Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 75

Chapter 61: chapter 61--can't have physical contact

Then he heard that Tang Ningshan has knocked down a few people in Shao's family within several minutes, but he also thought that Shao Ruihan had done something secretly. Until today, he has to change his mind.

Although her slap looks fierce, it is not very powerful. But Tang Ningshan can make the two slaps symmetrical, which means she has the same force with him. This can see that how strong she can control over her body.

And the two who have been secretly protecting her also realize that Tang Ningshan has noticed them when she told Steward Lin to prepare the room. But Mrs. Shao is too strong, they are beginning to worry whether the captain could control over her.

"Come on, let's go." Tang Ningshan leads the way to the door.

"Miss, please wait a minute. You're just causing trouble in our shop, and you want to run away?" says the woman.

She has heard the words of the lady on the ground just now, and she knows that she is a young lady who had been given to please others but is unloved. And she even prepares to go away after such a wanton assault?

Tang Ningshan stops at her words and turns to look at her with a chill in her eyes.

"So what do you want to do? Call the police? If you're being scolded like that, what are you going to do? Being slandered that you are going to take someone to the hotel because your husband is useless. Of course, whatever you want to do, it's none of my business. The solution is left to you. If you think there's a loss in your store, please ask your lawyer to evaluate it and deliver the report to my house. Is that all right?"

Tang Ningshan's cold eyes, cold words, let Li feel that she is completely another Shao Ruihan, it's too impressive.

Then Tang Ningshan walks out of the door, the woman just watches her go out and gives Song Zhu on the ground a helpless look.

Li walks in front of Song Zhu and pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. He writes down the address, and then he throws it to Song Zhu. After seeing the paper falls on Song Zhu's face, then he runs towards Tang Ningshan.

"Zhu, I'll go first, and I'll avenge you. Don't worry." Yin Bilu pats Song Zhu on the shoulder and gets up to leave.

Those who watch the scene around whisper at this moment.

"Oh, I remember that girl, the daughter of the chairman of the Wantai jewelry. I saw her once."

"Now I remember when you said that, the daughter is really unloved, and I have gone to their house many times to attend the reception, he has asked his niece to come out to entertain, and there might be some skeletons in their family."

"Well, do you think if his niece is his own daughter? Or why does he spoil a niece instead of his daughter."

'Hard to say.'

Yin Bilu who follows Tang Ningshan behind hears such words, obscurely smiles.

She just can't find a way to get the news out. She is really looking forward to what Shao Ruihan will do to Tang Ningshan when he finds out that Tang Ningshan is not the daughter of the Tang's family.

Tang Ningshan hears such words, suddenly feels that perhaps people said is true, otherwise whose daughter is inferior to the niece? Or is the original owner not his daughter at all?

Tang Ningshan feels that it is necessary to find out about this matter, and if the original owner is not Tang Yichun's daughter, then it can explain why Tang Yichun does not want to see her.

"Girl, shall we go other shops?" Ji Jun approaches Tang Ningshan, looking at the expression on the face of Tang Ningshan. He is afraid that Tang Ningshan is annoyed then he cannot explain to Shao Ruihan.

'Sure.' Tang Ningshan really has no other idea. After all, she is not the original owner. She has not lived the previous life. Even if there is memory inside her brain, but it is similar to watching a movie.

But the most important thing is that there is no painful thought in the memory of the original owner. In her memory, the principle is to live, no matter how she lives, as if she was hypnotized.

"Let's go to the jewelry store over there first. I've just looked around a few stores and got a general idea. The styles are single, if I have some special style, I can draw some samples for them then they'll design for me specially." Ji Jun tells Tang Ningshan these, is mainly to get Tang Ningshan acquainted with these in advance. In future, Tang Ningshan will go to the company. Since the two of them come there together, then Tang Ningshan can also make a little advice. After all, women's and men's aesthetic views are not the same.

"Well, that's what it should be. It's basically make a mold, and then you put things into it that need to be sculpted or polished, and the machine does it itself. It is efficient, and it doesn't cost anything." Tang Ningshan listens to Ji Jun's words, also simply answers a few words.

"What do you think we should do?" Ji Jun asks Tang Ningshan with curiosity and temptation. In fact, he wants to hear different views.

