Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 78

Chapter 64: chapter 64-- Yin Bilu's plan

Ji Jun runs toward upstairs, seeing the door is already opened. Tang Ningshan walks out followed by Qu Bo and Pu Jiayi.

Ji Jun is stupefied, he blinks. How could they come out so quickly?

"Where are you going, girl?" Ji Jun reaches out to Tang Ningshan.

"Get him a room." Tang Ningshan points at Pu Jiayi and says.

"He's going to stay here?" Ji Jun's face is unbelievable. This is the first time they meet, they even don't know what person he is, and she just has a simple ten minutes of dialogue with him, then she allows the people to stay?

Isn't Tang Ningshan a little easy to talk? He feels he needs to tell Shao Ruihan.

"Well, he's going to stay here. He doesn't have any other family. He probably only knows me from this world..." Tang Ningshan says such words, she has a subtle feeling of being forced to be entrusted with him, and she also cannot refuse.

Ji Jun wants to say something and is stopped by Qu Bo beside him.

Ji Jun looks back at Qu Bo and sees Qu Bo shaking his head slightly.

"Come down first." Tang Ningshan does not want to explain anything to them. Although they are friends of Shao Ruihan, they are not Shao Ruihan. If he is here, perhaps she will ask his opinion, because he is the owner of the house.

Tang Ningshan asks Steward Lin to arrange a room for Pu Jiayi, which is the room next to Qu Bo's. Tang Ningshan has no idea why she always feels that the way Qu Bo looks at Pu Jiayi's eyes is not quite normal; even she suspects that they two know each other.

"Give me the card." Tang Ningshan goes to the side of Ji Jun with a smile on her face.

"What? What card?" Ji Jun looks at Tang Ningshan suspiciously.


"Oh, I got it. Wait a minute, girl." Ji Jun then rushes upstairs, and soon runs back, panting. "Here you are, girl, the card is ready, and the online banking is also opened.

'Thanks.' Tang Ningshan takes the card, smiling then going upstairs.

At this time, out of the door.

Li is holding Yin Bilu who is wearing her own clothes, followed by two people each holding suitcase in one hand. They go to the door; Li pushes Yin Bilu directly out of the door. The boxes are directly thrown out; they don't care whether Yin Bilu is injured.

"Tang Ningshan, you will pay for what you did today." The thrown out Yin Bilu stands in the doorway, shouting. Now she will have no regard for her image. She knows that it's hard to come back since she has been thrown out.

She has been cursing for a long time, but nobody pays attention to her. Yin Bilu can only stand in the same place, stamping her feet. She also does not want those suitcases, and then she turns to leave.

After a while, from the pocket she takes out the cell phone, finding Song Zhu's phone number and dialing over.

"Hey, Zhu, you've been bullied today. Don't worry; I'll get it back for you." Yin Bilu says at the very first time the call is connected.

"Whoa, Bilu, you finally call me. I... I, you have to help me." Song Zhu is wailing over there.

"What's the matter? What's the matter? You tell me." Yin Bilu thinks that there seems to be something else happened.

"Today at the mall, I went with my boyfriend. But after you left, he said he wants to break up with me. He said I was ashamed of me, and he also said I am ugly. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, what do you think I should do?" Song Zhu says as she cries.

"What's the use of such a man? He doesn't know your advantages. The new won't come if the old doesn't go. He's just a boyfriend, don't care too much. I'll introduce you someone better later." Yin Bilu's voice is completely indifferent. In Yin Bilu's heart, Song Zhu is just a servant. As long as she can run errands for her, she does not care what kind of person she is.

"Really?" Song Zhu hears that she is going to introduce her to a better person. The crying ceases immediately. The voice is full of surprise.

"Of course, when have I ever lied to you? The most important thing now is how to get back the shame you suffered today, right?" Yin Bilu induces.

As soon as Song Zhu hears that she is going to ask for it back, she immediately comes to her senses. "Yes, I must get it back. She's a cheap bastard. How could she dare to show off her power in front of us? She's nothing but an unloved bitch."

"I remember the last time you told me you know someone?" Yin Bilu asks.

"What kinds of man?" Song Zhu does not respond to the meaning of Yin Bilu, confusedly asking.

"Do you remember the last time you told me that you went out and met a really amazing man?"

Song Zhu listens to Yin Bilu's words, suddenly realizing that.

"ah, you mean him, I remember, why?" song Zhu asks.

"Do you have his contact information?" Yin Bilu's words speaks quickly, it is obvious to feel her eagerness.

"No, but I can find him. Is there anything urgent you need to find him?" Song Zhu asks doubtfully.

"Sure, as long as he helps us, we'll make Tang Ningshan stink." Yin Bilu says carelessly.

