Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 80

Chapter 66: chapter 66-- the gift of thanks

This quiet night, the starlight is shining, the sky is cloudless, but everyone's mentality is different.

The best mood belongs to Tang Ningshan. The shopping carts are full, looking at dozens of clothes, she gets really happy. But when she fills in the address, she is bewildered, because she doesn't know where she is. How could she buy them? After a long time, she decides to ask Steward Lin tomorrow, and then she goes into the virtual space to continue studying the rest of the content.

While Shao Ruihan's mood is complicate. After hanging up Tang Ningshan's phone, he begins to doubt his judgment. He can be sure that she is not the same person previous, but now who the person who takes her picture and know her history is. He begins to wonder whether to look up the address she had said to see if there was such a person.

Tang Ningshan's hacking skills are amazing. If he takes her into the core, he has no doubt that Tang Ningshan could steal the contents in an instant. And if she is really there for a purpose, then the people who planned these things would be terrible.

And Ji Jun, Xuan Yun and Qu Bo are full of doubts. After meeting Tang for the first time, they all thought she is a very assertive person and would not be easy to contact or get along with others. But it is a thought-provoking thing that she brought home the person who she has only met once and she even let him stay over. Especially when considering the disappearance of their teacher a while ago, they all think there must be a conspiracy in it.

Pu Jiayi is the most comfortable one. He has his own room, going in and looking around. He feels pretty good. Because he has seen numerous photos of Tang Ningshan, he doesn't think Tang Ningshan is a stranger. But he hasn't spoken for a long time, so he gets a little bit nervous. But he doesn't think Tang Ningshan doesn't abandon him for his silence, instead, she let him stay here, which makes he feel that Tang Ningshan is a nice person.

The Tang's family tonight is also in a mess. Yin Bilu comes home in tatters without even a suitcase. The tears are on her face and there are some oil stains on her mouth, she seems to have been bullied. Both Tang Yichun and Yin He are so flustered seeing her like this, directly she says that Tang Ningshan asked someone to... She took the opportunity to escape, hoping that her uncle would make the decision for her.

After Tang Yichun listens to this, he directly gets angry, and he even turns the table upside down. He is eager to have Tang Ningshan appear in front of him immediately to seek justice for Yin Bilu.

Yin He's face is somber and she intends to pay her back in her own coin.

Yin Bilu and Yin He lie in the same bed, Yin Bilu tells her idea to Yin He. Yin He nods satisfyingly to show the support for her.

The worst is Song Zhu, who has spent the night in an inhuman way and is tossed back and forth like a fish. Suffering beating and cursing, she cannot do anything but allow many men to do whatever they want on her. And at first she would cry, and finally she has no strength to moan. Until she lost her consciousness, and she is filled with hatred for Yin Bilu and Tang Ningshan.

She hates that Yin Bilu does not answer her phone calls, letting her get into such a desperate situation. But she hates Tang Ningshan much more, if it's not her, she would not have fallen into this situation.

So the night passes, and the sun rises as usual without being disturbed by these people.

Tang Ningshan gets up very early today for those clothes she is looking forward.

"Lin, what's the address here?" This is the first thing Tang Ningshan says when she comes down the stairs.

Her words stun Steward Lin, and then Lin looks at Tang Ningshan with a puzzled look.

"Oh, I want to buy something and deliver it to home." Tang Ningshan subconsciously explains.

Only then, Lin tells Tang Ningshan the address.

"Mrs. Shao, all you have to do is write the name of Mr. Shao, and the doorman will bring it to you when it arrives."

"Hey, girl, what did you buy?" For the first time, Qu Bo says so many words to Tang Ningshan, which surprises Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan walks over to Qu Bo and makes a circuit around Qu Bo before saying, "So you can speak?"

"..." Qu Bo is speechless, originally stiff face gets more stiff.

"Oh, just kidding, don't mind..." Tang Ningshan shrugs awkwardly and thinks in the heart that it's her fault to joke with 'facial paralyses.

"Are you going out?" This time Tang Ningshan sees the two people behind Qu Bo.

"Well, we are going out." Xuan Yun smiles softly.

"Wait a minute, then, and I'll give you something." With that, Tang Ningshan runs upstairs and takes an USB downstairs.

"Here you are. I hope it can help you. This is a gift of thanks to Ji Jun for his payment yesterday to buy something for me." Then she shoves it in Xuan Yun's hand.

"Well, we'll watch it later. Let's go." Xuan Yun's expression hasn't changed, but Tang Ningshan just thinks his smile is a little insincere.

