Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 79

Chapter 65: chapter 65-- what do you want

This movement lets Song Zhu jump off Brother Leopard's body instantaneously.

Brother Leopard's face turns very impatient at once.

"Brother, I'm just asking for your help. I can pay." Song Zhu stands back and looks warily at Brother Leopard, saying carefully.

"Oh? How much are you prepared to pay?" Brother Leopard looks at Song Zhu with great interest.

"How much do you want? I would agree if I could afford it." Song Zhu's face is determined.

"Oh, you can afford it, I don't want money, and I only want a woman. If you know how to please me, I will do that thing for you. If you are not clever, you can't go out this door today. You'll figure it out for yourself." He says, then putting his legs on the coffee table with a cigarette rotating in one hand. He looks at Song Zhu's changing expression on her face interestingly.

"Have you thought it over?" Brother Leopard's voice is thunderous, spreading into Song Zhu's ear. Especially the words just now let her think that she is a wolf in the mouth of the tiger.

"Brother, look. You won't feel comfortable playing with me, will you? My classmate, she is the beauty of our school. She is beautiful and has a good figure and is much better than me. If you get her, I promise you're looking at other women as cabbages." Song Zhu can only think of such words to save herself, because she remembers that last time her friends said that Brother Leopard is not a normal person, as if he has special hobby, especially in sexual respect.

"Isn't she pretty or not, I'll tell you about these things when I see her. Now that you've come to me dressed like this today, you must have prepared yourself. And now that you've got it all planned out, why are you here pretending that you are pure?" The voice of Brother Leopard becomes deep and makes Song Zhu shiver for a moment.

She stammers, "Brother... Brother, I'll show you a picture of her. You'll like it." Song Zhu in a hurry to rummage in the bag, taking out a mobile phone and handing to Brother Leopard.

Brother Leopard presses the button with her phone. "Photos?" Song Zhu's cell phone contains mostly Yin Bilu and her photos, and there's no Tang Ningshan at all.

"This one? It's not as beautiful as you said." said Brother Leopard, shaking his head.

Song Zhu takes the mobile phone to see, it is Yin Bilu. She immediately shakes her head, "Brother, she is not this one, it is another one, and I immediately let a friend send me her photo." Song Zhu's eyes have a prayer. Maybe Brother Leopard like this tone, he even nods his head to agree.

Song Zhu immediately calls Yin Bilu, but there is no answer for a long time.

Song Zhu is so urgent that her eyes get red. In the heart, she constantly complains Yin Bilu. She let her look for someone, now the person has been found, but she does not answer the phone. Yin Bilu is not a good guy either.

"Why? What's up? Can't find it? So I suggest you to give up struggling. I am in a good mood today, so I have cooperated with your acting for enough time. I give you convenience, while you really take convenience as casual?" Brother Leopard smiles and says. After saying, he sees Song Zhu still holding a cell phone to call, his good mood immediately disappears.

"Come here!"Brother Leopard is furious.

Song Zhu backs step by step, trying to reduce her sense of existence.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you how much I love playing like this? Since you know so well what I like, I'm not going to satisfy you today or it's just a waste of your time." Brother Leopard walks towards Song Zhu with an obscene smile on his face.

"Brother Leopard, can't we go somewhere else, not here?" Song Zhu's eyes are red and she looks at him.

She is doing the final struggle, if she really can't escape, she also does not want that happens in this kind of public place.

"Oh, you're really smart. We'll go somewhere else; otherwise I don't mind doing it here." Brother Leopard goes to the edge of Song Zhu and pinches her chin to make her eyes look at his.

Song Zhu nods desperately. She thinks that as soon as she gets to the crowd, he wouldn't dare to do anything to her.

Brother Leopard holds Song Zhu's shoulder and walks out of the door. She sees the man jut now standing in the door. She looks like a gatekeeper. He sees the two of them coming out from the door; he shows a strange smile on his face.

"Let's go back." Brother Leopard says to the strong man standing in the doorway and walks towards the gate with Song Zhu in his arms.

As soon as they reach the door, Song Zhu shouts, "Help!" She just shouts aloud and is covered in her mouth.

Her shout is of no avail. The bar is noisy, and her cries are heard only by several people close to her.

Brother Leopard's eyes are becoming furious, and he gives Song Zhu a look. Then he puts his hand on her mouth and grabs her by the neck, walking towards the innermost room of the bar.

When they get into the room, directly Song Zhu is slapped by Brother Leopard. He pulls hair to hit on the wall.

"Help? You're the one who came here to find me today. You think you're so pretty? Since you don't know what to say, don't blame me for being rude" As he speaks, Brother Leopard makes a sign to the strong man beside him.

The strong man takes out a remote control and presses it. Then the wall behind him is opened, and there is a room inside.

