Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 74

Chapter 60: chapter 60--encounter

"Tang Ningshan, what's wrong with you? You let such a person go with us?" Yin Bilu looks unhappy.

Tang Ningshan is not talking, but the attitude is very clear that this person must go with her.

"I don't care. If you insist on taking him with you, I won't go." Yin Bilu is going to stand still.

"Suit yourself."

Tang Ningshan directly presses the elevator to the third floor without looking at Yin Bilu.

Soon they get to the third floor, the elevator door opens directly. Tang Ningshan goes out, followed by the man and Li.

Yin Bilu grabs Ji Jun's sleeve.

"Jun, are you going to leave me behind, too?" The voice is charming, and her body directly clings to Ji Jun.

Ji Jun jumps out at once.

"You stay away from me. I'm not familiar with you. Go somewhere else."

Then Ji Jun quickly heads in the direction of Tang Ningshan, he does not want to badger with such a woman.

The third floor all sell high-end luxury goods, she directly chooses to go to the third floor is also because Tang Ningshan remembers that there are several jewelry sales. for the convenience of Ji Jun, she directly goes to the third floor.

Ji Jun also sees a number of jewelry shops, Tang Ningshan beckons to him, letting him go to have a look.

Ji Jun smiles and walks over to that shop. and Li is a bit like a bodyguard behind Tang Ningshan, while the man on the left, who dressed in dirty clothes, stands out in stark contrast to both of them.

Tang Ningshan walks into a women's clothing store and looks at the clothes inside and she frowns. Are long skirts in fashion now? Why are they all skirts? Don't those women's clothing shops have pants in them?

Just as Tang Ningshan is wondering, someone behind her shouts, "Well, sir, you can't come in here."

Tang Ningshan turns and sees a woman in full makeup coming this way. She stops by Tang Ningshan's side and says to the person with dirty clothes: "Sir, you can't come in, please leave."

'Why?' Tang Ningshan asks.

"This gentleman's costume is not suitable for our store and will affect the mood of the other guests." The salesperson speaks with great arrogance.

"He's naked? Or can't you see he's wearing clothes?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"... Miss, if you're here to do some shopping, I'd be glad to welcome, but if you're here to pick a quarrel, the door's over there." The woman looks at Tang Ningshan's clothes and doesn't think they are luxury. She wants to ask her to go out directly, but she sees the manager looking at her so she changes her words.

Tang Ningshan listens to these words, directly going inside and ignoring the woman. This is the first time she hears that people who wear dirty will be prevented to enter.

Looking at the rows of dresses, Tang Ningshan thinks they are really ugly. The more she looks at them, the more she thinks this store is not good at all. And the salesperson is also ugly. People all say that birds of a feather flock together, there is such ugly salesperson, and the clothes here are certainly ugly. Just as Tang Ningshan is thinking of going to another shop, she suddenly hears someone calling her.

"Tang Ningshan?"

She looks back and sees a small woman and an ordinary-looking man. She knows this person, she is her classmate, Song Zhu, and she always followed Yin Bilu, obeying Yin Bilu's orders. She would do whatever Yin Bilu said; it is like that Yin Bilu is a god.

Tang Ningshan takes one look at her, and then turns to leave. Mainly because the clothes here she does not like at all.

When she is about to leave, Tang Ningshan is dragged by this woman. Tang Ningshan's face suddenly became very angry. Li is about to pull Tang Ningshan's hand back, but Tang Ningshan's eyes stop him.

"What do you want?" Tang Ningshan asks calmly.

"We haven't seen each other for a long time. Why don't I meet your so-called husband? I heard Bilu said that your husband is a soldier? Can't he satisfy you? Why do you take two men to go shopping together?" Then she takes a look at the person next to Tang Ningshan.

"You are really not picky, no matter what kind of people you would accept. Such dirty people, you also take him with you? I really don't know you are such a person. Look at all these fakes on your body. How dare you go into a store like this? And you're not afraid of being kicked out?" Song Zhu's voice is getting louder and louder, giving more onlookers around them who are already conspicuous.

Hearing such words, Li's eyes are full of anger. Shao Ruihan in his heart is a god-like existence, how dare she defame Shao Ruihan, then do not blame him for his rude.

He grabs Song Zhu's hair, and directly gives her two facial slaps directly.

He just knocks Song Zhu to the ground.

"If you don't know how to talk, I don't mind giving you a lesson." Li's words make Tang Ningshan can't help laughing out loudly.

"Song Zhu, next time, before you talk about someone else, it's better to know what position you're in. Some people aren't something you can mess with, understand?" Tang Ningshan looks down at Song Zhu sitting on the ground and speaks softly.

