Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 82

Chapter 68: chapter 68-- worse than you

The teacher looks at Tang Ningshan's paper and glances at the name on it. She knows Tang Ningshan. Even many teachers know Tang Ningshan, she is simply a wooden person, even if being bullied, and she is also laughing. she remembers that there are many times that she has not any response even if these teachers cannot bear those people who bully her.

But today she looks so confident, as if she does not know her.

"You're sure? If I see the papers, you'd have to turn them in." The teacher actually hopes that Tang Ningshan can check after answering, even if there are many questions she is not sure.

"No, teacher. I'm in a real hurry." Tang Ningshan sees the teacher's face, the voice of her unconsciously lowers, and her face even has an expression of supplication.

"Well, let me check." The teacher takes Tang Ningshan's paper and walks to the platform. She looks at her answers one by one. Her answers are quite correct. Tang Ningshan also wrote something on the test paper, which is that if the test questions were written in this way, they would be more human. Her description makes the teacher laugh.

"All right, you are free to go." After reading the paper, the teacher says to Tang Ningshan with a smile.

"Thank you, teacher." With a smile on her face, Tang stands up gracefully and walks out of the classroom, It's like Tang Ningshan as before. but now she's not wearing a dress. If people watch her movement without looking at her face, whey will think she's the owner certainly. That's what Tang Ningshan learned from her memory, in a special way.

Watching Tang Ningshan's back, Song Zhu's face darkens. She even stares at the invigilator, but she could do anything. She does not finish her paper now. She does not have the assurance of Tang Ningshan. Now she can only let Tang Ningshan go today.

Tang Ningshan comes out from the exam room, looking at the empty playground. And she walks slowly toward the school gate. groups of parents are sitting and chatting, when they see Tang Ningshan comes out, and a few people even point at her.

"Look at that girl, she's coming out so soon, she will fail the test, won't she?" One parent points to Tang Ningshan.

"I guess this year's professional test is tough." The other parent looks sad.

"I don't think so. Was she got caught for copying others and being thrown out by the teacher?" the discussion is getting drastic. But it does not affect Tang Ningshan's good mood. She has passed the test so quickly, whether she can go shopping mall to buy some dessert or chocolate?

She has already decided to go to the roadside to call a taxi, Tang Ningshan sees Li standing there straightly, and she shakes her head helplessly.

Tang Ningshan walks over to Li.

"If I am not going to come out, you will just going to stand here all the time, will you?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously.

Li does not conceal it a bit, even on his there is not a trace of other expression, just meticulously nods.

"Let's go to get some chocolates, you know the address." Tang Ningshan shrugs indifferently and walks toward the car.

Li trots a few steps, going to Tang Ningshan's front to help her to pull open the door. After waiting for her to get in, he closes the door before getting in the car himself.

Wait until she has bought enough chocolate in the mall, Li speechlessly drives Tang Ningshan who is satisfied back to the villa.

The other side. The test is over.

Yin Bilu walks quickly into the exam room of Tang Ningshan, but only finds that there are only a few people left, including Song Zhu. Song Zhu sees Yin Bilu comes, she sends the boy to go first.

"What's the matter with you? Why did you let her go?" Yin Bilu looks unhappy and yells at Song Zhu.

"... She turned in her papers early." Song Zhu bows her head and speaks in a low voice; her eyes are dimly revealing a sinister light.

"Well, how's that thing going, which you were entrusted that day?" Yin Bilu shouts at Song Zhu, as if Song Zhu is a servant of her.

Song Zhu didn't think anything was wrong with her attitude in the past. When she was with Yin Bilu, Her food, drink, and clothes are better than ever. and if nothing like that day has happened, she thought she would still be around her, but now she has a better idea.

"Well, I have talked to him." Song Zhu looks at Yin Bilu with a look of hope that she could explain the reason for not answering the phone, but she does not mention it. even as if it had never happened, Song Zhu is satirizing for herself in her heart.

Yin Bilu nods after hearing the satisfactory answer, then she looks like at Song Zhu who seems more charming, and smiles and asks "You have a boyfriend? That's quite a seductive look."

Song Zhu disappointedly shakes her head, she is more determined with her own idea. since she Yin Bilu never regards her as a friend, then don't blame her unjustness.

"Well, I'll call you tonight and we'll find out how to ask Tang Ningshan out. The rest is up to you." Yin Bilu is expected.

Song Zhu smiles and nods.

This night, Song Zhu comes to the bar, going in and directly looking for Brother Leopard. but also she takes out a picture of Tang Ningshan to show him. She believes that as long as he is a man, he must want to get her when seeing Tang Ningshan's face. However, Brother Leopard does not let her down, and he is even looking forward to the day to come soon.

