Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 86

Chapter 72: chapter 72-- paternity test

After Tang Ningshan goes out, Tang Yichun is sitting there. Actually, he does not know whether Tang Ningshan is his daughter, the woman said that Tang Ningshan is his daughter, but the evidence Yin He gave him clearly proved that Tang Ningshan is a bastard. He had seen that man who may be Tang Ningshan's biological father before. He hates her because he loves her, so he decided to keep Tang Ningshan.

Now, Tang Ningshan said to ask him to have a paternity test and to disown him. Hearing this, he doesn't know what his feeling is like; it seems that there is something out of his control. Why does Tang Ningshan suddenly say to have him do the paternity test? Does she know anything?

A myriad of thoughts fill his mind, and he feels that he might really be doing a paternity test. After all, the woman didn't admit she was having an affair before she died, even though all the evidence was in front of her. And he remembers it like this.

The woman lay in her hospital bed out of breath, surrounded by the little baby. Both of them are pale, she was crying and begging him to save her daughter, who was still so young.

"A son of a bitch? You expect me to save her?" At that time his expression must be very hideous, who can bear that his beloved woman and others have a child?

"Tang Yichun, if you really don't think the child is yours, you can go to do the paternity test now. If you don't believe me, then I'll send my child away and you won't regret it later." She was in bed in that pale with a bloodless face, but inside her eyes there was constancy.

"Even if I do the paternity test, since you dare to betray me, then who knows if the paternity test is fake? Anyway, you lied to me once, you are not afraid to cheat me again, how do I know that you will not use other people's daughter to deceive me!"

And what happened after that? Tang Yichun tries hard to recall the picture, but only finds that he cannot remember; he only remembers that later the woman died with no reason. It's not suicide, but natural death.

Then he took Tang Ningshan back with him. Little Tang Ningshan didn't cry. She was very clever, as if she could understand what he said, but she was quiet. He would look at Tang Ningshan every day for those months. In fact, he wondered if he had misunderstood her. However, he was already afraid, so for years, he never wanted to take Tang Ningshan to do the paternity test. He believed that

Yin He's evidence is not fake, it must be that woman deceived him, otherwise how could everything happened.

And now all of a sudden, Tang Ningshan even lets him do the paternity test, as if all the hidden memories are pouring out of him. Now Tang Ningshan is not the same with before, he can clearly feel. Although for so many years, he never cares about anything of her, they live under the same roof, so he has known Tang Ningshan very well. Although he hates that woman, he wants revenge, but now Tang Ningshan is a member of Shao's family, there is no way for him to take revenge, if he can't control her. If they really can get out of the relationship, In fact, in such a family as the Shao's, Tang Ningshan even more cannot survive. Then, she would have the title of coming from unknown family, and at that time, he is willing to see if the Shao's family will still want such a daughter in law.

Tang Yichun, who has thought it all over, breathes a sigh of relief, shaking off his confused thoughts. He keeps telling himself that Tang Ningshan is a bastard, she is other people's child, and he has raised her for so many years, she deserves to do things for him and give back to him. Who let her be the daughter of that woman?

"Are you all right? What's your plan?" Yin He looks at the ever-changing face of the Tang Yichun, carefully asking.

"Well, I'll ask my lawyer about disowning her tomorrow, and then I'll do a paternity test and let her know who she is. She's been raised by me for so many years, shouldn't she be paying me back?" Tang Yichun's words are straight and strong, but he misses a trace of anomaly in Yin He's eyes.

"Well, then I'll call the lawyer and tell him to come home tomorrow?" Yin He is in a good mood, so many years, finally she can let that bitch's daughter leave this house.

'Hmm.' Tang Yichun leans on the sofa and closes his eyes, but he doesn't know why he feels an empty feeling appearing in his heart.

Tang Ningshan, who has came home, goes straight to the bedroom and tells Steward Lin to call her at dinner time. She needs to have a good rest.

Two people, who have been secretly protecting Tang Ningshan, after seeing Tang Ningshan and Li fight in Tang's family, decisively make a call to Shao Ruihan to report the situation, and ask if they need to give the Tang's family a lesson.

Shao Ruihan just tells them to keep Tang Ningshan safe. Don't meddle in anything else.

Although two people do not know exactly how Shao Ruihan is thinking, they can still do according to Shao Ruihan's will.

And in the 'Lan Yuan' on the other side, after Tang Ningshan leaves, Song Zhu takes Yin Bilu to enter the back room. Looking at a roomful of men, Yin Bilu unconsciously want to leave this place, because she always feels like something is about to happen.

Song Zhu may notices Yin Bilu's expression is wrong, pulling her to one side immediately.