"Who are you? How dare you judge me? Tang Ningshan, don't you even look at yourself? Even if you are the daughter of the Tang's family, but you still be given to others as a stepping stone by your father. Who let you have nothing inferior to Bilu? Even you are given away as a good, you are also deserved.

Is your husband unable to satisfy you now? Too old? So you're just walking around with two dogs?" Song Zhu now also blabs, she says everything out without thinking. Anyway, she feels that she has already done so; she would not let Tang Ningshan have a good time.

"What's the matter, girl?" Ji Jun pushes his way through the crowd and asks Tang Ningshan quickly when he sees the situation.

"It's all right. It's just a crazy dog that bites people. Li has already given her a lesson." Tang Ningshan shakes her head, indicating that there's nothing important.

"Yo, another one? Tang Ningshan, you are really funny, are you not afraid that your small body cannot stand? The school boys are really blind, all think you are pure. Look at you, go out shopping with three men, are you going to the hotel upstairs later?" Song Zhu sees Ji Jun comes to Tang Ningshan, feeling that such a man should not belong to Tang Ningshan. He should be with Yin Bilu, because they are matching.

"... Girl, that's what you said all right?" Ji Jun listens to Song Zhu's words, showing an evil charming smile. Tang Ningshan nods.

Soon, Yin Bilu also comes out from the crowd, she was very happy to watch, but Ji Jun suddenly appears, if she keeps watching, the fire mush transfer to her.

"Ningshan, what's the matter?" Yin Bilu looks at the crowd doubtfully.

"..." Tang Ningshan doesn't say anything, but points to Song Zhu on the ground.

"Zhu, why are you sitting on the ground?" Yin Bilu takes Song Zhu's hand and tries to help her up.

But when she looks up and Yin Bilu sees her face that has been hit by Li.

"Who hit you? Does it hurt? Who did this? Look at this face, it's going to bruise. You tell me, I'll get you justice." Yin Bilu pacifies Song Zhu, while saying. She still looks up to look around, but her eyes are not on Li.

"Whoo, whoo... Bilu, it's very painful, it is that bitch Tang Ningshan who beats me. His husband can't satisfy her, so she plans to go to the hotel with these three. She even doesn't let me say it. She hit me when I say that." Song Zhu cries, while getting in Yin Bilu's arms, as if Yin Bilu is her own mother.

And the man standing by Song Zhu does not know what to say. It's Song Zhu's fault that lets the thing develop like this. Song Zhu is his mistress. Let alone Tang Ningshan have any background, if the thing is spread away, there's no any benefits for him, so he chooses to stand back and watch.

"Zhu, how could Ningshan hit you? Would you have been mistaken?" Yin Bilu would like to get away now. Even if she said Tang Ningshan goes to the hotel with three men, she can't say Tang Ningshan hit her. There are so many people see Tang Ningshan standing on one side and did not do anything at all. If she now blames Tang Ningshan's fault, what should she do when Tang Ningshan tells Shao Ruihan about that after coming back home.

Song Zhu, who has been weeping in Yin Bilu's arms, does not see Yin Bilu's eyes and keep shouting, "Tang Ningshan is a bitch, shameless. Hook up everywhere and hit people."

"Are you sure it was me who hit you, not someone else?" Tang Ningshan doesn't want to stand here and be watched as a clown.

"It's you, you bitch, shameless." Song Zhu looks up at Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan does not understand that according to the nature of the original owner, how could she offend people and

Song Zhu looks at Tang Ningshan with revenge in her eyes, as if she is going to kill her.

"If you want to be beaten so much, and if I don't fulfill you, it's my fault." Tang Ningshan goes over and picks up Song Zhu's hair. Giving her a facial slap, then she sees Song Zhu's face instantly swelling up.

Tang Ningshan instead of letting go of her hand, she stands still and looks at her for a long time, and then nods with satisfaction.

"Yes, it's perfectly symmetrical. It's a plastic surgery at some extent." After releasing Song Zhu's hair, she looks at Yin Bilu who has an unbelievable a look.

"Li, give her the address later, and let her go home if she needs any compensation. Let's go shopping somewhere else." Tang Ningshan smiles and says to Li.

This scene stuns Li; this is the first time to see Tang Ningshan beat people. Although just a slap in the face, it still has the power to shock him. In the heart of Li, Tang Ningshan looks just like the people in the paintings. She looks like a pretty girl who is really weak.

Although his brother had told him that she had been training with them for two months, he had always felt that Shao Ruihan had given her the special permission, so she did not get any formal training.