Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 73

Chapter 59: chapter 59--Li

"Um, do you want to go out and do some shopping later?" Tang Ningshan says to Ji Jun.

"Well, okay, I'll go. See what you want, and I'll go and keep you company. The two of them have other things to do." Ji Jun's face is debonair.

"Be normal. If you go on like this, I will not be able to stand such attitude of you." Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun.

"Xuan Yun... She hates me." Ji Jun says to Xuan Yun beside him coquettishly.

"That's enough, I cannot also bear you." Xuan Yun just gets up and sits on the other side of the sofa.

At the side, Yin Bilu who always pretends to be poor looks at this scene, the face shows ferocious expression.

As soon as Qu Bo looks at her, she is back to her pitiful state.

But she forgets her clenched hands.

It doesn't matter if she shows such a look, because anyone who lives in the house knows exactly what she is like. But they think it better to watch a good show of her than nothing, so they watch her acting instead of unmasking her.

"Ningshan, can I come with you later?"

Tang Ningshan turns to look at her and then notices that there is a trace of warning in her eyes.

This makes Tang Ningshan very speechless; who gives her self-confidence that lets her feel as long as she threatens her, it would work?

"You're going? I'm just going to get some clothes. Are you sure you want to go?" Tang Ningshan smiles and asks her.

"Yap." Yin Bilu nods heavily.

"All right, then, let's go together." Tang Ningshan shrugs indifferently.

Since someone is hurrying to pick up bag for her, she is quite willing to indulge in the eccentricities of her.

After dinner, Tang Ningshan takes the bag and the card that Shao Ruihan gave her, and goes out with Ji Jun.

"Wait for me." As soon as they walk out of the door, they hear Yin Bilu shouting inside.

Ji Jun's face is anxious. He really does not want to go out with Yin Bilu together. He looks at Tang Ningshan with invocatory eyes.

Tang Ningshan seems not to see, just quietly waiting in place.

Before long, they see Yin Bilu in full dress coming out of the house. Tang Ningshan really admires her for seeing her. She came in with only a small suitcase, which cannot contain too many clothes, and she even put such clothes in it. Does she think there would be many parties here every day?

Tang Ningshan stands where she was. When Yin Bilu comes to her, she glances up and down at Yin Bilu.

"Is this how you're going to go shopping?"

Yin Bilu nods. She doesn't see what's wrong with wearing this.

"Well..." Tang Ningshan is not ready to say anything.

Xuan Yun comes over and pats Ji Jun on the shoulder and says, "Take care of this girl, or we'll take care of you..." and then throws him a nice look.

"..." Ji Jun is silent.

In fact, he wants to know what he did is wrong and why everyone is treating him like this.

Tang Ningshan thinks that Ji Jun would drive, so when she is about to let Ji Jun go to drive the car, she sees a car coming to her and parking firmly beside her. The driver inside opens the door and gets out of the car and walks in front of her.

After bowing and saluting, he says: "Mrs. Shao, Mr. Shao let me to be your driver. During his recent absence, I will be in charge of your trip. I'll give you my phone number later. If you need to use the car, just call me, I am always on call."

Tang Ningshan nods. "Where do you live?" can't blame Tang Ningshan for asking this question, mainly because Shao Ruihan arranged for her driver and didn't tell her. Although she does not know whether the original owner could drive, she does drive. Why he hire a driver for her? But since that, it's better to him where he lives; driving is a tired job after all.

"Mrs. Shao, I live in the guard building in front of this house."

Hearing such answer, Tang Ningshan feels Shao Ruihan is not reliable. Since he call her Mrs. Shao, which means he must have good relationship with Shao Ruihan. But why he let him live in the guard building.

"You can move in and have dinner with us." Tang Ningshan says, and then shouts "Lin."

Steward Lin walks out of the dining room, and walks to Tang Ningshan's side quickly.

'Mrs. Shao.' Standing in the same spot, Steward Lin bends over as if it is Lin's custom. Every time

Tang Ningshan sees it, she would feel a little strange.

"You'll take his stuff into the house and get him a room."

Tang Ningshan stands there and thinks.

"Find one that can contain..." Tang Ningshan stands in the same place and looks around before saying.

"Can contain 3 people."

After hearing Tang Ningshan's words, Li's face does not show any change. But the two men, who have been in the shadows, looks at each other, and though they were not in control of their breath, she could not feel them from so far away, could she not be talking about them?

Tang Ningshan says to Lin, and then turns to the driver and asks, "What's your name?"

The driver respectfully says to Tang Ningshan, "Mrs. Shao, you can call me Li."

Hearing the name, Tang Ningshan looks at him carefully.

He has a dark skin; his face is full of fortitude. He looks like a soldier, but he actually comes to her as a driver, she really does not know how Shao Ruihan thought.

