Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 83

Chapter 69: chapter 69-- you must go

Tang Ningshan looks back at the teacher and thinks that there must be something wrong with her.

"Teacher, I'm busy at home, so I'm not going." Tang Ningshan declines politely.

"No, we must all go. This party will also be counted in the examination results." The head-teacher has a cold face and a complicated expression in her eyes.

"Even without that I think I can graduate." Tang Ningshan indifferently shrugs. This is the first time to hear that the party will also be counted in the exam results. Isn't this the same as bullshit?

"No matter what business you have to be busy with, graduation from university means going out into the world. All of your university classmates are resources you might use later. You are all students in my class. I can't discriminate, so everyone has to attend." The head-teacher looks at Tang Ningshan as if she is trying to do her a favor.

"Teacher, I don't need these resources, so can I go now?" Tang Ningshan is standing in place, coldly looking at the head-teacher, the voice unconsciously lowers.

"You... No, if you don't go to the party, then you don't get your graduation grade." The head-teacher listens to Tang Ningshan's words, immediately changing her expression. How can she not go? If Tang Ningshan does not go, then how can she get the position of director? So she must go.

Tang Ningshan looks at the angry head-teacher. She thinks there is something funny about these things, which seems to have nothing to do with the head-teacher. Even though she never went to university before, she knows that students won't have their own mentor, except graduate students. While those graduate students will be introduced by their mentors to someone else to expand the scope of knowledge and communication. As for her major, it's jewelry appraisal. Actually when graduating, basically they will go to the counter to familiar with the jewelry, and there is a possibility that someone of them may get a leader's appreciation then get the promotion, but Tang Ningshan does not feel that a group of university students have any useful resources. In the condition of being talent, what kind of job you cannot find?

"Well, tell me the address, I'll go and have a look." Tang Ningshan very much wants to know what the head-teacher wants to do, so she decides to go and see. It's better to get something in control, because unknown situation is passive.

"'Lan Yuan', you know that? Just go there. My car is right before you." In fact, the head-teacher does not want Tang Ningshan to take her own car at all, but if she forces Tang Ningshan to take the school bus, it seems she is so mean, so she can only let Tang Ningshan follow behind.

'Yeah, I know.' Then Tang Ningshan gets in her car.

"Mrs. Shao, don't you think your teacher is a little out of normal? Even if I am a soldier, parties like this; I also have the right to refuse to attend." Li looks at Tang Ningshan perplexedly, feeling very strange for her to make such a decision. Obviously, the teacher is not normal, and she even actually plans to go.

"Just because it's not normal, I'm going to check it out." Tang Ningshan smiles and says.

"... you are not normal, either." Li says something softly.

Tang Ningshan immediately bursts a laugh out.

Li blushes and falters for a long time, but he is unable to utter a word.

"Well, just to see if there's any danger. Besides, there are two of them. You three can't handle some of the students?" Tang Ningshan looks at him.

"How can it be, Mrs. Shao, we are all soldiers of Mr. Shao. And though we have never been to the battlefield, we have taken part in some operations. And if we are not able to handle such students like them, the captain will let us return to the training." Li looks at Tang Ningshan's expression, he is afraid of being thrown back to training. For Shao Ruihan's training method, they don't want to try again.

It's not too far from A university to Lan Yuan, but many people may never have been to this place. First, because the expense here is too high, and second, because you may offend some people you can't afford here.

When they get to the door, Tang Ningshan gets out of the car and Li hands the key to the doorman and tells him to park the car. It's obviously to see that Li's car is military car. Although there's no sign, but the license plate number is very bright, so doorman is very doglike to park the car for Li, while Li is calm.

After a while, the school bus arrives. looking at the students coming out from the car one by one, Tang Ningshan really feels that if this teacher uses these schoolmates as a shield to harm her, then that would be a bit stupid.

Looking at Tang Ningshan standing in the doorway, the teacher's face shows a relaxed expression. Tang Ningshan somewhat does not understand, in such a place, what would happen to her?

A group of people go into a box on the fifth floor, led by the waiter. The box is large, and it is a large suite. There are a few tables; Tang Ningshan's class does not have many people. a total of 30 people and plus the head-teacher, there are four tables, so they can have a lot of space, so the inside of the room will not look crowded, just opportune.

Tang Ningshan picks a corner and sits down far away from everyone. She looks at dozens of people that are divided into groups automatically. Tang Ningshan feels that the students are an interesting species again.

