Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 85

Chapter 71: chapter 71-- please

"I'll be home in a minute. My house, not Shao Ruihan's villa. They are sent by my father to pick me up. In a moment, you just go straight back." Tang Ningshan thinks she's doing nice to Yin Bilu. If Yin Bilu and Tang Yichun doesn't do something that would make her tear her face off, then she is very sorry for their off.

"Mrs. Shao, my captain told me whenever you go, I must go with you. I'll take you home if you would like to go. I'll come back together with you. It's nothing important anyway." Li's words let Tang Ningshan feel headache, Li is on behalf of Shao Ruihan, and she cannot say that she must let Li not go.

Turning around and looking at the four people behind her, but she shows that she has no other choice. four people look at Li, and are ready to ask for instructions before making a decision.

One of the men goes to one side and reaches for the phone. His voice is low, but Tang Ningshan can still hear clearly.

"My lord, there is a man who looks very much like a bodyguard. We can't let him go. What should we do?"

'Yes, I know.'

"Miss, the Master says you can have this gentleman take you back." The man hangs up the phone and walks quickly to Tang Ningshan's side.

'Hmm.' Tang Ningshan answers softly to show him that she got it.

"Mrs. Shao, let's get in the car." Li comes over to stand beside Tang Ningshan and makes a defensive posture.

"Well, let's go." Tang Ningshan walks toward the car, ignoring several people behind, who are also helpless. They can only silently get into their own car, following Tang Ningshan's behind.

In the car, Li looks at Tang Ningshan suspiciously.

"Why? Don't understand why I always be invited to back home?" Tang Ningshan is laughing and looking at silly Li.

"Mrs. Shao, are you sure they really belong to your family? Look at their faces and stances. They don't look like ordinary people at all. Even they are in a suit, you can tell they've been practiced." Li looks at smiling Tang Ningshan, he even more does not understand.

"I'm sure it was Tang Yichun who asked them to invite me, but I don't know why. but it's mostly because of Yin Bilu. Just wait and see what happens in Tang's house, don't worry about it, just ignore it, even if I take some action later, you just need to watch aside, okay?" Tang Ningshan's last sentence speaks with great caution. it's not because she does not believe Li's skill, but because she is afraid that Li would spoil a rare opportunity.

"How can that be?" Li listens to Tang Ningshan's words and gets worried in a hurry. He was assigned to Tang Ningshan as a driver so that he could protect her clearly. Now she even tells him he couldn't do anything. Should he watch her get hurt and be taken care of by his captain? When thinking here, Li unconsciously shivers.

"Anyway, Mrs. Shao, if I don't protect you well, I won't be able to complete the task entrusted to me by the captain. Anyway, if there's danger, I'll come out to protect you at the first opportunity, and the two of them will come out as well." Li looks out of the window and stops talking.

Tang Ningshan knows that it does not make sense to Li, and then she can only improvise according to the situation. for such a stubborn person, Tang Ningshan feels that she is powerless to change, since she could not change their minds, she can only change her own plans.

The car soon arrives at Tang's house, and as soon as she enters the house, she feels the tension. Tang Yichun is sitting on the sofa with a somber face, and Yin He's expression is not better, and there is no any servant in the house.

"Father, I heard that you invite me back? What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan very easily says.

"How dare you call me father? I don't have a daughter like you. I left Bilu with you for a few days. Is that what you were doing? Let her be bullied by the man, finally come back in disheveled? you are really heartless, only your humble mother can give birth to a daughter like you." At last, Tang Yichun says, his face becomes worse.

"If you ask me to come back for this matter, I have to tell you that Yin Bilu said I'm not your daughter. My mother gave a birth to me with someone else. So during all these years, you've been treating me this way and I think she's got a point. Since she said that I am not your daughter, then she has nothing to do with me. Originally, she went to Shao Ruihan's villa to be a servant. Have you ever seen any servant of the house is bossing the master? It's easy for her to change her clothes and go. Now who are you showing this to?

You said she was bullied, and came back with the clothes untidy. then you have evidence that I let people bully her? But I have evidence that she scolded in front of the villa gate, then threw the suitcase on the door, and then she left after finding that everyone was ignoring her, so that's what you call bullying?" Tang Ningshan's speech is justified and well-founded, but Tang Yichun becomes more and more angry. All he thought is that what Yin Bilu said is the truth, and what Tang Ningshan said is trying to quibble.

"Pa" Tang Yichun's hand pats on the table.

