Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 89

Chapter 75: chapter 75-- justice

After listening to Yin He, Tang Ningshan feels she is very funny, feeling that Yin He's acting is no doubt guilty.

Otherwise, she doesn't need to ask for someone she can trust to do that test. The point is to let this report not be switched. In short, Tang Ningshan thinks that Yin He must know something.

Tang Ningshan is sleepy and bored now; she does not want to continue to be time-consuming, moving on the chair. Finally, she cannot stand it anymore, calling Li who is standing beside her, "You go over there and ask the nurse, when the doctors here will begin to work.

Li looks at the sleepy Tang Ningshan and nods, then going toward the nurse standing over there. As he walks, he thinks to himself that Mrs. Shao's heart is so strong that she can keep calm even if she has to disown her own father.

Li looks at Tang Ningshan hanging her head. She must have been asleep, he thinks, what a big heart she has. She was asleep the moment he went to ask the nurse. And he says aloud, "Mrs. Shao, the nurse said that the doctor would come around at 7:20. Wait for a while."

"Ah... Oh, I see. Don't be so loud next time. I can hear you." Tang Ningshan is frightened by Li's voice and fails to react immediately.

Li expressionlessly stands on the side, in his heart; he already does not know what word can be used to describe Tang Ningshan.

The more time passes, the more people can be seen inside the hospital, and many people in the identification department queue up at the door with the registration form.

"Have we registered?" Tang Ningshan takes one look at Li and asks in a low voice.

Li shakes his head.

Tang Ningshan claps on her forehead with her hand.

"Lawyer Zhang, let's go to the Notary Office first. They should be at work at this time, shouldn't they?" Tang Ningshan walks over to Zhang Jia and asks in a low voice.

Zhang Jia looks at her suspiciously and asks in a low voice deliberately, "What's the matter?"

Tang Ningshan smiles awkwardly and says in a low voice: "We're not registered at all. So many people are waiting in line, even if we go to register now, we don't know when it would be our turn, so let's go to justice first."

Zhang Jia looks at Tang Ningshan with a puzzled look. Actually, they don't need such a thing as registration. But he does not know whether Tang Ningshan has any other thoughts, so he nods to her, agreeing with her idea.

Tang Ningshan's eyes complexly look at Tang Yichun over there and she says "Since the doctor has not come, let's go to the notary office first."

'Hmm.' Tang Yichun coldly grunts, standing up and walking out.

"Come on, let's go Notary Office first. We should be back soon and have someone register for us."Tang Ningshan smiles and says to Li.

"..." Li is speechless, but only can act at the behest of Tang Ningshan.

In fact, Tang Ningshan's idea is quite simple. For her present life plus the previous life, she has been to the hospital a few times, but it is for a fever and cold things. Each time she must register in the queue first, it's going to take a long time. And now she thinks that if you go to the hospital without registering, the doctor won't talk to you. She thinks that as long as you go to the hospital, you need to register whatever you want to do.

A group of people come to the notary office, and here Tang Ningshan knows that what she needs to do is to sign a power of attorney, which Lawyer Zhang can come to help her completely. She does not need to come personally, there are unlimited resentment rise in her heart.

In fact, the justice procedure is quite simple, which is to give the two written agreements to the notary and the notary asks whether they are the parties, and finally to look at two people's identity certificates, information and so on. Because the parties are willing to do so, it will be effective very quickly after stamping on the document.

Tang Ningshan is relaxed after coming out from the notary office, feeling she is free of the shackles; she can have nothing to do with Tang Yichun from now on.

"Hey, since justice can be entrusted, can paternity testing also be entrusted?" Tang Ningshan sits in the car and asks Zhang Jia, who is sitting next to her, with a somber expression on her face.

Zhang Jia takes one look at Tang Ningshan and nods with amusement.

"I'll entrust it with you, then. I really don't want to see those two again. It's too much troublesome." Tang Ningshan's face is agitated, and she does not know how to describe her feeling when seeing Tang Yichun and Yin He.

"We'd better go together, because your identity may allow the result to come out quickly. and if you're entrusting it with you, you have to go through a commission process, like signing a power of attorney, etc., it's more troublesome, and you need to take some samples, not just hair to prove it." Zhang Jia briefly says that. In fact, the most important thing is that the paternity test now needs to take more and more samples in order to accurately verify the gene. If he is entrusted with that, he would often run different places, he just does not want trouble.

"Do you mean the paternity test can't be faked now?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously.

"It's possible. If you do bribe a doctor, you can fake it. But if you get caught, you're just fabricating a report, that's not serious, but the doctor's life is over." After saying that, he also curiously looks at Tang Ningshan.