"I don't know about that. You need to do further study and let's go to the shop first." Tang Ningshan points to a shop. The shop can draw Tang Ningshan's attention is because of its beautiful sign. It's also very bright; the general shop sign is written the name of the brand on it.

The shop's big sign is just like a TV wall, but the images inside are all of the dazzling jewelry, all of which give off all sorts of light and looks so good in the bright light.

Ji Jun looks along Tang Ningshan's hand and sees the shiny TV wall. And he does not find the shop's name at all, which lets him feel a little embarrassed. Whether the woman has the good impression of shiny thing?

A few people enter the store, and the salesperson in the shop is much better than that in the clothing shop. And they don't judge people with colored glasses; everyone has a kind smile on their face when seeing them walk in. Soon, someone comes up to give a brief introduction and asks them what kind of jewelry they need and she can give them a simple recommendation.

Tang Ningshan says that she is just browsing. So the salesperson retreats to one side, letting them go round.

Yin Bilu has been standing in front of the store and does not follow them in. in her memory Tang Ningshan is a fool. Even if she studied jewelry, she is sure that Tang Ningshan does not know a few pieces of jewelry; even glass can be a diamond in her eyes, so she does not want to go in to be insulted.

It's a little embarrassed for the waiters who've been following me all the time. She can only take it out one by one and let Tang Ningshan see it, and then puts it back. Tang Ningshan also doesn't say whether she would buy or not, so the salesperson could only smile.

They have tried all the samples in that store, Tang Ningshan memorizes each style. Originally, she wants to go out directly, but seeing that the salesperson did not show the least impatience, but also has been very good manner to take every pieces of sample to her, Tang Ningshan feels that she should be a little more kind.

So she decides to buy one.

Tang Ningshan chooses a very simple locket and a pair of sterling silver chain. The pendant is the cat that is playing ball. The cat is platinum, the ball is diamond. Tang Ningshan thinks this design is good, so she is ready to buy this.

She looks at Ji Jun, and then Ji Jun asks the salesperson to pack up the pendant and swipes his credit card.

After they leave, the salesperson looks at the bill in her hand and is dumbfounded.

And the other waitress next to her comes up to her.

"How's it going? In the end, do they buy it? They have browsed for a long time, but they not look like the rich." Then she reaches for the receipt.

After seeing the string of zeros above, she pats her on the shoulder and says with emphasis, "Now your tuition is paid."

The salesperson nods blankly, and then her eyes lit up.

"When I see someone like them again, I won't frown, even if I have to take everything out to show to them." The salesperson is upright, as if seeing the bright road of her future.

"..." Hearing her words, all the people who have been around her disperse with the same idea in their hearts that this silly girl is hopeless.

Going down to the second floor, Tang Ningshan enters a women's clothing shop at random. She feels the material of the clothes, feeling it is quite good. After reading the label above, she thinks it's in her price scope, so she plans to buy one firstly, and then she can do online shopping, so as not to trouble so much.

Choosing a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a small coat, she takes out the card that Shao Ruihan gives to her. Yin Bilu gets angry when she sees that card, and Ji Jun's expression is also sad.

"Girl, you're rich, why did you let me pay the jewelry for you? If Ruihan finds out me bought you a necklace, he'll cut me off." Ji Jun approaches Tang Ningshan to seek comfort. As he is about to close to her, Li suddenly appears in the middle of two people.

"The captain said that no one could have physical contact with Mrs. Shao, especially you." The expression of Li makes Ji Jun's outstretched hand hang down.

"Girl, you must help me to get justice. I'm a good man, a good man, and you must explain it to Ruihan!" When Ji Jun says that, he sees Li looking at him like a thief.

"Look, man, I'm a good guy. If you really don't believe, you can call Ruihan right now." Ji Jun doesn't understand what he did that lets he just become a person whom that girl can't get close to.

"Well, you're a good man, but you can't get close to Mrs. Shao!" Li doesn't care about Ji Jun's acting, but resolutely carries out Shao Ruihan's orders.

Tang Ningshan smiles. She looks at the two people, feeling interesting. But also she cannot let the outsider to see the hilarious scene, so she just opens the mouth and says "Ok, let's go back to talk about it.

Yin Bilu also agrees, but her and Tang Ningshan's idea is not the same. She feels that only after going back, she can get the opportunity to contact these men, so as to get their love. And then she can sit firmly on the noble position.