Brother Leopard drags Song Zhu, who has been knocked out, and goes in.

Inside the room, there are various appliances, including whips, handcuffs, and candles. Everything is available, and when Song Zhu comes to her senses, she is tied to a chair and is posed in a very strange pose.

"Wake up?" Song Zhu turns her head to look at the talker. It's not Brother Leopard, but the strong man.

"Who the hell are you? What do you want?" Song Zhu asks warily.

"Oh, what do I want? You know that. Since you come to see Brother Leopard, you should know the rules. Such people like you who do not know the rules, of course, will get special care." As he speaks, the strong man comes towards Song Zhu.

Directly, he gives two punches above her belly. The attack is quite strong. Such force is enough to hit the man's body, let alone Song Zhu is such a weak girl.

"It hurts. Please, stop it." Song Zhu snivels and cries with tears.

The strong man seems not to hear the words of Song Zhu, and he extends his hand to give her two more slaps. There are already some blood stains on the corners of Song Zhu's mouth.

"Please, I'm good. Stop it."

The strong man sees that Song Zhu has turned pale, and her face is covered with tears, as if she is really afraid, so he stops.

After a while, Brother Leopard brings several people in. Everyone is bare-chested and looks at

Song Zhu with a funny smile. This time, Song Zhu is really afraid and she never expects that such a thing would happen.

But looking at these strong men, she is afraid to beg for mercy.

Brother Leopard walks up to her and slaps her on her face, making a sound, "How'd it go? Is that clear to you?"

Song Zhu nods desperately for fearing that she is being beaten.

"Well, if you've figured it out, I'll leave you to my bros today, and then I'll let you off the hook." Brother Leopard smiles and walks out the door.

"Brother Leopard, Brother. Wait; please don't do this to me. I will give whatever you want. Please..."

While at the same time, Tang Ningshan on the other side have arranged Pu Jiayi a room, then she goes back to the room to check how much there are in the card.

Looking at the string of zeros shown above, Tang Ningshan turns off the page calmly.

"System, does that the rich people not regard money as money?" Tang Ningshan is very calm to ask the system, but the brain has been surprised by those strings of numbers.

"Who knows? I'm not a human. There's no use to ask me."

"... Oh, right, you're not human." If anyone sees Tang Ningshan now, he would think she is silly and cute at this moment.

Just as she is still sinking in the string of zeros, the mobile phone suddenly rings, which scares Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan feels that she need to change a gentler ringtone.

'Hello.' Tang Ningshan picks up the phone.

"You brought home a man?" Shao Ruihan's voice is cold, so that Tang Ningshan feels the temperature has down several degrees at a time.

"Well." Tang Ningshan puts the phone on speaker and throws it on the bed, in which way she thinks would reduce her chill.

'Who is that?' Shao Ruihan's words are brief, basically straight to the subject, and it's rarely when there is a long speech.

'I don't know.' Tang Ningshan replies in a low voice.

'Hmm?' Shao Ruihan's voice drops a few more notes.

"I don't know him, but he knows where I come from." Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time, but still says such a sentence.

"Have you told anyone?"

"No, today is the first time I met this person. He had a picture of me and sent me a letter, but I don't think he wrote it. The writer of the letter trusts me with him, but I can't prove it. But since he has someone in my hand, even if he wants do something to me, then I have a hostage, and I'm sure he won't do anything to me." Tang Ningshan says her opinion.

"Are you sure?"

"Well, Pu Jiayi looks like that he's never lived in the city. When he gets too many people around him, he subconsciously makes a self-protective gesture, and I think he should be able to speak."

"Never mind..." Shao Ruihan doesn't know what kind of mentality he's in.

When he heard Ji Jun's call and his men's reports that Tang Ningshan brought home a strange man, his first reaction was anger, then was suspected. After hearing Tang Ningshan such an explanation, he feels more suspicious, but he does not want to doubt, now he is no doubt contradictory.

"Ji Jun helped me to get a card today. There is a lot of money in it..."

Shao Ruihan thinks Tang Ningshan's subtext is that whether this money she can use.

He doesn't disappoint her either, and gives her a straight answer, "Well, you can do whatever you want with that money."

"Well, that's it. I'm going shopping. If possible, you can check out Pu Jiayi's identity for me." Tang Ningshan hears the answer she wants and couldn't wait to buy some clothes home. That wearing long skirts all day really upsets her.

'Hmm.' Soon Shao Ruihan hangs up the phone.

Tang Ningshan just has a sigh of relief, she always feels pressure when talking to Shao Ruihan, but she has to talk to him, the only thing she can do is try to avoid him.

Looking at the various clothes on the computer, Tang quickly forgets about Shao Ruihan. There are a lot of things she had been dreaming of, but because she was too poor to buy. Now since someone is willing to pay for her, Tang Ningshan decides to buy an enough one at a time.