Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 76

Chapter 62: chapter 62--chocolate

Several people go down to the first floor and Tang Ningshan sees a candy store. She shoves what she is holding into Ji Jun's hand and tells them to wait for her, and then she rushes into the candy store. Looking at the various kinds of candy in the room, Tang Ningshan feels that this must be her dream house.

Especially when she sees the chocolate, Tang Ningshan feels like she is going to drivel. She has been parting from her favorite chocolate for a long time.

Tang Ningshan stands in front of the counter and says to the clerk inside, "Could I have a pound of every chocolate, please?"

Soon, the chocolates have been packed up; she also readily swipes her card. Anyway, somebody is willing to pay; she will not treat herself badly.

She returns to them with more than 1 kilo of chocolate.

"Girl, what did you buy? You bought so much." Ji Jun looks at Tang Ningshan's bag in both hands and asks curiously.

"Chocolate." Tang Ningshan is in a good mood, the tone of her speech also unconsciously rises.

"All of it?"

"Certainly, do you want to have one? I'll give you a piece."

"..." Ji Jun keeps silence. Shao Ruihan's wife's thought is really different from the common person's. He must be calm and collected, Ji Jun in the heart constantly suggests himself.

Yin Bilu aside curls her lip, disdainfully looking at Tang Ningshan. She is still a lowlife; even a chocolate can make her happy.

"Come on, let's go back. It's been a long day. Let's go to the bank on the way back." Tang Ningshan says as she walks with carrying the chocolate.

"Why are you going to the bank?" Ji Jun thinks that he should speak out his doubts, especially when facing such people as Tang Ningshan.

"Open up the online banking. It's too inconvenient to go out and buy things. It's easier to shop online."

"Then don't need to go. I'll call them later and have them do it and bring it back." Ji Jun says with a smile.

"... Then go back." in fact, she can let the bank to mail her a card, and she can also directly hack into the online shopping website, but she is a moral person, she cannot do so.

Soon, several people have arrived at the parking lot. Sitting in the car, Tang Ningshan quickly opens the bag in her hand and grabs a handful of chocolates. She hands the smallest one to Ji Jun, and asks him, "Would you like to have one?"

Ji Jun shakes his head.

"That would be great." Tang Ningshan immediately puts her hand back, directly peeling the chocolate and throwing into the mouth.

"..." Ji Jun is speechless, actually, she doesn't need to be so exaggerated. Even if she is unwilling to give him to eat, she should also pretend.

Tang Ningshan ignores all the people in the car, enjoying this sweet that chocolate in the mouth, which lets her forget the pain of this period of time, and also forget that she is another identity now.

Her face is enjoyable, her expression also softens. Her eyes are closed slightly, and is feeling the hard-earned moment.

Back at the villa, Tang Ningshan carries her belongings, including chocolate directly upstairs. And after a few minutes, she comes down with a reluctant look.

"What's the matter, girl?" Seeing Tang Ningshan shows such expression, Ji Jun feels strange. In this room, the only one that can let Tang Ningshan feel reluctant perhaps is Shao Ruihan, but he left in the morning.

"Here you are. Tang Ningshan hands him a bag.

"What's it? You are mysterious." Ji Jun looks curiously. He opens the bag, looking inside the chocolate and feeling deeply speechless.

"Girl, you can have it. We don't like it." Ji Jun hands the bag back to her.

"Really?" Tang Ningshan's expression is suspicious. Actually, there is someone who does not like to eat such delicious food? Tang Ningshan cannot understand.

"Sure, we're all men. We are not pretty girls. Who do you think like to eat this stuff?" Ji Jun's face is showing that what I said is true and you really cannot have to give me this.

"Well, I'll get you something else to eat next time." The reason why she gives Ji Jun chocolate is because of today's pendant. Originally, that pendant is not necessary to be bought, but because of the clerk's good manner, she thought she should buy something. Anyway, Shao Ruihan's friends should be rich also.

But seeing the receipt in the locket box, Tang Ningshan has to wonder if she has cheated Ji Jun, so she hesitates for a long time then takes the chocolate down. In fact, she also knows that Ji Jun would not want her chocolate, but she should show her sincerity.

Since Ji Jun does not want that, Tang Ningshan takes bag and is ready to go upstairs. She just walks two steps, she suddenly turns back.

"Oh, remember my card, to hurry up, I need to buy clothes." Tang Ningshan says.

"I've just called. They'll send it to you soon." Ji Jun says with a smile.

"Really? Yeah. All right, it's better to be quick." Tang Ningshan says before going upstairs.

Yin Bilu who has already changed her servant's clothing becomes unhappy instantly.

"Jun, what about the man?" Yin Bilu points to the dirty man.

"... Please don't call me that. Call me Ji Jun, I am not familiar with you." Ji Jun looks at Yin Bilu with disgust and says.

