Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 90

Chapter 76: chapter 76-- missing

At this time, Tang Yichun also feels that Yin He behaves strangely. Why did she become so surprised when he lets Yin Bilu also come to the hospital, but also there was a little guilty in her eyes? Whether there is anything in this story he does not know? Is Yin Bilu not his daughter either?

Think of here, Tang Yichun does not know whether he should still continue trusting Yin He.

"Don't worry about her. Go and get the report. I need to know the result quickly." because of the misgivings in the heart, Tang Yichun is eager to know the result. He wants to prove that Yin He did not deceive him.

Looking at Tang Yichun, whose face is getting worse, the lawyer nods wisely.

At the door of doctor's office, they gently knock the door. Two people enter the room together; soon, two doctors come out. They both look nice.

Looking at them to take the doctor out, Tang Ningshan consciously stands up and goes to the front of the doctor. Tang Yichun comes to stand by the side of Tang Ningshan.

"This is Mr. Tang and this is Mrs. Shao." Zhang Jia introduces first. And both doctors are shocked after hearing Shao's surname. In this A city, who does not know the Shao's family, but they do not know whose wife she is, but the attitude is even much better than before, and their faces are beaming affably.

"We come to do the test; we need it to go public. We watch from the sidelines, we'll collect samples in public." Tang Ningshan also does not look at Tang Yichun beside her, speaking out first.

Tang Yichun is sure that Tang Ningshan is not her daughter, thinking that she asks to do paternity testing is only to hope that he can regret later. So now Tang Ningshan requests it to be public, he is also happy to see it.

Two doctors look into each other's eyes before saying, "Well, come in with us."

Several people follow the two doctors into the laboratory, which is large and roomy. There are several microscopes and various instruments, all of which surround the table in the middle.

"The two of you come here to collect the samples. Now the identification technology has been very authoritative. It can be accurate to distant relative, but there are more samples than before, such as hair, nails, blood, saliva, etc., depending on what you need." One doctor is preparing the collection while the other introduces it.

"Since we have come, I want to do the most comprehensive one. Anyway, I will not do a second paternity test in my life." Tang Ningshan doesn't even think, answering directly.

Tang Yichun also nods, and he also thinks it's better to do it a little more comprehensively, so as to dispel his misgivings in his mind.

The doctor sees that two people agree to do the superlative one, they feel really happy. After all, this is not to give the general person to do the appraisal, later can the expense be small?

But because of their unusual status, they are also more cautious. All the utensils are disinfected twice. Some disposable items are sterilized by high-pressure before they are used for both of them.

After collecting what they need, one for each doctor goes on each side. Tang Ningshan and Tang Yichun find chairs to sit down. Li stands beside Tang Ningshan quietly, while Zhang Jia and Tang Yichun's lawyer is discussing something aside.

Soon, the results come out, and both doctors put the results on the table. When Tang Ningshan sees a string of 9 on the paper, a sarcastic smile appears in the corners of her mouth.

"Now, thank you guys so much, I'll leave. Mr. Tang will pay you for the appraisal. I'm sure you will not be wronged." Tang Ningshan turns and walks out. Li follows closely behind her. Zhang Jia sees that, then nods to Tang Yichun and goes out with them.

"Go home, it's time to sleep." Tang Ningshan does not know why after seeing that report suddenly she cannot be refreshing, as if the mind has been seriously damaged, some lost, some perplexed, but more disappointed.

Tang Ningshan is standing in the elevator door waiting for the elevator, Tang Yichun chases her out.

"Wait a minute; I want to talk to you." Tang Yichun's eyes complexly look at Tang Ningshan.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Tang, I don't have anything to say to you. I suggest you stop looking for me, because we have nothing to do with each other." Tang Ningshan sees Tang Yichun and says coldly.

"How can it be? It clearly says we're father and daughter!" Tang Yichun growls, as if something has got stuck in his throat, making an extremely husky sound.

"So what? Don't forget we just broke up in the morning. What if we are father and daughter? Just give my mother a clean slate. Scum like you deserves to be punished." Tang Ningshan does not even look at Tang Yichun, when the door of the elevator opens, she immediately walks in.

"Stop right there!" Tang Yichun sees Tang Ningshan going away, of course, he does not agree, immediately shouting.

The door of the elevator closes slightly and Tang Ningshan, who is standing in the elevator, gives Tang Yichun a lip language. Tang Yichun directly gets shocked in place. At the moment that the elevator door closes, Tang Yichun as if to see that woman lying on the bed.

"Aah!!!" Tang Yichun cries out, the person on the side turns to look at him one after another. The lawyer beside him pushes him, just letting him come back to his sense.

"Let's go back." Tang Yichun turns to the lawyer next to him.