"Stink? She doesn't have a reputation at school anymore. How can she stink?" Song Zhu feels that Tang Ningshan's reputation is bad enough and does not know what else to do to make her worse.

"I'm going to ruin her. What can I do for her?" Yin Bilu's tone is dark, letting opposite Song Zhu vaguely seem to know her idea after listening to her.

"Do you want to...?" Song Zhu asks gingerly.

"Well? What do I think? "Yin Bilu asks.

"Just looking for someone..." Song Zhu doesn't know if she's right, so she can only omit it.

"Oh, I just want to make what you said today a reality." Yin Bilu giggles loudly.

"Really?" Song Zhu can't believe that Yin Bilu has such a plan.

"Of course, all you have to do is go and connect that person for me and the rest will be done." Yin Bilu's words are said very heavily.

"Well, I'll go and see him in a minute. It's sure to be no delay." Song Zhu is happy that Tang Ningshan is going to suffer. And even if Tang Ningshan is good-looking, she would end up like this. And such a girl would waste her face and figure.

Song Zhu hangs up the phone to change clothes, picking out her shortest skirt. She knows that the person is not easy to talk, but she heard that he likes coquettish girl. It is said that he will satisfy all the requests of such kinds of girls.

After changing her clothes, she puts a simple makeup on her face and looks at herself in the mirror. Then she takes her bag and goes out. She called a taxi downstairs. Soon she arrives at the bar where she went with her friends.

The bar is not big, but it's very dark, only the middle dancing floor has light. Song Zhu enters the bar to find the person and say her purpose. She only remembers this place, but she is not sure if the person is here, so she looks around. After a while, she still does not find that man, but she does not give up, so she is going to ask the waiter.

Just then here comes a waiter carrying a tray, Song Zhu goes over, shouting in his ear very loudly, she asks, "do you know where 'Brother Leopard' is? "

The waiter hears the name and looks at her clothes again. He smiles ambiguously and leads her to the side of the room where the voice is low.

"Are you looking for Brother Leopard?" asks the waiter. He takes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, putting one in his mouth and handing another one to Song Zhu, "Have a cigarette?"

Song Zhu shakes his head. "No, I don't."

The waiter doesn't think she is faking, so he takes out his lighter and lights his cigarette. He takes a puff and says, "What do you want from Brother Leopard?"

"Is Brother Leopard here? I really need to talk to him." Song Zhu's eager face looks as if there is something really important that she needs to meet him.

"Wait here for me." The waiter thinks that Song Zhu is the lover of Brother Leopard, so he tells her to wait for a moment. He hurries into a room. There are two men sitting in the room, both of them look very fierce.

The waiter walks over and lies in the ear of one of them. "Brother, there's a woman looking for you outside. It looks like it's really urgent."

"Woman?" The man winks his eyes after hearing the waiter's words.

After thinking for a long time, it seems that there are not many women looking for him lately. "Please let her in."

The waiter listens to the man, turning out. And in a few minutes, he takes Song Zhu into the room. After leading Song Zhu into the room, and then the waiter leaves.

When Song Zhu comes into the room, she sees two strong men with a fierce expression on their faces, she immediately becomes somewhat reserved.

"You want to see me?"

"You're Brother Leopard, right? Last time I came here with a friend to play with you, I come here to ask you a favor." Song Zhu mutters her purpose.

"Come here." Brother Leopard pats his sofa and motions Song Zhu to sit over.

Song Zhu hesitates for a moment, and then walks over and sits a little bit further away from him.

"Why? I thought you want something from me." Brother Leopard looks at Song Zhu with a playful look on his face.

Song Zhu grits her teeth and goes straight to sit on Brother Leopard's body.

"Come on, what is it?" His hand is naturally rounding Song Zhu's waist, directly putting into the T-shirt and rubbing on her waist. The other hand is resting quietly on her lap, and then he winks at the man next to him.

Song Zhu now only thinks how to get Brother Leopard to help with her, so she does not care about the hands on her body and she also doesn't notice that there are only two of them in the room.

"Brother, the thing is, I have a classmate who bullied me and humiliated me in public. And my boyfriend broke up with me, so I want your help. I want to scare her and make her not dare to bully me again." Song Zhu says, rubbing against Brother Leopard and hoping that this would distract him and directly let him respond to her request.

When he hears this, he really doesn't care. He has met many different kinds of people. Many people have been bullied and came here to seek for his help. "Oh? So how do you want to scare her?" Brother Leopard asks carelessly.

"It depends on you. As long as she has impressive memory, she can't bully me. It's better to ruin her." Song Zhu resentfully says that, even the expression on her face becomes distorted.

"Oh, how to ruin her? Like this?" His hand touches Song Zhu's chest and pinches it.