But Song Zhu, who has been observing Tang Ningshan, at this time, is full of doubt on her heart, she does not understand why the teacher would help, but now that Tang Ningshan has come to this place, she won't let her go.

Soon, the waiter has served the food. Then the head-teacher begins her presentation and everyone finds a place to sit down. Listening to the head-teacher's long speech, anyway, Tang Ningshan feels this head-teacher is like brainwashing. The teacher said that she hopes that the students will be united in the future, schoolmates is the best channel when getting into the society at the first time, and etc., if these words are put in the 1970s, Tang Ningshan would think that perhaps the students will be grateful to the teacher.

But in present era, Tang Ningshan really feels that this teacher is a simpleton. Now the students are getting more clever and smarter, and no one likes to hear such nonsense from her.

"What does the teacher mean that we must be united? Is there any inside story?" the person opposite Tang Ningshan is whispering in a boy's ear beside him.

The boy shakes his head, but showing a thoughtful expression.

"Come on, let's eat. Let's call it a ceremony to celebrate your graduation. Hope you'll all go the way you want to go, and go further and higher." The last sentence of the head-teacher refreshes students who have already been asleep, and soon they became very lively in the room.

All the people in the room are talking about something. Only Tang Ningshan is a freak, she quietly sits in the corner, and does not talk to people, also does not eat, appearing that she is out of group. she just sits quietly, if the head-teacher really has no conspiracy, later, she can leave.

As more and more people finish eating, they begin to sing in the room inside. Song Zhu and some boys walk over to Tang Ningshan with a smile.

Tang Ningshan looks at Song Zhu's expression and knows that it is coming, but she couldn't figure out how Song Zhu could get the head-teacher to help her.

"Tang Ningshan, after today, everybody graduates, you don't have to sit in the corner so disappointedly. if you are always so unsocial, then how can you go out into society?" Song Zhu sits on the edge of Tang Ningshan with a smile, and her words lead to the collective nods of the group of boys who are following her.

"You know, I'm married and my husband is a soldier. Although I don't make much money every month, I have enough. my husband said I don't need a job, he will support me, so I don't think I need to show up at all." Tang Ningshan squints and looks at Song Zhu, but Song Zhu feels as if she has been seen through by Tang Ningshan. The smile on her face seems stiff.

"Well, you can't stay home all day." Song Zhu continues to say.

"Yeah, well, look, we're classmates. We would only go to university once in our lives and only have one opportunity to be a university student. Now, we are going to graduate, although you did not contact us very much, but we have spent four years together as schoolmates. at least this also is predestination, from now on, we are flying separately. It's an unknown thing that whether we are able to see each other again. Now that, you're here, it shows that you're a treasured person. If you really don't know how to fit in the group, then we'll help you." The boy who speaks is the one who sat behind Tang Ningshan in the exam.

After listening to the boy's words, there are several people agree with him.

Tang Ningshan notices that Song Zhu does not give up; also feeling this is very uninteresting. Anyway, she has already come, so the head-teacher also cannot have other excuse to refuse to give her graduation, so she should go now.

At this point, Tang Ningshan's corner of her mouth slightly rises, revealing a curve. She stands up, and when Song Zhu thinks that Tang Ningshan could not stand the bombing of them and is ready to join them, but she sees Tang Ningshan walking towards the door.

Her action makes Song Zhu get anxious instantly.

Quickly, she reaches out to catch Tang Ningshan; while Tang Ningshan's subconscious reaction directly pushes Song Zhu away. if not those boys are behind Song Zhu, perhaps she would directly fall down.

"Tang Ningshan, what do you want to do? Song Zhu was just pulling you, how could you push her down, what if she is hurt by you?"

"Exactly. We're all classmates. How can you push people like this?"

"Well, I thought you are just not good at communicating with others, and I didn't expect that you have such a bad mind."

"yes, you really don't deserve to be in our class; also don't deserve to attend the party."

After Tang Ningshan listens to these boys righteous speech, she laughs and shakes her head.

"I didn't want to go to this party. I was ready to leave just now. If it wasn't Song Zhu who suddenly pulled me from behind, I wouldn't have pushed her unconsciously."

Nobody believes Tang Ningshan's explanation, all put on a disgusted expression to Tang Ningshan, hoping that she can quickly leave.

"Since all my classmates don't believe me, I'll leave now." Tang Ningshan smiles and turns around and looks back at the Song Zhu on the ground.