Of course, she does not care about these things. Originally she thinks that she is just a passer-by in Shao Ruihan's life, she would stay here only because she wants a new identity.

So to Shao Ruihan's friends, she has no feeling of like or dislike, she just feels that since Ji Jun spent money to buy her things, she should give it back to him in other ways.

After the three of them go out, Xuan Yun hands the USB to Ji Jun in the car.

"That girl said thank you. Decide it yourself. If you want to watch it, you'd better use a new computer." Xuan Yun's meaning is very clear, he does not believe Tang Ningshan, and he does not want to have some unknown troubles. So the best way is to get another computer, it doesn't matter if their computer is attacked by virus or the documents are stolen.

"Well, let's have someone to send me the computer first, and I wonder what she's going to show me." Ji Jun is completely relaxed this time. His face has a smile, which looks very safe.

"Well, I'd like to know too. It's probably not a bad thing." Xuan Yun says.

Soon, they arrive to the company. They go upstairs and see the assistant there burying in the paper.

Three people walk into the office a computer is brought in before long.

Ji Jun quickly plugs in the USB, the contents of it stuns the three people.

"How do you guys feel? Did that girl write this?" Qu Bo says only one sentence.

Xuan Yun smiles and doesn't say anything, but no one knows how shocked he is. If Tang Ningshan wrote it, then she is a person who has great talent for jewelry. The content of that USB are her comments about different jewelry, the market research she did, and her opinion about how to design innovation style and how to capture the heart of the people, and then there attaches some drawings.

"If it's really written by that girl, then we can make a lot of money, especially those drawings. If these designs are made and good materials are used, the market will be opened up." Ji Jun now begins to wonder if there is anyone behind Tang Ningshan, or how she would have known so much. If the plans are so easy to draw, then the streets will full of outstanding designers.

All they want to do is confirm with Shao Ruihan that whether Tang Ningshan is worth of being trust. After all, this is a very important issue, if she is worthy of being trust, they can take a few drawings. If not, that using these drawings means to wait for company to go bankrupt. They pull off the USB, getting into silence.

"Ruihan will be back in a couple of days, whether we should used her designs, it's up to him. What we have to do now is finish our own business." Xuan Yun thinks for a long time to make a decision. It's better to do according the original plan and wait for Shao Ruihan. If Tang Ningshan's drawings can be used, then they can save a lot of time and effort.

"So now, we can ask a few people who can be trust to make samples of the things on the drawings. If Ruihan says yes, we will mass-produce them, but the high-end materials are not much, so even if we do mass-produce, they won't more than 30." Ji Jun says his idea; three people look at each other. They all think that could work, then they go about their own business.

By the time they get home for dinner, no one has mentioned the USB. And Tang Ningshan also doesn't want to know, so the non-talking dinner time is soon over.

For the next three days, Tang Ningshan spends in a comfortable environment. Shao Ruihan is not at home; they get out early and come back late every day. They can only meet at the dinner time. Pu Jiayi does not come out of the room every day, so Tang Ningshan is free, she just everyday in her room playing computer.

This afternoon, Tang Ningshan is as usual in the room looking at the hacker website. Finally, she receives that person's letter, she reads that quickly.

Tang Ningshan opens the dialog box called Yu Huan, entering a string of code. "Hello, have you heard anything?"

Soon, there is a reply from the other side, "Yes, that ting you said was done by one of the member of Shao's family. Did you offend them? They're a tough family."

"Is there anyone else besides Shao Kaile?" Tang Ningshan quickly asks.

"Oh, you know? There's another one called Shao Mushuang, she is a lady of Shao's family. I don't know what you did to those people."

"... You help me to check up on them, and all kinds of details, including their history. You are doing the work, I entrust you with that. What do you want me to pay?"

"Hey, who's the hacker in my computer? You haven't told me about it and you're going to keep bossing me?" Tang Ningshan smiles at the remark.

"No, the hacker lives right next to you, and his computer is full of pictures of you, and the rest I think you need to take care of it yourself..." Tang Ningshan types a smiling expression.

"... Damn it, I'll give you what you want next time. I'm going next door to deal with my business."

"... Oh, okay." Tang Ningshan looks at the dialog box which has no further reply, showing a warm smile. Although they have not seen each other, there is no sense of alienation, as if they are old friends, which makes her feel very relaxed and very at ease.

Tang Ningshan puts the computer aside and stands at the window with a stretch. The sun is shining on her face, letting her eyes unconsciously squint. Maybe these two days of life are so comfortable that she does not feel this is not a bad thing at all. Everyday there are someone cooking for her, she only need to stay alive.