Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 9

chapter 203-- until you feel better

Tang Ningshan thinks for a while and then says, "The safety factor must be high, the seat must be comfortable, and also I want the interior of the car looks warm." After finishing, she nods as if she is very satisfied with the car she was imagining.

Shao Ruihan silently remembers Tang Ningshan's words and plans to go back to check what kind of car meets Tang Ningshan's requirements.

"Where are we going to buy clothes?" Tang Ningshan turns to look at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head. In fact, he does not know much about A city. He had always lived abroad, and after returning home, he has always been staying in the army. He has been trying to get himself promoted so he doesn't pay attention to the trivial things of life. Even his necessities of life are prepared by Lee.

"..." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan silently, and she doesn't know how to describe him.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who is confused. She could only say "Forget it, let's hang around nearby."

There is no entertainment venue near the villa area, but there is a park. This park was built for the residents of the villa area. It is home to many special flowers and plants, but they are not rare species.

Without purpose, two people enter the park. There are many people in the park, some are walking like them, and some are running. However, when Tang Ningshan sees two people on a bench under a tree, Tang Ningshan's eyes instantly widen.

"Shao Ruihan, let's go to other places." Speaking, Tang Ningshan takes Shao Ruihan to walk to the opposite direction. In fact, if Tang Ningshan does not pull Shao Ruihan away, Shao Ruihan may not be able to see the two people not far away. After Tang Ningshan finishes this sentence, he immediately looks in that direction. However, he can't see the details like Tang Ningshan; he can only see the outline of two people.

"Oh, it's not a big deal. You just pretend not to see it. I remember Lee said that there is a lake in the park. Let's take a break near the lake." Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan, who has already turned around and walks toward the direction of two people on the bench.

Although Tang Ningshan is very unwilling, she still obeys Shao Ruihan. When approaching the two people, Tang Ningshan almost shouts out in surprise. She immediately covers her mouth with her hand.

"Shan? Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan. He wonders what else she sees that surprises her so much.

Tang Ningshan points to the bench and wants Shao Ruihan to see himself. However, Shao Ruihan smiles and says carelessly "Don't care, there are so many open couples like them now, you pretend that they don't exist."

Tang Ningshan shakes her head, putting her arms around Shao Ruihan's neck and whispering in his ear: "You know that woman, she is Ni Zizhu."

When he hears Tang Ningshan say this, Shao Ruihan also looks up and looks at them. Coincidentally, his and Ni Zizhu's line of sight collide together, Shao Ruihan immediately takes back his eyes.

"Let's go." Shao Ruihan is holding Tang Ningshan to leave.

But at this moment, they hear the screams of Ni Zizhu, and then there is a groan.

This time, it's Tang Ningshan who wants to pull Shao Ruihan away. After all, such a voice makes Tang Ningshan very uncomfortable, but she did not expect that Ni Zizhu would be such a person without self-respecting.

"You two wait a minute." Just as Tang Ningshan is about to leave quickly, she suddenly hears the voice of Ni Zizhu behind her.

Tang Ningshan looks helplessly at Shao Ruihan and asks him if they need to wait. Shao Ruihan thinks for a moment, taking Tang Ningshan to stand in the same place and looking back at Ni Zizhu.

Ni Zizhu straightens up her skirt. With a pile of money in her hand, she walks toward them.

"Shao Ruihan, I have been looking for you during this time, but your house is too guarded. However, I did not expect to meet you here today. I just want to ask you that I have evidence and do you want to see?" Ni Zizhu stops in front of them, her face is reddish, but her voice is very calm.

Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and Tang Ningshan is also confused. Shao Ruihan asks coldly "What?"

Ni Zizhu says directly: "Do you remember the last time I said that I would not let Shao's family have a good ending? However, I did not expect that your Shao's family would be so shameless anyway. Even if I publish the evidence, they would also push all the responsibilities to my grandfather. Now my grandfather is missing, I can only find someone, who can compete with them, to cooperate with me. Although I don't know if you have a good relationship with your uncles, I feel that family relationships like yours will not be harmonious.

Of course, I have more than just photos; there are some other videos and materials that record the bad deeds of your uncles. I just don't know if you want it or not. Ni Zizhu says, standing in the same place and looking at Shao Ruihan with a nervous look.

"Talk about your conditions." Shao Ruihan's voice is lower than just now. Tang Ningshan clearly feels that Shao Ruihan is interested in the material that Ni Zizhu said. Tang Ningshan does not understand what kind of information is it? Why does Shao Ruihan want that? So she listens quietly to the conversation between the two of them.

"As long as you can find the whereabouts of my grandfather and rescue my grandfather, I will give you all the information." Ni Zizhu says to Shao Ruihan.

"If you want to save your grandfather, you just give Shao Ruihan these evidence." Tang Ningshan suddenly says.

