Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 8

chapter 201-- you lied to me

Xuan Yun smiles and says "Girl, I have no other meaning, but you have to know that Shao Ruihan is different for us, so I hope that if you don't love him, don't ask for it."

"Oh, you shouldn't say this to me. I didn't ask him to love me. Please understand what was going on and then talk to me again!" Tang Ningshan's tone is cold, looking at Xuan Yun with an ironic expression. However, her heart feels that Xuan Yun's approach does not work at all. If she doesn't love him, then she will let him live in her home all the time?

Xuan Yun then smiles and says "I have no other meaning, just want to tell you if you don't love him, don't approach him. The damage he has suffered is enough. He can't go through the second injury. That's it."

Tang Ningshan looks at Xuan Yun indifferently "Since you protect him so much, you should take him away directly, instead of letting him appear in my life to disturb my life. Also, the place where you stay now is my home. I bought the house with my own money. Since you are so worried that I will hurt him, you can take Shao Ruihan away now, I will not stop you." Tang Ningshan finishes, walking directly outside the kitchen. As she passes by Xuan Yun, she says, "If you can take him away, I will thank you."

After that, Tang Ningshan goes out of the kitchen. Looking at the empty living room, Tang Ningshan shows a satirical smile.

Going upstairs, she packs all of Shao Ruihan's things and puts them in a suitcase. She carries the suitcase down and sees Xuan Yun sitting alone in the living room. Tang Ningshan gives him a glance and says, "Follow me."

After that, Tang Ningshan continues to walk outside with the suitcase and walks to the side of Ji Jun's car.

Tang Ningshan looks back and says to Xuan Yun behind her "Please open the trunk." Tang Ningshan stands in the same place so that Xuan Yun has a feeling of being treated as a servant.

Xuan Yun can only follow what she said. Although he does not know what Tang Ningshan wants to do, he thinks he has dug a big pit for Shao Ruihan, and he now only hopes that Shao Ruihan will not kill him in a too tragic way. He is like, Shao Ruihan, I am sorry for you, these tricky things can only be handled by you. But he has no choice but to open the trunk door with a key.

Tang Ningshan throws the suitcase inside and returns to Xuan Yun's side. She says faintly: "I hope that you can find some ways for letting Shao Ruihan agree to divorce me. If you can't do it, I am afraid you can only lock Shao Ruihan so that he can't come to me, then I can also directly break the thoughts that make you fear in your heart. "

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Xuan Yun feels that the fear in his heart is even stronger. The more he thinks, the more he feels that Shao Ruihan would tear him apart in public.

After Tang Ningshan goes straight upstairs and locks the door, she lies in bed. She even wonders if this is the story of Cinderella. When the time comes, her dream will naturally wake up. Tang Ningshan does not know what happened downstairs, but even if she knows, she might not want to get involved.

Tang Ningshan directly enters the virtual space to complete the daily necessary learning content. She thinks Shao Ruihan is one of the most important people in her heart to some extent. Now, since she already knows that many things are inevitable, she can only distract her attention and ease the pain of her inner struggle.

When Tang Ningshan comes out of the virtual space, she hears the phone on the bedside table is ringing. Tang Ningshan picks up the phone and sees that it is Shao Ruihan's call. She does not hesitate to hang up the phone directly. After that, the ringtone of the phone has not been broken. Tang Ningshan can only turn off the phone and take a shower in the bathroom. After that, she falls asleep in bed.

Early the next morning, Tang Ningshan wears a handmade suit that Yu Huan sent to her with a pair of black high heels on her feet. She simply puts her hair up and makes a light makeup on her face; she looks very smart and capable. She takes out a black leather bag in the closet and puts her wallet inside. When her eyes fall on the phone on the table, Tang Ningshan pauses. Then she takes the bag in her hand and prepares to go downstairs.

As soon as she opens the door, Shao Ruihan falls directly into the room. Tang Ningshan is so scared that she takes one step back.

Tang Ningshan squints at the man lying on the ground and says, "Shao Ruihan?"

Shao Ruihan lies on the ground and looks at Tang Ningshan. His eyes are red and his eyes are full of blood. Tang Ningshan feels a little scary and asks, "What are you doing here?"

"Wait for you to open the door." Shao Ruihan's voice is hoarse; it feels like that he has been thirsty for a long time. Tang Ningshan does not understand, even if he really sat at the door for one night, then he should not become like this.

"..., then you don't have to sit at the door, you can sit on the sofa. And, how did you become like this?" Tang Ningshan is puzzled. What happened in the end, how did he become like this through one night? So she couldn't help but ask.

