Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 88

Chapter 74: chapter 74-- cut the relationship

"Aunt He, now is a legal society. Everything you said need evidence. As you are now, I can say that you trespass on the house with intent to commit murder, I do not know whether the police will directly take you away." Tang Ningshan pushes back the person who stands in front of her and steps forward.

"Why, you get a point? You have a point to kidnap our daughter? If you don't give our daughter back to us today, we're not done. I'm not afraid of anything anyway." Yin He is already a rascal, just sitting on the ground, as if she won't get up until Tang Ningshan hands Yin Bilu out.

"I'm telling you once again, it's a legal society. If you don't have proof, then you are libeling." Tang Ningshan does not so good patience with her here to be pestered by her. Originally, she is very unhappy that they disturbed her dream.

"Also, I really don't know that Yin Bilu is your daughter, Mr. Tang's? That's funny. She was born in the same year with me. That's funny." Tang Ningshan says and gives a cold look at Tang Yichun.

"Why, your mother can give birth to you, why can't I give birth to Bilu?" Yin He says everything without thinking.

"Oh, didn't you say my mother is bad? You said that she flirts with other men. I mean, if she really flirts with others, she was really right. Her husband had a baby with other woman; she has nothing wrong with hooking up others." Tang Ningshan's words are addressed to Tang Yichun. She does not know why she always feels that such words would stimulate him. Yes, she is right.

"You shut up, you bastard, and hand over my daughter quickly, or I'll leave you no way out of here!" Tang Yichun's face is livid and his voice is cool and his eyes are deadly.

"Oh, how could you get angry? In fact, I always thought it was my mother who did a wrong thing to you, but now it seems that truth is not the same as I thought. Since that you also cheated her, then why are you acting like a victim? Whom do you want to show?" Tang Ningshan clenches her fists in both hands, her eyes are red and she scolds angrily. And she doesn't know why she couldn't contain her anger. She is clearly not the original owner, but she just wouldn't allow anyone else to scold her mother.

"Lin, call the lawyer and tell him to come right away." Tang Ningshan looks at Steward Lin and says coldly.

"Mr. Tang, please contact your lawyer right now and let him testify. We'll cut the father-daughter relationship now, and then you can give your hair to the lawyers, the lawyers on both sides, and we'll go to the hospital together and get two different doctors to do the paternity test." Tang Ningshan doesn't want to get involved with them; she doesn't want a father like this.

In a few moments, there is a lawyer coming. The layer Steward Lin called is a young man who looks about the same age as Tang Ningshan, dressed in a suit and a slutty tie, looking like a playboy.

He walks over to Tang Ningshan with a smile on his face and says, "Hello."

Tang Ningshan nods slightly to greet to him.

After a while, she sees him talking to Steward Lin, who is next to him. Tang Ningshan doesn't care.

They are just talking about what had happened just now.

After a long time, another car comes and is stopped by the guard at the door. And the man in that car is asked to get out of the car.

The man trots all the way from the car to Tang Yichun's side with a big bag in hand, and panting "Sorry, Boss Tang, I'm late."

"Now that we're all here, we have both lawyers present, so they are witness, and we'll be working on a written agreement." Tang Ningshan looks at Tang Yichun impatiently and says.

"Yes, Mr. Tang, Miss Tang. Are you sure you're done with father and daughter?" the layer in the spirit of duty firstly asks the parties of both parties whether they are confirmed.

'Yes.' Tang Ningshan replies quickly and impatiently, only hoping that the matter would be settled soon.

'Yes.' Tang Yichun takes one look at Tang Ningshan, also disdainfully replying.

"Well, in the interest of both parties, let's do the witness, it's the draft. If there are no comments on it, we'll have to print two copies and sign on them." Tang Yichun's lawyer takes two pieces of paper out of his bag, giving one to Tang Ningshan, the other to Tang Yichun.

Tang Ningshan does not look and directly gives to the lawyer behind her. The lawyer has a cursory glance, and then goes to Tang Ningshan's side, pointing out the above adverse terms.

"I can't do that. I'm done with him. Why should I support him? And what is the idea of having to pay him a New Year's gift every year for the New Year, and why doesn't he pay me? Plus, what is the cost for that he's been raising me for so many years? He sold me to Shao Ruihan as his wife without asking for my permission. Since he had already sold me away, he has no right to demand these or I would go to court and sue him for human trafficking." Tang Ningshan looks at the clause above. She is so angry, how can she have such father?