"I don't have time to listen to your quibbles here. Today, you just kneel down here and reflect, when you know something wrong, and when you apologize to Bilu, and then you leave. if you don't understand, I don't mind helping you figure it out."

"I'm sorry; I don't have time to play with you. You've got time comforting your wife and your niece, but I don't have time to be here with you who is not my real father." Tang Ningshan looks at Tang Yichun coldly.

If it isn't for Tang Yichun's behavior, she wouldn't have said anything. In fact, she still wants to believe that the original owner is his own daughter, but judging from Yin Bilu's words and Tang Yichun's performance, it's more likely that the original owner is not his daughter.

Since that situation is more likely, she would have no reason to stand their temper here.

"Enjoy yourself, I'll leave." Tang Ningshan turns and walks away, but as soon as she gets to the door, she is stopped by someone.

"Please don't make things difficult for us, Missy. You can't go out this door today without Mr. Tang's permission."

Tang Ningshan hears this and thinks it is only a joke.

"That's your trick?" Tang Ningshan is smiling, but the coldness in her eyes is more intense.

"You'll have to kneel today, anyway. I advise you to be sensible, or you have to suffer the pain of flesh and blood." Tang Yichun looks at Tang Ningshan angrily, as if there are two men fighting in his heart. The one is saying, "Bilu has been ruined, you cannot let her go so easily. The other one is saying "She's also her daughter, so just let her apologizes and knows that she's wrong."

"I'm going out of this door today, and none of you can stop me. You should have known when you gave me away, that I have had nothing to do with you since the day I was married. and now I suspect that you are not my biological father, so I needn't stay at your house." Tang Ningshan says and she is leaving.

Li walks in front of Tang Ningshan, quickly, he has solved that two people who are trying to stop her.

"Stop them, scum!" Tang Yichun looks at Li's quick movement, he shouts angrily.

After a while, she sees people coming out of every nook and cranny. although they are empty-handed, they are more numerous.

"Well, today I'll see how you really got out of this door." Tang Yichun looks at the surrounded Tang Ningshan, his face finally shows a faint smile, but soon his smile frizzes on his face.

"Stop them! Hurry up!!" Tang Yichun now completely gets angry. now Tang Ningshan's expression really looks like her mother, he only wants to immediately grasp Tang Ningshan and let her beg for forgiveness.

Tang Ningshan and Li back to back. Every attack, they can put a person down. Tang Ningshan really wants to give Tang Yichun an impressive memory. she also is obviously telling him that present Tang Ningshan is not a toy that can be bullied by them.

At the moment, Tang Ningshan is like a killer. There's a sense of murdering between her eyebrows, a pair of brown eyes are bright, and the face of her is still hanging with a faint smile.

She quickly solves the person in front of her, only to find behind the Li there is bloodstain.

"What's the blood?" Tang Ningshan asks Li in a low voice.

"Theirs..." Li is afraid that his strength is much strong, turning around to look at Tang Ningshan.

There are a lot of people have been fallen on the ground.

"Mrs. Shao..." Li looks at the people on the ground with the same posture. He also subconsciously to block that important part of the body. His heart is shivering, and he is more firm that even if he offends the captain, he should not offend Tang Ningshan.

"Hurry up; I've got to go home." Tang Ningshan sees that Li only beat others on the face, even if they bleed as if someone else can also continue to punch. It cannot solve the practical problem.

Li can only fight more and more hard, and soon the people all are solved.

"Mr. Tang, you'd better make a paternity test quickly and go to court for justice. Even if I turn out to be your own daughter, I hope I can disown you." Then she pulls a hair out of her head and puts it there.

When Yin He hears Tang Ningshan's words, the expression of her face changes very quickly. Other people do not know if Tang Ningshan is Tang Yichun's daughter, but she knows. if let Tang Yichun know that Tang Ningshan is his daughter, then...

When thinking of this, her face becomes pale, thinking that she would never allow him to do the paternity test. That hair must be thrown away. Anyway, Tang Ningshan herself also does not want to be Tang Yichun's daughter, even if she lets a person to do a false test again, then no one will find out.

But this hair also gives her another chance, doesn't it? Thinking of this, Yin He is in a better mood. and if it really works out, the Tang's family will be hers. After all these years, Tang Yichun and her doesn't have their own child, although she has always told Tang Yichun that she regards Yin Bilu as her own daughter, who knows what Tang Yichun is thinking. if Yin Bilu really becomes his daughter this time, then everything will develop as she thought.