Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 84

Chapter 70: chapter 70-- reunion

But in Song Zhu's heart, this smile has other meaning.

"Tang Ningshan, I didn't say that you pushed me on purpose. We come to the party to exchange feelings. What's the point of you leaving like this?" Hearing that Tang Ningshan is leaving, Song Zhu couldn't bear to be angry. Originally, she was sent here, there is no plan to let her go. If Tang Ningshan has gone, what would she do?

She comes out of the boy's arms at once, and is no longer pretending to be weak. Although Tang Ningshan pushed her just now, it is nothing compared to the torture she has suffered every night.

She rushes to Tang Ningshan's side at once, putting her hand on Tang Ningshan's arm and ignoring the inquiring eyes of a group of boys behind, and she puts out a smile on her face.

"Tang Ningshan, let's go inside and sing. Don't listen to their nonsense. You didn't exert much strength just now. I didn't stand on my own feet. I'm sorry you are misunderstood." Song Zhu's face is sincere. several boys also really doubt whether they really misunderstood Tang Ningshan, so they cannot help blushing. They all look down without watching Tang Ningshan's eyes one after another.

Tang Ningshan looks at the crowd around her, and then looking at Song Zhu, who is holding her arm. And she can only helplessly nods, it's not that she wants to obey Song Zhu, after all, but there are some other students inside. if she fights with Song Zhu, the head-teacher may find different kind of ways to threaten her. What would she do if she refuses to give her the graduation certification?

In the back room, a few people are sitting inside. It is clear that they are not students of their school. Tang Ningshan glances at them and sees they are looking at her indecently. Obviously, they are not good guys.

After associating with Song Zhu's behavior today, she probably also understands the reason. but Tang Ningshan doesn't think Song Zhu will be so stupid to take action in front of so many people, so she is also happy to cooperate with her, hoping to see what kind of means Song Zhu has in the end.

Several boys look askance at the group; they are a little confused that why there are some people they do not know sitting here.

Song Zhu notices the doubts on the faces of several boys. Song Zhu explains with a smile: "They are my friends. Thanks to them that we can hold the party here. you can pretend that they don't exist." Song Zhu says with a smile.

A few boys listen to this, also do not say anything. After all, they're just recent graduates. For places like this, many people pass through here and never come in. If it's not them who pay the bill, they can't stay here.

"Come on, sit down, all of you. You can do whatever you want, singing and drinking. Today, Zhu graduates. We were going to take her out to play. She said she wants to save a souvenir for later.

That's why we're here. We also just sit here for a while and then we'll go." One of the men stands up and says. It seems like an explanation. anyway, after his explanation, these boys basically get relaxed. They just regard it as singing in the public, that's not a big deal.

"Tang Ningshan, we will graduate today. Let's do something. Let's sing." The boy with Song Zhu takes the microphone and says to Tang Ningshan, and all the eyes of the people in the room immediately shift to Tang Ningshan.

"Sorry, I don't sing." Tang Ningshan's voice is alienated, her face shows a professional smile, and also her voice is not warm. In a word, she doesn't seem to be the kind of person who wants to play with them.

"You don't want to stay with us, do you? If not that Song Zhu said she wants you to stay, do you think we'd be willing to show excessive passion to your cold? Don't you just depend on your own beautiful face? You have such a bad temper, who married you really falls into a bad luck. I am really sad for your husband."

"Yeah, what's the point of being pretty? We really don't want to hang out with you just because you're like this."

Several boys describe their opinion about Tang Ningshan, while Tang Ningshan is not affected by any of them.

"I didn't want to come anyway. If the teacher hadn't said that the absence would affect graduation, do you really think I would come?" Tang Ningshan's mood is very bad now, just because that sentence lets her feel very upset.

"If you don't want to come, get the hell out of here. Thank god that you're graduating. Is you are still in school, you probably won't even have to go to school again, because soon you'll be a street rat that everyone hates." The boy gives Tang Ningshan a provocative look.

"In that case, I'll go first." Tang Ningshan takes her bag and walks to the door. She sees the door being pushed open. It is Yin Bilu who comes in, and Tang Ningshan doesn't show any surprised expression when she sees her. This time she finally understands why the teacher is willing to help Song Zhu.

"Oh, what a coincidence, Ningshan. I didn't expect to meet you here. Just now I had dinner with my friends in the box by the side. I was told that my schoolmates from our school are playing here, so I am ready to come to see if there are my friends." Yin Bilu's face is smiling, but her eyes are shining furious light.

Tang Ningshan looks along the door behind her and sees that all the students in the outer suite have gone, except for four men in suits and sunglasses standing behind her.

"Excuse me." Tang Ningshan expressionlessly says without looking at Yin Bilu beside her.

