Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 87

Chapter 73: chapter 73-- doesn't believe her

Song Zhu reaches to Yin Bilu's face and slaps her on the cheek. But Yin Bilu has no sign of waking up. "What's the drug you gave her? It worked so fast?"

"No matter what kind of medicine, it works, then that's good drug. It's too late this time; it seems that the girl won't come. Let's first take this one back, or it is not easy to explain to Brother Leopard.

"Several men get up and carry Yin Bilu up and walk out.

Song Zhu follows them, and whenever she thinks that Yin Bilu is going to suffer, she would be so excited.

Tang Ningshan over there is still asleep, and she does not know she has escaped a disaster today.

"What do you whether that Mrs. Shao is not really Tang's daughter? Today, she's talking about taking the paternity test with her father and getting out of the relationship." Li is talking to his two comrades.

"I don't know. As long as Mrs. Shao's life is not in danger, we don't have to do anything. We'll let her deal with it herself."

"Yeah, anyway, it's Mrs. Shao's household affairs. We're really in a tough spot." Li seems to understand something and nods, stopping gossiping.

At dinner, Steward Lin knocks on the door and asks Tang Ningshan to have dinner. Tang Ningshan gets up languidly and sighs again that the bed is so comfortable that she must buy one when she leaves here later.

When she comes downstairs, she only sees Steward Lin himself, and no one else is there, including Li.

"Where are they?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously.

"I don't know." Steward Lin whispers.

"Well, let's eat first. Leave some for them to warm up and eat when they come back." Tang Ningshan says to Lin on the principle of not wasting.

"Yes, Mrs. Shao." Tang Ningshan walks to Shao Ruihan's seat to sit down, and looks at the table which is filled with dishes. She feels a little speechless when she eats alone. Once she fantasizes about it, another day when she becomes a rich man, she would buy a double of everything, then she can eat one and throw one, but now she is really living the life of a rich man, but feeling that it's lonely to stay in such big house without anyone whom can talk with.

Quickly finishing the food, Tang Ningshan decides to go back to the bedroom to call Miao Yu. After all, they haven't contacted with each other for long. Since she has promised to be her sister, she needs to be responsible.

As soon as she picks up the phone and starts dialing, the phone rings.

"Why are you calling at this hour?" Tang Ningshan asks suspiciously.

"Did you go to Tang's today?" Shao Ruihan's voice is deep.

"Well, Mr. Tang invited me, and he was ready to leave me there. I didn't let him satisfy with it. You know all about it, don't you? So what are you calling to say?" Tang Ningshan's words shocks Shao Ruihan, though he is doubting her very much, but he does not deny that he has a favorable impression of her, he could not help but ask her whether she was affected. However, under the condition of not knowing whether she is an enemy or a friend, he shouldn't show his care to her. Even if his heart throbs, this feeling would still have to be crushed.

"I just want to tell you that you need to open your mouth when you need something." Shao Ruihan says in a cool way.

"No, I dare not trouble you, captain." Tang Ningshan jokes.

"..." Shao Ruihan is silent.

"If there's nothing else, just hang up. I'm going to call Miao Yu." Tang Ningshan sees that Shao Ruihan is not saying anything and just says what she wants to do.

"What do you want from Miao Yu?" This sentence lets Shao Ruihan can't help but be wary. Miao Yu is now a member of their team, if Tang Ningshan is really a spy, she can easily extract something from Miao Yu.

"Nothing. I'll call her because she's my sister and I am going to ask how she's doing. Why are you so nervous?" Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, very strangely asking.

"She's on a recent mission and you may not be able to reach her on the phone. If you need to talk to her, I'll have her call you back." Shao Ruihan says cautiously.

"Is she working with you now? Yes, you are both in the Special Forces, which needs talented person like her. In fact, I also have no some important matter, I just want to know when she will be on vacation, I want to invite her to the house, and I am very boring." Tang Ningshan says her thoughts, she also feels Shao Ruihan's distrust, but she does not care. After all, she and Shao Ruihan really have no relationship, besides what happened that day, they have nothing.

But she doesn't know why she has a feeling of loss in her heart.

"Well, I'll tell her for you." Shao Ruihan indifferently replies.

"Then there's nothing else to do. I'm going to take a break. Good-bye." Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan does not want to chat with her at all, so why does he call her? She just cannot bear the cold attitude of Shao Ruihan, so she says directly that she wants to rest.

Shao Ruihan is not talking. He hangs up the phone.

Tang Ningshan looks at the mobile phone, she is confused by Shao Ruihan's such headless behavior.

