels that the system is giving her a hard time, but she could not resist, or she would be punished for resisting.

Just under the more and more skillful action, she simplifies every step and tries again. Probably because of the good physical coordination in the early stage, she can gradually finish every step with the most convenient action, but she still does not meet the requirements.

"How long has it been?" Tang Ningshan sits down to rest, she feels as if it has been a year.

"It should have been half a month, if it was in real time. Master, how stupid you are? Such a simple thing you cannot learn within half a month. Thanks to that virtual space has no time limit; otherwise if you are in real space, you will be eliminated by the world sooner or later."

"Master. If there is a war or a disaster, are you sure that you are not against time?"

"How could I know? I haven't met before."

"..." The systems is silent.

In fact, she also knows that if she could really finish all kinds of difficult bandages in one second, she could save money lives in the disaster. But now she is too tired.

"Master, you must understand that I am not asking you to do good for mankind. I just need you to be able to survive and save yourself in all kinds of situations..."

"Yes, I know. I'll practice right away."

Tang Ningshan just can't stand such voice of the system that seems it has lost everything. Every time she hears, she feels that she is dragging it down.

Constantly practices allow her arm is already forming a subconscious movement, and that the first reaction when she sees the wound is to sterilize it.

Finally, she has no idea how long it has been, finally she is able to deal with a simple wound in a second, just as she is about to share her joy with the system.

"Master, you are too slow. Such a simple wound takes so long. What if it's a serious injury...?"

She now begins to feel that the system is deliberately trying to make things difficult for her. She has tried very hard, but in the lonely voice of the system, she turns back to the bandage business again.

System is sniggering. How has he never found such a way before? And previous master was not so softhearted, present master is really good. A few words can let her be obedient.

If Tang Ningshan knows the system's thought, she would probably just chop it up.

Time passes; Tang Ningshan does not know how much time she spends to practice the simple bandage. Looking at the blood-filled hands, she has been numbed.

"Ding, congratulations on the special task done by you. Double the reward."

After hearing the sound of the system, Tang Ningshan pauses for a moment and then goes on with the task at hand.

"Not bad, my master. Your hand is definitely the fastest in the world. The only one."

"Oh, reward." Tang Ningshan looks ahead in a trance and her eyes are wandering, only subconsciously saying what she wants to say.

"Look, this is the latest research product, Universal Spray."

"Universal spray?" Tang Ningshan mechanically repeats.

"Yes. No matter what kind of wound it is, you can spray it to stop the bleeding and stop the pain." System humbly says.

"Directly stop the bleeding and pain?" Tang Ningshan now backs to her sense; feeling that she spent so much time in bandaging is of no use at all.

"Well, a good medicine for home and travel."

"Can you come out? Just let me see you." Tang Ningshan shows a strange smile.

'What do you want?' The sound of the system is alert.

"What am I supposed to do? Beat you! You make me work so hard, then finally, you just give me this thing, then the bandage is all in vain, isn't it? If you give me this earlier, then I did not need to do so!!!" Tang Ningshan roars in anger.

"If you don't mind being found that you are not a normal person, I don't mind you taking this stuff out." The system arrogantly says.