Then he takes Song Zhu into a room with six people. Song Zhu seems to know the rule very well, Into the middle of the room, she begins to striptease, and it seems that Song Zhu has pleased Brother Leopard. after the dance, he takes Song Zhu into the room inside, leaving six disappointed people.

Song Zhu snuggles in Brother Leopard's arms after a flurry of sex in the house.

"Brother, what kind of way are you going to use?" Brother Leopard takes one look at the more charming Song Zhu in his arms and pats her on the back with a smile, but says nothing.

Just then, the phone rings, she looks at the name on the phone, Song Zhu subconsciously frowns.

"What's the matter?" Brother Leopard asks.

"Yin Bilu called me. That's the guy who I called for asking the picture, but she didn't pick up." Song

Zhu tells the truth, she doesn't dare to deceive Brother Leopard, because she is afraid of his tactics.

"Answer it; let's see what she's up to. I remember the girl is also good-looking." he smiles and says to Song Zhu. his words let Song Zhu understand what he means.

Song Zhu hesitates and looks at Brother Leopard's face and answers the phone.

'Hello.' Song Zhu says languidly.

"Zhu, there will be a reunion after tomorrow's exam. Our plan is for tomorrow." Yin Bilu's voice comes out. She is quiet.

"A reunion? Will Tang Ningshan be there?" Song Zhu listens to Yin Bilu's words, asking suspiciously.

"Yes, I can get her to go, as long as you keep her there." Yin Bilu says very confidently. Song Zhu turns on the speaker, Brother Leopard gestures to her to make clear.

"OK, I see. Tomorrow's reunion, but where is the reunion? so I can get him ready." Song Zhu says as Brother Leopard told.

"The reunion will be in 'Lan Yuan'. you just try to get people in. Perhaps they have their own way. So I don't have to tell you the rest of the things, you need to know what to do next." Yin Bilu's voice is full of impatience.

"Well, I see." Song Zhu hangs up the phone, she is a little sad.

Looking at Song Zhu's expression, Brother Leopard suddenly thinks of something.

"That day, you came to see me because of this woman, didn't you?" Brother Leopard lies lazily on his bed.

Song Zhu puts her cell phone down, climbing into the arms of Brother Leopard, and nods her head.

"Oh, in that case, do you want her to become more coquettish, more shameless, and more dependent on men than you?"

several 'more' in Brother Leopard's words let Song Zhu's heart appear infinite fantasy. Imagine the noble Yin Bilu becomes someone like her, or even worse than her, what would that be like? Once she only wants to revenge Yin Bilu and make her reputation as bad as Tang Ningshan. But she has no power, and now she has someone who could make her wish come true, and even more perfect than she has imagined. If she has such a person, why doesn't she help herself to fulfill her wish?

The next day's exam arrives on schedule, looking at the examination paper; Tang Ningshan has a feeling of returning to primary school. for no other reason, but the system has replenished her with knowledge and books that night before. If she can't finish reading, then she cannot go out. so now when looking at the test questions above, Tang Ningshan's brain automatically appears the answers of those questions.

She has spent a day in the examination; all the questions are unimaginably simple. And when it finally finishes, Tang Ningshan lazily stretches, then she hears a voice on the radio.

"After the exams are over, everyone goes back to their classes."Such a voice repeats three times, which lets Tang Ningshan feel headache. Generally, after the test, they can directly go into holiday. Why do they need to go back to class?

But Tang Ningshan still has to follow the voice and goes back, because she also wants to graduate very much. the system requires her to get the graduation certificate; otherwise it is going to prepared to let her re-study in the university.

Backing to the class to see the class teacher who has been waiting there, Tang Ningshan always feels that the head-teacher looks at her with a strange way. But she does not know how to describe her feeling; she just feels that she seems to have some bad intentions.

All the students crowd in, and the head-teacher begins her speech, which is about the graduation. in a nutshell, "the students are about to graduate immediately to get into the society. The classmates need to keep contact to do a good foundation for the future, so this evening there will be a graduation party." It's just a class party. It's just dinner and singing.

Tang Ningshan hears such words; subconsciously she wants to go home, because she thinks it is too boring.

When everyone else has gone out, Tang Ningshan walks to the door, and is ready to go home to sleep. And she has not eaten too much all day. The food in school canteen is terrible.

Just when she walks to Li's car, Tang Ningshan hears someone calling after her, subconsciously turning back.

Then, she sees Song Zhu and the head-teacher coming towards her.

"What can I do for you, teacher?" Tang Ningshan respectfully says.

"The whole class is going. Do you know where it is? Why you are going this way?" The head-teacher's words are not polite at all.