Shao Ruihan still does not speak; he just keeps staring at her. Tang Ningshan feels that this is not the way. So she carefully bypasses Shao Ruihan and prepares to go out.

"You lied to me." Shao Ruihan's voice is with grievances.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head silently and feels that she must have got it wrong. She goes faster and faster, instead of pausing.

Shao Ruihan immediately stands up and steps forward to pull Tang Ningshan's wrist and say, "You lied to me!"

Tang Ningshan fails to break free from his hand and could only give up. She looks back at Shao Ruihan and asks, "I lied to you?"

"You promised that this month you will not be separated from me! But yesterday you took all my things out." Shao Ruihan is like I was abandoned. His voice is full of complaints.

"Could you please talk to me in a different tone?" Tang Ningshan couldn't stand current Shao Ruihan who is like a child.

"You are ready to throw me out of your home. What do you think I can do?" Shao Ruihan shouts.

Tang Ningshan says to Shao Ruihan "Shao Ruihan, we are not children. Since your friends protect you, then you should understand what they mean. In this case, I feel that the one-month agreement between us has no meaning or value. In order to avoid unnecessary friction between us in the future, I hope that you can move out from here. "Tang Ningshan finishes, and looks at Shao Ruihan in a complicated way."

Shao Ruihan's expression suddenly changes. He stares angrily at Tang Ningshan. He says with a strong voice: "Tang Ningshan, does the relationship between us have anything to do with others? Is it because of a few words from others that you directly think that the agreement between us has no meaning? Why do you do this?"

Shao Ruihan's voice is so loud that Tang Ningshan could not help but frown. She looks back at the room of Pu Jiayi and sees the door is closed. She whispers "Shao Ruihan, I don't want to quarrel with you, it doesn't make sense. If you think this is something between the two of us, and then I will tell you now, I regret, that's it. "Tang Ningshan says that and then she immediately breaks away from Shao Ruihan's hand, and what she did not expect is that Shao Ruihan let go of her hand.

When Tang Ningshan just turns back, she hears Shao Ruihan saying "Hey, grandma, Shan is not comfortable today. She can't go to the company. I will tell my cousin about it later."

Tang Ningshan listens to this and looks back at Shao Ruihan inexplicably. She is ready to go out, why is he saying that she is not feeling well?

But before she could understand, she feels that her feet are hanging. She is directly lifted to his chest by Shao Ruihan.

"Hey! Shao Ruihan! You put me down!" Tang Ningshan shouts, while constantly using the bag in her hand to beat Shao Ruihan's back.

Shao Ruihan glares at Tang Ningshan all the way into the house, throwing Tang Ningshan on the bed and turning around to directly lock the door.

After that, he walks toward Tang Ningshan step by step. As he walks, he also unbuttons his shirt.

When Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan has already come to her, Shao Ruihan changes the route. He goes to the window and reaches to close the curtains before he starts to go back.

When Shao Ruihan returns to Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan's shirt has been taken off, exposing a strong chest.

"What do you want to do?" Tang Ningshan couldn't stand that he looks at her while still unbuttoning himself. This is simply a temptation. She blushes and shouts at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan directly presses Tang Ningshan down and presses her under his body and says, "Make up for last night!"

After that, Shao Ruihan begins to kiss her despite Tang Ningshan's struggle. He fixes Tang Ningshan's two hands over her head so that she could not move.

Shao Ruihan feels annoyed. They clearly have already achieved the agreement, why should she temporarily regret?

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who is full of blood and anger in his eyes, and she suddenly smiles. She doesn't know why she is very satisfied with Shao Ruihan's reaction. Tang Ningshan's mood is surprisingly good. She does not struggle, looking at Shao Ruihan with a gentle smile.

Shao Ruihan also feels that she stops struggling and he immediately looks up at her. He sees Tang Ningshan looking at him with a smile and there is a warm sensation in her eyes.

Shao Ruihan immediately stops all his movements and does not understand what happened to Tang Ningshan. But looking at her smiling face, he feels that things are not as terrible as he imagined. Is she deliberate? Her purpose is to see his attitude toward this matter?

"Now can you tell me what Xuan Yun said to you yesterday? What made you directly sentenced me to punishment?" Shao Ruihan presses on Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan does not feel uncomfortable but has a faint warm feeling, and her heart is quite calm.

Tang Ningshan smiles and says softly: "He said that I should not make such a request to you. He also said that if I don't love you, don't approach you. In addition, he hopes that you will not be hurt. Well, that's probably what he means." Tang Ningshan finishes, looking straight at Shao Ruihan with a pair of bright eyes. She wants to see what his opinion about Xuan Yun's words is.