"You and Lee?" Tang Ningshan thinks for a moment, and then decides to ask. The main reason is these two people do not look like each other. Lee is still a bit white, but Li can almost compare with the carbon.

"He's my brother!" Li answers aloud.

"..." Well, his ways of speaking is just like Lee, but Lee is smarter.

"Go to a nearest mall and I'll buy some clothes." Tang Ningshan then opens the door and gets in the car directly to the passenger seat, which lets Ji Jun feel corrupted.

Tang Ningshan doesn't look at him, she gets in the car and closes the door, and the action is smooth.

Yin Bilu money comes to Ji Jun gracefully and smiles shyly at him, standing at his side. Tang Ningshan in the car sniggers, while Li waiting for them expressionlessly.

"Hurry up, you two. I've got a lot to buy. If you don't want to go, you can stay." In order to see what's going to happen between them, Tang Ningshan has no choice but to raise her voice and light the fire between those two people.

Ji Jun opens the door directly, neglecting Yin Bilu with evening dress on the side. After getting in, he shuts the door. Does she want him to open the door for her? It is her dream.

Yin Bilu stamps her feet in anger out of the car. It seems that no one wants to talk to her, so she pulls the door open by herself. Because the skirt is too long, her first thing after getting in the car is not to close the door, but to puts the skirt on the ground into the car.

Tang Ningshan from the mirror inside calmly looks at her, Ji Jun also does not have any expression. Yin Bilu shows a pitiful expression, but no one is ready to help.

"Damn it, Tang Ningshan. Sooner or later I'll make you beg me." In her heart, Yin Bilu keeps cursing, but she couldn't change the status quo. Her trick is not useful to them at all, and it seems that she should think of how to approach those men. Since they do not like the weak and poor girl, are they fond of the enchanting and charm one? Here comes another plan in Yin Bilu's heart.

If Ji Jun and them know Yin Bilu's idea, they will certainly get rid of her at the first time, but they do not know.

Ji Jun always keeps a straight face in the way, trying to keep a distance with Yin Bilu. Every time Yin Bilu leans to his side, he immediately ducks, but the car is so small that he couldn't avoid that. It makes Tang Ningshan laughs all the way, and she thinks that Ji Jun is so funny.

Tang Ningshan is in a very good mood, she is always smiling in the car. She is extremely happy to see the acting of those two. Today is the happiest day for her since she comes to this body.

"Mrs. Shao. How about here?" Li asks Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks out of the window at the building, suddenly feels that A city is really small.

She came to this body for the first time, and the first place she came is here, this is the second time, she comes here again, letting her feel helpless, but she has already come, there's no reason for not going. Anyway, for buying clothes, everywhere is the same.

"Well, find somewhere to park." Tang Ningshan says.

Li drives into the underground parking lot, finding a place to stop, and then gets out of the car with them.

There are not many cars in the parking lot, but Tang Ningshan finds the place is a little weird and inexpressible, like being stared at, so she keeps alert.

Several people walk toward the elevator, in the moment of entering the elevator, suddenly a person comes out; Li subconsciously stands in front of Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan pulls Li to her side, confusedly looking at that person with a gray black casual clothes, but his clothes is already very dirty, which seems to have not changed for a long time.

However, look at those clear eyes, Tang Ningshan doesn't think he is a bad person.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan gives a gentle smile, and her voice is very soft.

The man shakes his head.

'Oh.' Tang Ningshan nods, and then stays in silence.

But the man's eyes stays on Tang Ningshan all the time, which makes Tang Ningshan doubt whether the original owner knows the man, but there is nothing about the man in her memory.

She thinks hard for a long time, but she does not figure out whether they are familiar with each other, can only asks, "We know each other?"

The man's eyes lit up, looking at Tang Ningshan's estranged appearance, and he wrongly bites his lip.

"Really?" seeing him like this, Tang Ningshan can only continue to ask, the key is that she really does not have a picture of this person appeared in the brain.

The man nods.

"What's your name?" Looking into his eyes, Tang Ningshan will unconsciously lower her voice.

The man opens his mouth and closes it again, then hangs his head.

"So what do you want from me?" Tang Ningshan thinks this person won't harm her, because those eyes are simply too clear, as if it is spring, which will let a person unconsciously want to approach.

The man shakes his head again, and Tang Ningshan does not know what to do.

"you can't say it?" Tang Ningshan asks again.

The man still shakes his head.

"Why don't you come in and do some shopping with me and come home with me later?" Tang Ningshan comes up with a compromise.

The man finally stops shaking his head and lets Tang Ningshan heave a sigh of relief.

"Is this a good idea?" Ji Jun and Li speak at the same time.

"It's okay. I just want to know who he is and what he wants from me. Since he can't talk now, we'll talk about it when I'm done shopping." Tang Ningshan waves her hand carelessly.