"Why, you're going to fake it?" Zhang Jia's remark is a bit stiff, just because people like them are repellent about those fake things. But because of Shao Ruihan, if Tang Ningshan really wants to fake, he can only pretend not to see.

"No, I have disassociated myself from him. I don't really care what the result is. It's just that someone cares." Tang Ningshan says with a meaningful smile.

Zhang Jia seems to think of something, he also smiles; only Li who is sitting in front of the car is not in the condition. The car comes back to the hospital again. At this time, the hospital's lobby is a sea of people, Tang Ningshan feels that she has foresight, and if she didn't let Li register first, they will have to wait there a whole day, when could they finish the identification?

Tang Ningshan walks in front them, walking quickly into the elevator followed by a group of people. All of a sudden, the elevator looks crowded.

"I'll go after you; I'll wait for the next one." Yin He looks at the crowded elevator and says with a smile to Tang Yichun.

Tang Yichun nods carelessly.

By the time she gets to the examination department, Tang Ningshan begins to wonder if the parents now all doubt that their children are not their biological children, otherwise why there are so many people.

Zhang Jia seems to see her doubts, and he also doesn't want to ask why she doesn't know about that. Doesn't she ever pay attention to such news?

"These people aren't here for paternity tests. Something like notes, fingerprints, all of which can be checked in a hospital." Zhang Jia's explanation makes Tang Ningshan surprised.

What the case is that? Generally, she thinks for these matters, people should go to the court to do application, after that, they will go to the relevant department to conduct the appraisal. How can now everything be able to finish in the hospital?

Tang Ningshan begins to think that perhaps the world is not the one she knows at all. She used to be a lazy person, sitting at home all day without caring about these things. And she also does not know if that is the case, but in her experience, hospitals don't seem to give people that kind of appraisal.

"How long will it take to get the results now?" Tang Ningshan asks Zhang Jia, looking at him.

"For you, it would be done in a few minutes, but if you're like them, it's about three to seven days." and then he points to a man standing in line in a chair as he speaks.

"..." Tang Ningshan knows that hospitals treat different kind of people in different ways, but she does not think the appraisal also can go through the back door?

"Well, why didn't you say that it would be finished in a few minutes?" Tang Ningshan says coldly and she thinks that Zhang Jia is kidding her.

"... I thought you know, after all, your status is not ordinary, you still have me around you, how come it takes a long to do a simple identification?" Zhang Jia raises his head proudly.

"... Now, I really want to beat you up. Do you know how much sleep time I have wasted because of you?" Tang Ningshan almost grits her teeth.

"Ha, ha." As Zhang Jia laughs, he pulls Li to his front, blocking Tang Ningshan's line of sight.

"It's useless. You should tell me that it's a society ruled by law. Then it works." Tang Ningshan watches Zhang Jia, who is hiding behind Li, curling her mouth and says to him.

"Are you sure you wouldn't just hit me if I said that?" Zhang Jia's face is distrustful.

Tang Ningshan shrugs her shoulders carelessly.

"All right, you go to find doctors first, find two, in case something unexpected comes up, then somebody says it's fake or something. Have Mr. Tang's lawyer come with you, and make sure the doctors don't know any of us." As Tang Ningshan speaks, she gives Yin He a deep look.

"OK, I know. After we collect the samples, we'll ask for the tests to be made public. We can all go in and have a look. If someone does something, you can tell at a glance." Zhang Jia says to Tang Ningshan with a smile.

Tang Ningshan nods with satisfaction.

After hearing that, Yin He could not sit still, but stands up nervously.

After some hesitation, she walks over to Tang Yichun and says, "I'm going to call home and see if Bilu is back."

Tang Yichun just now remembers that the problem of Yin Bilu still hasn't been settled.

"Well, you go quickly, and if she comes back, you let her come to the hospital." Tang Yichun's face is not very good, not because of others, just because of the recollection that Yin He said Yin Bilu is their daughter. Since it is said that she is his daughter, then he also needs to do a paternity test together with her.

"Ah?" Yin He is surprised. But seeing Tang Yichun looking at her with a slightly profound look, and immediately she puts on a gentle smile.

"Okay, I got it. I'll make the call first." Yin He turns and walks slowly away, perhaps it's the most elegant gesture she could make now, but it is just too stiff.

Even Tang Yichun's lawyer can see that Yin He's not looking normal.

"Mr. Tang, is Madam all right? I'm afraid she doesn't look well. Shall she have a check?" The lawyer walks up to Tang Yichun with a flattering face and speaks in a low voice.