Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 77

Chapter 63: chapter 63--throw her out

Tang Ningshan looks at Steward Lin and her eyes look at him tenderly until she sees Lin's forehead sweating, and then she begins to speak slowly: "I hope you can do what you said."

"You'll meet me in the study after dinner." Tang Ningshan says and goes straight upstairs without looking at Yin Bilu who she has thrown aside.

"Tang Ningshan. Stop right there." Yin Bilu now stands up, rubbing her own buttocks. She cries aloud, even at this time, Yin Bilu also does not believe that Tang Ningshan will resist her. Something like this has happened so many times before, but no matter what she grabbed from Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan would always be submissive, and never dare to resist. And this time, she feels that her toy actually stretches out the claw, obviously, she cannot bear that.

Tang Ningshan stands in the same place without looking back, but says softly: "Call Lin, if you have any problem." Then she goes upstairs, ignoring her.

Yin Bilu looks at Tang Ningshan has no meaning of stopping at all, and then shouts, "Tang Ningshan, you never wonder why my uncle treated you so badly? Because you are a bastard, you are not even uncle's daughter. He raised you only because my uncle wants to get even with your mother.

Your mother is a slut, she loves hooking up men. I don't know what kind of man your father is. When my uncle asked you to marry Shao Ruihan, he thought that he is just a poor soldier, once he goes to the battlefield, he cannot come back. He just used you as a stepping stone, just a stone; you are not worth a cent. Please do not take yourself too seriously.

Do you think you have a backup? Do you think you can hold Mrs. Shao's place even if you're an unidentified bastard?

Bah, you don't look at yourself in the mirror. You've got a fox's face and I reckon that you'll have to be sent back in two days' time.

When you don't have a backer, I'll sell you to a place where you can only lie on your bed and split your legs and let a man play with you and even not give you any money.

If you don't want something like this to happen, you'd better be obedient to me! "

After Yin Bilu says that, Tang Ningshan does not have any response. And then she sees a few people who are showing her fierce expressions, only then she realizes that something maybe wrong.

"Are you done?" Tang Ningshan says with great calm.

"Throw her out. Make sure she leaves the clothes on her body behind." Tang Ningshan says and then goes straight upstairs, leaving them only a figure back.

"I'll see who dares to throw me out today, Mrs. Shao sent me here." Yin Bilu stands in the same place, as if she is certain that they would not do anything to her.

"Miss Yin, please change your clothes first." Steward Lin says to Yin Bilu very politely.

"No, why should I listen to you? You're really making yourself an important position? You are just a housekeeper. It's only a matter of time before I kick you out of the house." Yin Bilu goes to the sofa and sits down. Then she sees Ji Jun coming toward her.

"You said your cousin isn't Tang Yichun's daughter? Are you serious? Do you have any proof?" Ji Jun's face is grave, and his tone is accentuated.

"Of course. Or why do you think my uncle is so good to me? Tang Ningshan is a whore, a son of a bitch just like her mother. You'd better persuade Ruihan that she's not the only daughter of the Tang's family." Yin Bilu's face smirks with self-satisfaction. In the heart, there's only one idea, which is to make Tang Ningshan stink and let them know that Tang Ningshan's not Tang Yichun's child.

However, She, Yin Bilu is. So will this truth throw Tang Ningshan out? Yin Bilu seems to have seen the picture of Tang Ningshan being thrown out of the house; she shows a proud smile on the face.

Xuan Yun looks at Yin Bilu and shakes his head. How could there be such a mindless person? She wants to write everything on her face.

Ji Jun looks at Yin Bilu, directly shouting: "Lin, take her to change clothes."

Yin Bilu listens to Ji Jun's words and looks at him with injured expression. "No, Jun, don't send me away, I don't want to go. It is that bitch who should leave. She stole my things, but also stole my man. Why can she stay here?" Then the noise grows louder and louder, and it seems as if she is getting out of control.

"Gag her and take her down to change her clothes. If she doesn't want to change herself, then get someone to help her change. Hurry up. I don't want to hear her voice again." Ji Jun looks at Yin Bilu impatiently. This kind of woman is really the rare.

All the people who have finished dinner walk into the living room, ignoring the noising Yin Bilu who is dragged down by Lin and several others.

Qu Bo is interested in the dirty man because his eyes are so clear. At first glance, they only seem to be the eyes of a child, which are full of curiosity about the unknown.

Several people just sit on the sofa, seeing the disheveled Yin Bilu running out. While running, she also shouts "indecent assault", which lets them think that Shao Ruihan's bodyguards' quality is too bad. They even let her run out?