When Tang Ningshan returns to the villa, she goes straight to the bedroom and puts herself to bed. She does not know why she has such a feeling. She is not the original owner, but she feels a kind of blood connection.

It takes her a long time to suppress the emotion in her heart and she hears a knock at the door.

"Mrs. Shao, are you there? Come on, open the door." Li shouts outside the door with a note of urgency in his voice.

Tang Ningshan gets up immediately from the bed, walking quickly to the door and opening it,

"What's the matter? What's the matter? What? Calm down. Slow down."

"Mrs. Shao, the boss is... He's gone!" Li's voice is trembling, and Tang Ningshan doesn't understand what he said for a long time.

"What's gone?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Boss, he's missing..." Li repeats, repressing his voice.

"How could he be missing? He's so sick. He can't disappear. Don't lie to me." Hearing Li said that

Shao Ruihan is missing, her heart only feels thump, Tang Ningshan's body shakes a bit, putting one hand on the wall.

"Really, Mrs. Shao, the captain is really missing. What should I do?" Li's voice becomes more and more tremulous.

"Who told you this news?" Tang Ningshan tells herself to calm down.

"The leader of my team called me to come back, and said the captain was missing. We must bring him back anyway."

"I'll go with you." Tang Ningshan doesn't even think, and she directly says. After that, she is stunned by her own reaction. She doesn't know why when she heard Shao Ruihan was missing, her heart would hurt, but she knows she doesn't want Shao Ruihan to disappear, no matter what is the reason. Because of the hurry, Tang Ningshan doesn't see Li's eyes were twinkle as she said she wants to go together.

So she goes into the room to change into a training uniform and military boots, and quickly comes out of the room. She rushes downstairs and sees Li and other two people already sit in the car.

Tang Ningshan quickly gets into the car to close the door. The action is smooth. In the moment of closing the door, she says "let's go."

Li looks at the cold expression on Tang Ningshan's face, also dare not say anything more.

'Hurry up.' Tang Ningshan looks at the speed of the car cannot help frowning to warn.

"..." Li looks at the speedometer speechlessly, and it is nearly 120.

But Tang Ningshan's voice is so cold that Li subconsciously obeys the direction, then stamps on the accelerator. Watching from outside, as if the car is flying out of road.

The two men sitting at the back clasp the handle on the side, looking at Tang Ningshan with a cold face, the cold pressure she releases is no less than Shao Ruihan does, they do not dare to speak.

Soon the car comes into the military area. When Li is about to stop, Tang Ningshan tells him to hurry in. Li is hard-pressed, that entering into the military area without permission is illegal. Mrs. Shao, you can't be nervous like this.

"Mrs. Shao, you must stop to show them your pass card, or we can't even get in the front door." Two people in the back look at Li, who has been frightened by Tang Ningshan, can only help him to explain.

"Hurry up, show them the card!" Tang Ningshan looks at the gun in the hand of the guard at the door and says to Li.

Li quickly puts his foot on the brake. As he gets out of the car, he pulls out his papers in his pocket. As he runs to the guard and him shouts "open the door."

It looks really funny, but now Tang Ningshan can't laugh at all. Not that she is worried about Shao Ruihan, but she only thinks Shao Ruihan as her boss, partners. However, the pain from the bottom of her heart is always reminding her to find Shao Ruihan quickly.

Seeing the door is opened, Li hurries to the car.

After a long time, they drive into the military area, going through the mountain road to a place where Tang Ningshan has not been.

Li gets out of the car with the two people in the back.

"Mrs. Shao, you wait here for a moment, we'll report first." Li says to Tang Ningshan in the car.

"No, I'm going with you." Tang Ningshan just opens the door and gets out the car and walks in front of Li.

Looking at Tang Ningshan's back, Li is speechless. In the heart, he constantly mutters "how does Mrs. Shao become so strong".

And then he runs after her.

"Mrs. Shao, this way..." Li looks at Tang Ningshan's direction and could only call her.

"Hurry up!" Tang Ningshan has no awkward meaning at all, just lets Li move a little faster.

Soon, these people arrive at a tent filled with electronic equipment and there is a large monitor facing the door. There are images of some areas and a few places where is marked by the red dot.

Tang Ningshan directly lifts her leg to get in without thinking anything. Li wants to pull her, but he cannot reach her at all, can only stand in the doorway to shout "sir!"

"So quick?" Wang Yu, who has been looking down at the map, looks up suddenly and sees Tang Ningshan with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I want you to tell me what's going on, why Shao Ruihan is missing, and if you don't tell me today,

I'm going to take you out of here." Tang Ningshan now somewhat cannot suppress her feelings, the mood of her is always disturbing her!