"Well, Bilu, it's a good day to celebrate. Even though you had Tang Ningshan taken away, when will she be back? Today, I've made a deal with someone. I'll teach her a lesson then." Song Zhu says to Yin Bilu with a smile.

"Probably in the evening, when I get home, I'll know. Wouldn't it be better if we don't have to take the responsibility, how do you think?" Yin Bilu looks at Song Zhu, feeling she is shortsighted. This is just the beginning of her plan, Tang Ningshan is still Shao Ruihan's wife, she has still not replaced her, and it is too early to celebrate.

"Well, let's sing. We'll wait until evening, or we'll have nothing to do after going back. By the way, Bilu, what are you going to do after graduating? I never asked you." Song Zhu begins to ramble, but she is not going to let Yin Bilu leave anyway. Yin Bilu thinks that Song Zhu does not have the money to pay the bill, so she just keeps holding her hand. She also follows Song Zhu's thought; after all, her plan will depend on that man.

"After graduation? I'll go to my uncle's company. I'm a management major. Of course I'm going into the company." Yin Bilu says carelessly.

"That would be great. Why don't you get me a job? Isn't your company a jewelry company? I happen to be studying jewelry identification. Is that OK?" Because that Song Zhu mentions "your company", so her sentence has pleased Yin Bilu, Yin Bilu arrogantly smiles.

"Yes, I will definitely find you a good position."

"Really? Yeah. Well, thank you very much." Song Zhu still has a smile on her face, but in her heart she really hate that Yin Bilu always talk to her in a playful manner, which also lets her firmer her idea to let her become inferior to her. Singing and drinking, time passes quickly, and the people in the house gradually decrease. In the end, there are only Yin Bilu and Song Zhu and those men; Yin Bilu wants to go home to see if the matter has been settled. She wants to call Yin He, but the phone just runs out of electricity at this time.

"I'll go back and see if it's settled, the phone's dead. And if it does, I'll send her straight here?" Yin Bilu looks impatient.

"Use my phone. It's troublesome to run back and forth." Song Zhu smiles and takes out her own phone, beginning to feel that if the god feels that her life is too hard so everything comes to help her, otherwise how could Yin Bilu's mobile phone happens to be died.

"Well, I'll go and make the call." Yin Bilu takes Song Zhu's cell phone to the corner of the room. Originally, there only a few people in the room, because she wants to make a phone call, nobody is talking, inside the room is quiet suddenly.

Several times, there is no answer. Yin Bilu feels this is not a way to wait, she still needs to go back and see. If there is any emergency situation, then she could response.

"There's no answer. I'll go back and have a look." Yin Bilu gives Song Zhu the phone, picking up the bag to go out.

Song Zhu quickly winks at the man beside her to make him think of a way.

One of the men gets up and walks over with a glass of juice in his hand.

"Don't worry, little girl. It may call back in a minute. You can't be in such a hurry. We've been waiting here all day. We don't know what we're going to do if you who are in charge leave." After saying the words, he puts the juice in his hand in front of Yin Bilu.

"Oh? Who are in charge? It's Zhu; you've been hired by Zhu." With a sneer on her face, Yin Bilu seems to disdain to associate herself with these people and immediately disassociates herself from them.

"Little girl, you're wrong about that, aren't you? We're here to help. If that's your attitude, we'd better go. If you don't pay us for our help and keep us waiting, do you really think we're just bummers?" The man is soon displeased by Yin Bilu's words, especially with that look, which makes him want to press her directly to the ground and watch her beg for mercy.

"Oh, body, you are right, I am anxious." Yin Bilu notices opposite person's facial expression somewhat has changed, she immediately changes her attitude. She shows a clever smile on her face, because Yin Bilu still understands the truth that since you ask a person to do you a favor then you need to lower the position of yourself.

"Well, we're waiting. We aren't in a hurry anyway. We can just go back if your plan fails." The man sees that Yin Bilu is smart, and then he also changes his attitude.

Yin Bi Lu picks up the juice on the table and drinks it up. She just wants to keep her from getting so impatient. After the cool juice goes down into her stomach, directly she calms down a lot of. She also knows that she gets anxious because she thought soon she can get Tang Ningshan away, but now there is no any progress.

"Zhu, this juice is not enough. Order two more cups." Yin Bilu says to Song Zhu.

The man gives Song Zhu a look and winks.

"All right, you wait for me. I'll go out and get the waiter." Song Zhu twists her waist to go out.

The more Yin Bilu waits the more she feels sleepy, as if the lamps are turning inside the room, she is more and more dizzy.

After a while, Song Zhu comes in and looks at Yin Bilu, who has fallen down, smiling.