"Why? Have enough fun? Ready to go? But Ningshan, do you think you can still leave today?"

Tang Ningshan now really admires Yin Bilu, even under such confrontation, she can still pretend to be pathetic, but with a very furious look in her eyes.

"What do you want?" Although Tang Ningshan thinks this is going to be very boring, since Yin Bilu wants to continue, she has to play with her.

"What do I want? You actually ask me what I want. if it weren't because of you, I'd be thrown out of Shao Ruihan's villa? If it weren't because of you, would Shao Ruihan hate me? If it weren't because of you, those men in his house wouldn't like me? It's your entire fault. If you're wrong, you'll be punished. Do you understand?" The smile on Yin Bilu's face is so fierce because of this statement. that if you look closely you can see that there is a lot of blood in her eyes.

"Are you blaming me? You must have known when we get married. You should have been quite happy to see it. Are you amused to come and talk to me about it now?" Tang Ningshan stands and looks at Yin Bilu, the voice very clearly falls in Yin Bilu's ear.

"If I knew Shao Ruihan is that kind of identity, do you think I would give him up to you? But now is not urgent, anyway, he will be mine sooner or later. and you do not look in the mirror to see your own appearance, a fox's face; you really think you're a heartthrob? Shao Ruihan would not like it." Yin Bilu's words are basically shouted out, which stuns Song Zhu who is standing behind Tang Ningshan.

"Don't stand in the doorway. Go in and sit down." Song Zhu comes over and puts her arm around Yin Bilu and looks at Tang Ningshan with mixed feelings in her eyes.

"I'll go in and sit, and she won't have to sit down." Yin Bilu smiles and looks at Song Zhu. She raises the corner of her mouth and says such a sentence.

Yin Bilu makes a gesture to a few people behind her, and then several people come over and surround Tang Ningshan.

"Why? Is this an attempt to kidnap me?" Tang Ningshan thinks it is very funny. now she knows why the daughter-in-law of Shao's family has to have self-protecting skills, or it's easy to be killed either by her own family, or by her relatives.

"Oh, how can you say that I kidnap you? Uncle asked you to come home and have a chat." Yin Bilu's smile is getting stronger and stronger, thinking that this time she can revenge on Tang Ningshan, and she will become Shao Ruihan's wife.

"Well, then I'll go and visit my father." Tang Ningshan indifferently nods. she does not think Tang Yichun would bring her any danger, and even if he really intends to do something to her, she would save herself.

One of the men in a suit walks up behind Tang Ningshan and looks at her deeply before saying, "Miss, please."

Tang Ningshan quickly follows the group of people to leave. Just as she comes downstairs, she sees Shao Kaile. seeing him, Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. originally she wants to ignore him, but who knows he actually runs over to greet her.

"Oh, cousin? Shao Ruihan is not at home, so you come out for fun?" Shao Kaile's words let Tang Ningshan feel speechless. even if Shao Ruihan is not at home, also she will not go out to have fun. even if she really wants to have fun here, she won't let herself be seen by others.

"No, just reunion." Tang Ningshan's reply is brief.

"Oh, are you going back? You've done eating? If you don't eat well, let's go back and get something to eat." Shao Kaile looks at the four people behind Tang Ningshan, a flash of strange feeling appears in his heart, but it's too fast for Shao Kaile to grasp. But he doesn't care, after all,

Tang Ningshan is just a pawn, and it's useless now. It's hard to tell if he can use it later. He just wants to get on well with her first, so he can do something later.

"Well, I've done eating; my father sent them to ask me home." Tang Ningshan smiles and says to Shao Kaile, but the people who follow her are a little nervous. Although it is not the first time they have met the people of Shao's family, they do not want to meet them. Although they do not know if Tang Ningshan is doing well at the Shao's family, she is now the daughter-in-law of the Shao's family.

"Oh? Your father? I thought you are an orphan." Shao Kaile's words are full of malice. Originally, he wants to disgust Tang Ningshan, but he did not expect that Tang Ningshan have no any expression changes, as if she also very much agrees with his words.

"I wish I were an orphan." Tang Ningshan mutters to herself in a low voice, but Shao Kaile, who is standing beside her, is impressed by her words, because this kind of idea he has had once, but then when the age getting older, his life is full of all sorts of temptations, he gradually drifts, he also does not feel this kind of status is not good.

"All right. See you. I'll call you if I need anything." Shao Kaile stares at Tang Ningshan to drop such a sentence, seeing Tang Ningshan's eyes are avoiding him, and then he turns away.

He knows that Tang Ningshan understands what he means, but he still has to find out if she could be trusted.

When Shao Kaile has gone, Tang Ningshan goes on her way. Soon, she walks outside the gate, and she sees Li standing there with a serious look. and Tang Ningshan feels very upset when seeing Li is way too obedient.