"Li, aren't you supposed to protect your captain's wife? Get this woman out of here and I'll have your boss rewarded for you." Ji Jun looks at serious Li, instigating him to throw Yin Bilu out.

"... Really?" Li doesn't believe it.

"Of course, you must believe me. And that girl tells you to throw her out, that's your boss's wife's order, do you not obey?" Li sits there, thinking for a moment and feels as if it is true. Soon, Yin Bilu is subdued. He clasps her hands behind her back and holds her by the neck, just like a prisoner. Yin Bilu could not move.

Seeing Yin Bilu is going to shout, he straightly takes a table wiper cloth to put in her mouth. Seeing that she no longer speaks, only then he presses her to look for Steward Lin.

Xuan Yun looks at Ji Jun with a smile on his face. "Are you sure you're not taking revenge?"

Ji Jun listens to Xuan Yun's words and makes a gesture, meaning that he is true.

Turning to the man sitting there, all three think of the same question that this man could not speak or he does not know where the study is, so he sits there waiting for them to take him?

"Do you want to go up and find her?" Qu Bo's says.

The man looks warily at the stiff Qu Bo and nods.

"I will take you." Qu Bo is the first to stand up and walks towards the stairs.

During the upstairs, Qu Bo watches him. He has a baby face, and is about 170 meters tall, walking with his head down and looking down at the steps behind him.

In fact, the most difficult thing for Qu Bo to figure out is why he knows Tang Ningshan.

They have read Tang Ningshan's information, which is so simple. All of them doubt whether the information is fake because she is not like the Tang Ningshan showing on the information at all, but Shao Ruihan believes her. However, they still feel they need to pay more attention. After all, they do not know Tang Ningshan well.

Qu Bo leads him to the door of the study and knocks softly.

Hearing Tang Ningshan's voice in the room, Qu Bo goes up and pushes open the door and asks him in.

Tang Ningshan goes over to shut the door and motions him to sit down. She goes to the chair opposite him and sits down.

"You can't say it, or you don't want to?" Tang Ningshan looks at the boy opposite with his head down.

He shakes his head, and Tang Ningshan could not see his expression, and could only see from his body that he seems to have some resistance.

"You don't want to talk, do you?" Tang Ningshan asks softly.

He looks up at her in amazement.

"If you don't want to talk about it, tell me why you're looking for me and what you're looking for." Tang Ningshan looks at him helplessly.

He stares at Tang Ningshan for a moment, and hesitantly takes an envelope from his bosom and hands it to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan takes one look at the crumpled letter and opens it. The person in the picture is Tang Ningshan.

"You shot me?" Tang Ningshan frowns slightly and her voice becomes flat.

He shakes his head slightly and motions her to read the letter first.

Tang Ningshan opens the letter; the above handwriting is very beautiful. But what lets Tang Ningshan feels strange is that it was written with a brush pen. This makes Tang Ningshan confused.

"Pu Jiayi, have you read this letter?" Tang Ningshan can't keep calm right now.

He shakes his head, not quite understanding what was written in the letter that makes such a big difference in her mood.

"Never mind. You just stay here for now." Tang Ningshan takes the letter and the photograph in her hand.

"I'll ask Lin to arrange a room for you. You can stay here and call me if you need anything. If you don't want to talk, don't say anything." With that, Tang Ningshan opens the door, and is ready to take him down stairs.

And in the living room, Ji Jun is calling Shao Ruihan.

"What is it?" Shao Ruihan's attitude is not good.

"Hey, Ruihan, your wife brought a man home." Ji Jun's says excitedly, and Xuan Yun shakes his head.

"And?" Shao Ruihan's voice drops a few degrees.

"They're in the study now, two people, in the same room." Ji Jun gloats, Xuan Yun finally can't stand him, and is ready to get up and leave.

'Well, I know!' Shao Ruihan says, and then hangs up the phone.

Ji Jun stares at the phone in his hand.

"Just hang up?" Ji Jun does not give up looking at the phone in his hand, waiting for it to ring again.

Xuan Yun looks at Ji Jun like this and reaches for his cell phone.

"Just hand over your market research today. Or you know it." Xuan Yun smiles gently, but Ji Jun just feels a little chill.

"I've already written it. It's on the computer. You just go to find by yourself. I'll go upstairs and see. Shao Ruihan asked us to take care of his wife. We can't lose his wife." Ji Jun's expression is curious. Xuan Yun knows that he wants to know what they are talking about. Xuan Yun really does not want to say anything to him, so he has to let him go.