Tang Yichun's lawyer has a pale look on his face, because he didn't know anything about it. And if he knows he wouldn't listen to Yin He to write them down. After all, the daughter is already married, if they really don't contact with each often, everyone will only say behind her back that she is unfilial, but now obviously Tang Yichun sold her daughter, that is not the same nature.

"I'm your father. I'll find you a Mr. Right. What do you mean I sold you out? You're eating well and living well now. Is there anything wrong?" Tang Yichun is also angry. Originally, he does not take Tang Ningshan in an important position. Many people know the reason that he let her marry Shao Ruihan at the beginning, especially Shao Ruihan, so he can only change the concept.

"If you continue to be shameless, let's go to court and see what the judge says." Tang Ningshan's patience is used up, not wishing to look at Tang Yichun. Then she turns to the lawyer and says "You can draw up a severance note for me, which says that Tang Yichun and Tang Ningshan are separated from their father and daughter from now on. I don't want anything of Tang's family, and he can't get a penny from me, either. He can just sign it and give it to me."

And then, she directly pulls her hair from the head and hands it to the lawyer, who is struck by her action.

"After signing it, you go to a bigger and more authoritative hospital with him and his lawyer to do two paternity tests. They must be done by two different doctors at the same time." Tang Ningshan drops the word and walks away, but she does not have any trouble at all.

"Tang Ningshan. stop right there. You still haven't given Bilu back to me." Yin He sees Tang Ningshan is about to leave, immediately stopping her. She doesn't get any news of Yin Bilu, how can she let her go?

"I'm telling you again, Yin He. I didn't see your daughter. Yesterday, if she hadn't come to Lan Yuan with four bodyguards to ask me to go to Tang's house, I never get a chance to see her. And now she disappears, and then you come to me for help. If she dies, will you still say I murdered her? If you go on like this, just wait for the court's summons!" Tang Ningshan looks at Yin He who is sitting on the ground in disheveled, and says coldly.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Tang Yichun is a little dazed, as if something is about to slip away from his own life. But he could not see, so he does not know what it is. And with the agreement of the lawyers on both sides, they finally draft the Severance Note according to Tang Ningshan's condition. But the words above are more detailed than Tang Ningshan's words, including movables real estate. These things from now on have nothing to do with Tang Ningshan, and also Tang Yichun cannot ask for money in any way from Tang Ningshan.

After printing it, Tang Yichun signs it with alacrity. Then Steward Lin comes into the room with two agreements to give them to Tang Ningshan. After Tang Ningshan signs, and then Lin sends out again. Each one of them keeps one copy. Waiting for two lawyers to sign, then it can be sent to the notary office for justice.

After a while, the lawyer comes in and says that they need to go to the notary office together. But it is too early to go; they won't work until 8 o'clock, so Tang Ningshan decides to go to the hospital first to do a paternity test.

She asks Steward Lin to call Li out and drives her to the hospital. She let Tang Yichun's car follow her and they drive to the largest hospital in A City together.

After arriving at the hospital, they find that this time nobody goes to work at all. Tang Ningshan feels it's better than to sleep at home actually, walking to one side of the chair to take a nap.

Then she feels someone is staring at her, and when she opens her eyes, she sees the lawyer looking at her with a smiling face.

"What are you looking at?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Nothing. This is my first time to see someone falls asleep when he is waiting for a paternity test." The lawyer shows a smile on his face.

"What's your name?" Tang Ningshan feels that the Playboy-like lawyer must have an abnormal relationship with Shao Ruihan.

"I'm a relative with you, but it's too far away." the lawyer replies with a smile.

"All you have to do is answer your name. I don't want to know the rest." Tang Ningshan doesn't seem be interested in their relative.

"Well, my surname is Zhang. You can call Zhang, or Lawyer Zhang." Zhang Jia says with a smile.

"Oh, Zhang, do you know where the clinical department is now open?" Tang Ningshan really thinks this is a waste of her life, if there is time to stay here, it would be better to go home to sleep.

"Yes, but that's a special place for special people." Zhang Jia says mysteriously.

"Oh? What place?" Looking at Zhang Jia's appearance, Tang Ningshan has interest. There is really the appraisal agency which goes to work in the morning? She really does not believe.

"Forensic doctors, they have people on duty 24 hours a day, and there is a department that specializes in the identification."

"..." Tang Ningshan is speechless.

She looks at the time on the phone, it's just seven o'clock. Who knows what time they go to work?

After a while she sees Yin He go to one side to take out the phone, but she has no idea whom she is calling. She moves her ears; she hears the most of their dialogue.