Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 72

Chapter 58: chapter 58--take off

"... You're ruthless." Tang Ningshan answers in silence.

"All right, all right. There's a double reward. What do you want? One chance. Take your pick."

"Really?" Tang doesn't believe it.

"Of course, given your good behavior during this time, I am mercifully giving you a choice. Make the best of it!"

"What can I choose?"After pondering for a long time, Tang Ningshan finally utters a word.



"Do you want it or not? I'll cancel it!"

"Yes, then give me the fortification potion that the whole body can get enhancement."

Tang Ningshan says, and then the system gives her the bottle of medicine she asked for. In fact, under the physical quality of her body, she does not need intensive medicine at all now. But on the principle that something is better than nothing, she has to take it, it's not because that she does not want anything else, but that she does not remember the name of other potions at all.

Drinking up the potion, she leaves the spray in the virtual space. That kind of thing can't be taken out, because she can't say she makes it up out of the air.

Tang Ningshan opens her eyes and looks at everything in the room. She feels that a million years have been passed. Lying in bed, she feels the smell of blood. So she gets up and takes a shower to relax herself.

Lying in the bath, Tang Ningshan closes her eyes and feels various wounds are appearing in front of her. Subconsciously, she wants to grab iodine and bandage from the side so she just drags all of the clothes she has just taken off into the bathtub at once.

Looking at the clothes that have already been soaked in her hands, Tang Ningshan's hands hangs helplessly. This kind of subconscious movement really can't appear again.

When she finally gets ready to go out, she remembers that she has no clothes to take on. Usually she would come in with her nightgown, after washing and she can put it on. This time, the clothes are soaked, what could she do?

Tang Ningshan goes to the door and puts her ear to the door to hear if there is someone outside and wonders whether she would be seen if she goes out like this.

But just as she is about to open the door, she hears footsteps in the house, letting her hand on the handle pull back instantly. She does not have the hobby of streaking, so she would better give up this idea.

Tang Ningshan begins to spin around in the bathroom to see if there is anything she could use.

Actually, she finds it. It's Shao Ruihan's bathrobe, but Tang Ningshan can't promise that Shao Ruihan won't ask her to take off if she wears it. After all, Shao Ruihan doesn't seem to like it when people touch his things.

Tang Ningshan looks at the bathrobe hanging on the hanger and hesitates again. Finally, she still reaches up to pick up. The black bathrobe is on Tang Ningshan's body, wrapping her up, only to show her head and white feet. It's like a black chocolate, with milk filling inside.

After all being finished, she ties up the bathrobe and stands in front of the mirror. Tang Ningshan tells herself to be brave. She just puts on his clothes. If he is angry, she will give him a new one...

That's right.

Carefully opening the door, she sees Shao Ruihan lying on the bed. His eyes are closed, as if he is asleep, which relieves her.

Tiptoeing out of the bathroom, she tries not to make any sound. As she is about to close to the fitting room, Shao Ruihan on the bed suddenly opens his eyes.

When he opens his eyes, he startles Tang Ningshan. The man who was thought to be asleep suddenly opens his eyes and there is no confusion in his eyes. His eyes are shining and staring at her.

Under his gaze, her body stiffens and her face shows an unsightly smile.

"Oh, you're still up?" Tang Ningshan awkwardly says. The foot is still moving toward the fitting room slowly.

"Waiting for you." Shao Ruihan's voice is flat and he is expressionless. She couldn't see the change of his mood. This makes Tang Ningshan feels a little relieved. At least, she won't be killed for wearing his clothes.

"Oh, what up?" Now the only thing Tang Ningshan wants to do is to go into the fitting room to find her own clothes to change, so she ignores Shao Ruihan's action.

"I brought you your bag." Shao Ruihan Points to a handbag on the dresser.

'Oh.' Tang Ningshan is still walking toward the fitting room slowly.

Shao Ruihan gets out of bed and walks toward Tang Ningshan, pulling her hand. Tang Ningshan subconsciously struggles.

"I didn't mean to put on your clothes. My clothes are wet and I'll take them off right away," she says.

"Okay, you can take it off now." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a playful look, as if he is very much looking forward to see her taking off his clothes right away.

"... I mean, after I put on my own clothes and I will give your bathrobe to you right away, not now, and not here." Tang Ningshan forces herself to explain patiently.

"But that's what I mean." Shao Ruihan's face does not change. Looking at the changing expression of Tang Ningshan, he bows his head to kiss her on the lips.

A little kiss, in fact, it's not a kiss, it's just like a touch of her lips, so that Tang Ningshan still does not realize the matter after Shao Ruihan has left her lips.