And then he walks over to the man.

"Hey, do you want me to go up and get her down for you? Apparently she seems to have forgotten you." Ji Jun looks at the man and is curious. He wonders why Tang Ningshan would bring him back.

The man shakes his head and sits down on the sofa.

Ji Jun finds that this man is not going to talk to him; he takes out his notebook from the room upstairs and begins to type the report. An hour, two hours later, until evening, even when the bank card was sent, Ji Jun knocked on the door, but Tang Ningshan still did not come out of the room. Ji Jun looks at that person who is more and more impatient, feeling a little funny.

Before long, Xuan Yun and Qu Bo come back and see the man sitting on the sofa, gesturing at Ji Jun.

Ji Jun shrugs and spreads out his hand, indicating he is not clear.

Qu Bo comes over, pulling Ji Jun's collar and pulling him to one side.

"Who is this man? You brought him back?" Xuan Yun goes over to ask.

Ji Jun quickly shakes his head. He didn't do such a thing. Even if he did it, he couldn't admit it, let alone he didn't do it.

"That girl brought him back. He seems to want to talk to her, but she seems to have forgotten him when she came back. So he just sat there the whole time." Ji Jun explains.

"..." Xuan Yun and Qu Bo have nothing to say.

Such a living person can be forgotten, Shao Ruihan's wife is really special.

In fact, Tang Ningshan does not forget this person, but she eats chocolate too contentedly, as if she has backed in the old days. According to her previous habit, after eating and drinking, it's time to sleep.

When Tang Ningshan opens her eyes again, it is already 7:00 p.m.

Looking around, she remembers that she isn't herself any more. Since she comes to this body these days, Tang Ningshan has been busy and tired, and has no time to think about her previous life at all. And today without Shao Ruihan lets her unconsciously relaxed.

Tang Ningshan gets up and goes to the window. She looks out at the night scene. In fact, she thinks she is doing well now and the days are becoming more and more colorful. According to Shao Ruihan's rank, he should not have much time at home, let alone the two of them already have an agreement. Tang Ningshan feels that the life now is much better than the old days.

She is imagining, when she hears a knock at the door.

"Dinner is ready, Mrs. Shao. Please come down for dinner." Lin's voice comes from outside the door, so that Tang Ningshan feels that the sound insulation is too poor. How can she hear so far away?

'Hmm.' Tang Ningshan answers.

Downstairs, she sees several people in the dining room. She sees the dirty man, and she knocks herself on the head. How could she forget about him?

Tang Ningshan goes to sit where Shao Ruihan used to do. After all, Shao Ruihan is not there. She is the owner of the house. She doesn't think there is anything wrong with the idea at all.

When Tang Ningshan sits down, Steward Lin orders to serve the food.

"Let's eat, hey, you'll come with me to the study after dinner." Tang Ningshan holds the chopsticks in her hand and says to the dirty man.

The man looks at Tang Ningshan and nods.

"Girl, who is this?" Xuan Yun thinks it seems that they do know each other when he hears the dialogue between Tang Ningshan and the man.

"I don't know. I just think he isn't a bad guy. So I brought him back to see what he wants from me, but he doesn't seem to be able to talk, so I brought him back." Tang Ningshan highlights today's matter and sees Xuan Yun gives Ji Jun a look.

Ji Jun dimly nods his head and then Xuan Yun laughs and stops talking.

"Ningshan, when will Ruihan be back?" Yin Bilu reaches Tang Ningshan's side, putting her hand on

Tang Ningshan's arm and pinching her heavily.

Tang Ningshan makes a noise "ah", waving her hand. Then, Yin Bilu is thrown away.

Li feels his nose and eats with his head down. Xuan Yun and Qu Bo throw a look to Tang Ningshan, and Tang Ningshan signals that she is fine.

Ji Jun gets up from his chair and goes to Tang Ningshan's edge, his face is tense.

"Girl, are you all right? You can't be hurt. If you're hurt, I'll be skinned alive."

"... Yeah, it's okay." Tang Ningshan looks at Ji Jun, why is he always exaggerated.

"Lin, come here." Tang Ningshan goes to the sofa and sits down.

'Mrs. Shao.' Lin goes impassively to Tang Ningshan's side and bows himself to stand.

"Is that how you train servants? If our servants are all like this, I don't think there will be any more servants. I'd better keep an eye on my own life." Then she lifts her wrist up. They all look at the red mark on her white arm.

"Mrs. Shao, I promise there won't be something like this next time." Steward Lin's voice is respectful, and Tang Ningshan could not see his expression. And Tang Ningshan is only testing whether Lin is reliable if Shao Ruihan isn't there.

Hearing his voice, Tang Ningshan feels that in fact, Lin does not respect her as he does on the surface. Or that what he respects is only Shao Ruihan's wife. Who is Shao Ruihan's wife, and then who is his master.