She says "inexplicable" and then puts the phone aside.

But since no one can talk to her, she has to have her own fun. The only thing she can concentrate on in this room is the task in virtual space.

Tang Ningshan can only sigh, and gets into the virtual space.

"Master, why have you come in so early today?" The system asks curiously.

"I'm so boring. I'm doing my task today and I'm seeing if that pen is finished being produced. I am looking forward to it." When Tang Ningshan talks about the deformation pen, her face shows a warm smile.

"The pen can be finished tonight. Because you've done well during this time, I've decided to give you two days off then you can have a rest. How do you feel, master?"

"Holiday? No more missions? Or have I already crossed the line?" Tang Ningshan thinks the system is so kind.

"You've been doing well recently, but you've never had a chance to trigger any random tasks in the house all day, so I'll have to give you some days off." The system says that helplessly. The master will never be able to change her habit of staying in home all the day. She could stay in the house for a long time in the past, and now she has people here to cook for her every day. She doesn't need to do anything else at all. She's getting lazier.

"That would be wonderful!" Tang Ningshan jumps because of joy. No one knows what kind of inhuman life Tang Ningshan has had for such a long time. If she only need to read books then no one can match her, but it's troublesome to do things that require the action of the limbs, especially shooting, fighting. Constant training is like killing her.

"But now that you are here, let's do some intensive training. I saw that you're still a little bit slow today, and if they're a little bit faster, you don't have a chance to hit back."

Tang Ningshan knows that the system is not to hit her, she also knows that's why she would always kick the vitals of those men. If the opponent is a woman, then she cannot still kick that part.

Honestly she can only complete the intensive training; Tang Ningshan gets out of the virtual space with a stinky sweat. She decides that these two days she will not get in again. When hearing the sound of the system, she would like to hit it.

The so-called intensive training is to get a bunch of people over 300 pounds, all muscled, looking like Hercules, to come up and beat her, and they don't respond to that when she kicks the vitals of them.

The system said that because they are simulated, they do not have that sense. Tang Ningshan keeps getting beat, until later on, she only can master a little skill.

Coming out of the bathroom, Tang Ningshan feels like she has lost all her strength, just like a puddle of mud lying on her bed.

Tang Ningshan soon falls into a deep sleep.

In the middle of the night, the phone rings again, Tang Ningshan wants to directly drop the phone.

It's from Tang Yichun.

Picking up the phone, she hears the roar of Tang Yichun "You are really a bitch. Since you do not want to disown me, you can talk to me. Why did you take Bilu away? Send her back to me right away and I'll forget everything that happened today, or I'll never end up with you." finish saying, he hangs up the phone directly. The words stun Tang Ningshan, what does he mean that she took away Yin Bilu?

After thinking for a long time, she doesn't know what to do and soon goes to sleep again.

The next morning, Tang Ningshan is woken up by Steward Lin's knock on the door. She gets up in a daze, rubbing her eyes, and goes to the door with dim eyes.

"Mrs. Shao, someone is looking for you downstairs. They are outside the door. They said they want to see you at once. Will you let them in?" Then Steward Lin says it, and waits for her reply.

"... What time is it now?" Tang Ningshan leans against the door and opens one of her eyes to look at Lin and closes it again.

"It's half past five."

"... Do you get up so early every day?" Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says.

'Yes, Mrs. Shao.'

"All right, you get them into the living room, and if they get any noise, invite them into the yard, and I'll change my clothes and go down." Tang Ningshan closes the door directly. In fact, she wants to go back to sleep on her bed very much. But they are already at the door of the house, and they could not be prevented from coming in. Although she said she is going to disown Tang Yichun, but they are still in relation now.

She changes into a suit and simply washes. Tang Ningshan goes downstairs. On the stairs, she hears Yin He's voice. Tang Ningshan frowns unhappily; it's so annoying for someone to disturb other's sleep in the early morning.

Seeing Tang Ningshan comes out, Yin He rushes straight over.

"Did you kidnap Bilu? Give her up quickly, or I'll never let you go." Seeing Yin He is about to arrive

Tang Ningshan's side, suddenly a person appears in front of Tang Ningshan.

"Please respect yourself, madam. This is not your home. If you're in any trouble, you can speak politely. You're not in a position to make a scene!" he says. The man stands in front of Tang Ningshan, facing Yin He, the cold voice comes out, but Tang Ningshan feels this way of talking is the same with Shao Ruihan.

"Why? So you can kidnap people because you're powerful?" Yin He listens to the man, she doesn't get calm but more arrogant.