"Don't run barefoot next time. I left the card on the table, it's my associate card. If you need other cards, tomorrow you can go to the bank to get one. Tomorrow I have to go out on a mission, probably will not come back for a while. You have to pay attention to your own safety at home, you can ask Ji Jun together with you to go where you want." After saying that, he kisses her on the forehead.

Tang Ningshan just stares at Shao Ruihan.

His eyes are too gentle; there is a kind of indulgent feeling inside. The voice is too seductive, letting a person unconsciously wants to listen.

Shao Ruihan reaches out and draws Tang Ningshan close to his chest, and gently lets out a question in her ear. His snort directly drops on her neck, causing her to shiver and to recover.

Firstly she blushes, and then she feels her heart begin to beat uncontrollably.

"Well, I see." She runs straightly out of his arms and quickly into the fitting room, closing the door.

Her movement is quick.

'Hahaha.' Shao Ruihan seeing shyly Tang Ningshan running away, he gives a cheerful laugh.

After running into the fitting room, Tang Ningshan closes the door and leans over the door with one hand touching her face and the other hand touching her chest.

"Damn it, how can I be so stupid?" Tang Ningshan feels her abnormal heartbeat, once again feeling that she is seduced by his handsomeness.

Quickly she finds a pajama in the closet and puts on the body. Shao Ruihan's gown is thrown far away, only in that way she feels that there's no the breath of him around her. The restlessness mood also be calmed down, and the mind also is awake.

"Tang Ningshan, don't you know who he is? Don't you know what his family is? Don't have that fantasy. He's just not the right man for you. There is only a piece of paper between you, and nothing else." Tang Ningshan puts her hand on her chest and says to herself again and again.

When the mood finally calms down, the facial expression returns to normal again, only then she opens the door. After she goes out, Shao Ruihan is asleep lying in the bed.

Through the moonlight, Tang Ningshan looked at harmless him on the bed, once again feeling a little confused. She stays with such a person every day; it's very hard not to be affected.

Standing where she was and shaking her head, she shakes all those emotions out of her mind. Then she climbs on the other side of the bed, and lies down next to him.

Maybe she was so tired in the virtual space that she falls asleep quickly. At this moment, Shao Ruihan opens his eyes, putting her in his arms and putting a kiss on her forehead. Smelling the sweet smell of her body, then he safely closes his eyes.

The next day, Tang Ningshan is woken up by the ringtone.

Closing her eyes, she reaches for the phone on bedside table. After a fumble, she finally touches the phone, pressing the answer without thinking.

"Get up?"

"Shao Ruihan?" Tang Ningshan feels strange, is this person sick? Why does he call her to harass her in the early morning?

'Hmm.' Hearing Tang Ningshan's inquiring voice, his tone directly turns low.

"You're sick. Why don't you come upstairs? It's immoral to disturb a person's dreams in the early morning. Do you know that?" Tang Ningshan's voice rises suddenly after hearing his sound.

"Oh, it's nearly noon." Shao Ruihan laughs and says...

"... Yes, what is it?" Tang Ningshan just wants to get off the phone quickly, these days Shao Ruihan is very strange, she does not want to have too much contact with him.

"It's dinner time." Shao Ruihan's answer is brief.

"... Go to hell." Tang Ningshan does not know what word to use to describe this man.

"Be good, and wait for Me." then Shao Ruihan hangs up the phone.

"Shao Ruihan is not a ghost? System, can see that? Why do I always feel that he is not the previous man? "Tang Ningshan keeps asking the system in her heart.

"... Master, you must be calm."

"Holy shit. He's just trying to seduce me. If it wasn't that my mind is firm, it'd be so determined that I would have been living a happy life with such handsome man. Who cares what your mission is."

"Master, you're going to be punished if you are regardless to the mission. Even if you're going to be living with him, you're going to have to do the task."

"..." she was going to get help from the system, but it seems that she is wrong.

Hanging up the phone, Tang Ningshan still closes her eyes lying on the bed. After about 30 seconds, she opens her eyes again.

She gets up to wash. After all, according to today's arrangement, she has a lot of things to buy; the original host's thing is not suitable for her.

She changes a dress, and then goes downstairs. Getting into the living room, Tang Ningshan sees a tired Yin Bilu.

"What's the matter with you?" Tang Ningshan curiously asks, in fact, there are no other meanings.

"Ningshan..." Yin Bilu's pathetic appearance is like a puppy that is abandoned on the side of the road. If someone else sees her, he would immediately go up to comfort her. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for Tang Ningshan. Instead, Tang Ningshan's brows are slightly raised when she sees her like this.

"Did you guys bully her?" Tang Ningshan looks at the three people sitting on the sofa.

"Girl, we don't have time to bully her." Ji Jun says seriously and gnashes his teeth, making Tang Ningshan laugh.