Ni Zizhu looks at Tang Ningshan and says with irony in her eyes "Oh, do you really think that you can make decisions for him? With your identity, how long do you think you can stay in Shao's family? Although now you have Shao Ruihan to protect you, if he doesn't protect you one day, then your ending must be worse than mine."

After Tang Ningshan listens, she smiles. She says "I mean, Miss. Ni, are you having something wrong? When did I say that I can make a decision for Shao Ruihan? Besides, even if I really make decisions for him, what can you do? I am not like you, in the daytime, in public, undressed and stay with a man on a park bench..."

Ni Zizhu looks at the disdain in the eyes of Tang Ningshan, and her anger comes out immediately. She reaches out and tries to scratch Tang Ningshan's face. She always thinks that Tang Ningshan can fascinate Shao Ruihan because of this face. If she does not have this beautiful face, then she thinks that Shao Ruihan will definitely abandon her.

Thinking of this, she immediately smiles. Just when Ni Zizhu's hand is about to touch the face of Tang Ningshan, her hand is suddenly caught by Shao Ruihan. After that, Shao Ruihan pushes Ni Zizhu down to the ground.

Ni Zizhu screams out.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and looks at Ni Zizhu. She really doesn't know what to say to Ni Zizhu.

"If you want to save your grandfather, you will send it directly to our house. I think Shao Ruihan will help him as much as possible. If you don't want to do that, then I think Shao Ruihan will not care. Maybe your evidence will not help Shao Ruihan. However, I hope that you'd better not tell others that you have some evidence. After all, if someone else knows, it may not be of any benefit to you, and you may end up like your grandfather." Tang Ningshan is not threatening her. Tang Ningshan even thinks that Ni Zizhu is so pitiful. Whether she is for money or for other purposes, she does these things in the park with a man, which makes Tang Ningshan feel sad for her. Tang Ningshan thinks that she is not worth doing these. The woman from a rich family has now fallen to this point. Of course, Tang Ningshan is not the Virgin. She just thinks that her words would remind Ni Zizhu. After all, she has no way to work with anyone other than Shao Ruihan.

After Tang Ningshan finishes, she takes Shao Ruihan away and ignores Ni Zizhu lying on the ground.

After Tang Ningshan takes Shao Ruihan away, she stops by the lake and asks "What do you think her evidence is?"

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a deep gaze "No matter what she has in her hand, if I want, I will definitely get it. You don't have to worry."

After listening to this, Tang Ningshan says "Hey, she is the fiance that your grandfather found for you. You just treated her like that, would you feel heartbreaking?" Tang Ningshan is joking. However, she just wants to know Ni Zizhu's position in Shao Ruihan's heart.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan for a long time, closing to her ear, and asks softly: "Is Shan jealous?"

Tang Ningshan blushes and points to Shao Ruihan: "You!"

"Shan, you can rest assured that I have not thought about living with other people besides you." Shao Ruihan's voice sounds very sincere, so Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan might be telling the truth. However, Tang Ningshan is not confused by such a voice. She thinks of the woman who occupied Shao Ruihan's heart. She does not know who this woman is, but since this woman can allow Xuan Yun to worry that Shao Ruihan will be in love again, and then it means that this woman should have been an extremely important person to Shao Ruihan.

At this moment, Tang Ningshan suddenly loses the interest in enjoying the scenery. The complex feeling in her heart makes her uncomfortable. Tang Ningshan turns her head away and says softly "...I am not worried, even if you have this idea, I don't care."

"Let's go back." Tang Ningshan keeps silent for a while and says.

On the way back, it seems that there is a film between two people. No matter what Shao Ruihan says, Tang Ningshan would respond simply, but no longer express her own ideas.

After entering the villa, Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan to the training ground behind the villa. He stands opposite Tang Ningshan and says "Shan, I don't know why every time I feel that the distance between us is close, you suddenly become far away from me. I really don't know why. But if you don't want to say it, I don't want to force you. However, today I will give you a chance to allow you to vent your emotions. After that, I hope that we can get along with each other for a month without any unpleasantness."

Shao Ruihan's words make Tang Ningshan somewhat touched, but she does not know how to tell him about her feeling. Is she going to say that she is jealous of the woman who was important to him? Or is she going to say that she is entangled in whether to tell him that she loves him? Can these words be said? Jesus, how can she say these words? Tang Ningshan feels that she is not an active person. These words may always remain in her heart and will not be said for a lifetime. Even if it is said, it will not be said in the face of Shao Ruihan, she is likely to tell others or the system.

"How to vent?" Tang Ningshan asks softly.

"You attack me, I won't fight back and also I won't dodge, until you feel better." Shao Ruihan's words make Tang Ningshan stunned. She did not expect Shao Ruihan to say such a way.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and intends to go back. She keeps saying in her heart "Shao Ruihan, you are really an idiot. How can you come up with such a way? Do I look very violent?"