Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 91

Chapter 77: chapter 77-- military secrets

"No. 38?" Wang Yu looks at her in surprise.

"Fucking No. 38, I'm asking you what the hell is going on with Shao Ruihan!" Tang Ningshan doesn't care about Wang Yu's rank; she just wants to know what's going on with Shao Ruihan and just wants to let her anxious mood go away quickly.

"Sorry, no comment on military secrets." Wang Yu answers sternly.

"Shit, military secrets? You even tell me it is a military secret after the person has lost. If I get you disappeared, can I also tell your family directly that your son is missing and it's a military secret so I can't tell you why." Tang Ningshan's eyes are sour, and if Wang Yu is saying something else, she is ready to take care of him directly.

"Of course, you can tell my family the same thing if I'm missing. But what does Shao Ruihan have to do with you, why should we tell you?" Wang Yu asks.

"What relationship? You don't know what's the relationship between me and Shao Ruihan? Now play dumb with me? And if you don't tell me what's going on, I'm going to smash this place up and you're going to arrest me." Tang Ningshan doesn't want to talk to him at all. Now she just wants to know where Shao Ruihan is.

Just as they are arguing, there is a sudden interruption from the side, and he says, "Something's going on."

After hearing the sound, Wang Yu walks quickly to the man's side. Tang Ningshan also follows him to watch the signal from above. Tang Ningshan grabs Wang Yu by the collar.

"Did Shaw send the signal? Come on. tell me what's happening to him. There's a limit to my patience." Wang Yu looks at Tang Ningshan, who is angry and her voice is cold. He reaches out to get rid of that hand on his collar. But after several times of trying, he does not succeed, which lets Wang Yu frightened. He knows what kind of force he has, but actually fails to get rid of her. He feels that he needs to have a new understanding of Tang Ningshan.

"You let me go, I tell you." Wang Yu says.

Tang Ningshan dumps her hand, directly pushes Wang Yu backwards.

"Say it!" Tang Ningshan looks at Wang Yu coldly.

"Our military exercises were doing in this place, which is a primeval forest." Then he points that out on the map. "But suddenly there come some gangsters, they have guns. The captain found them and chased after. After that, we have lost the contact with him." Wang Yu sighs.

"Don't you have guns too? Why only Shao Ruihan was chasing after them? What were you guys doing?" Tang Ningshan angrily says.

"... We were using air bomb to keep our personnel safe and we were trying to trace their route, but on our way back, we lost contact with captain Shao..." The more Wang Yu says the smaller his voice is, but still secretly observes Tang Ningshan's face.

"What did you say? He's going after the guy with the live ammo? Is he stupid? Won't you stop him? Is he a transformer? Is he going to stop the bullet with his body?" Tang Ningshan says, and she is getting more and angrier, then she pats on the table heavily.

This surprises Wang Yu, who thought she would have 10,000 expressions when she hears such news. But he never thought she would be like this. It is so frightening. Her face is as cold as frost, her body is releasing murdering feeling, her eyes are red and have darkly bright inside.

"The captain ordered us to come back and he went after them. There was nothing we could do. We were soldiers. We had to follow orders." Wang Yu stands erectly, standing in front of Tang Ningshan with an apologetic look on his face.

"I don't need your apology. Now I want the map, the location where he disappeared, and the signal. Give me the gun, the food, everything that works. Come on!" Tang Ningshan can't suppress her emotion now, her heart is scratching. She just wants to let that emotion out. The most important thing is to see Shao Ruihan quickly to let her mood calm down.

Wang Yu winks at Li, who is standing at the door. Immediately Li goes out. Soon he comes back with a bunch of things. Tang Ningshan hangs everything on her body, coldly looking at Wang Yu, the eyes as if are telling Wang Yu that if Shao Ruihan has any problem, he cannot escape.

Then she begins to check the equipment bit by bit, seeing that she does not lack anything, and then turns away.

Several people look at Tang Ningshan's back, and they all could not help patting their chests. That's too terrible.

Tang Ningshan puts the map in her head, taking out the locator, and looks at the red dots. And she knows that the red dots mark the enemy. And the signal just now may be issued by Shao Ruihan, may also be issued by the enemy. The fastest way to find Shao Ruihan is to find the location of the red dots.

Tang Ningshan picks the nearest one and runs quickly over. She runs all the way to a red spot. Just as she is about to reach, she decreases her speed. Then she finds a place to hide to observe the terrain. Tang Ningshan does not know whether she is unlucky. She doesn't see Shao Ruihan, but she sees a man sitting in a tree not far from her, dressed in black with a black mask, which only shows two eyes, and there is a rifle in his hand, and he keeps looking into the distance.

Tang Ningshan takes the gun from behind and realizes that it is a sniper rifle. Getting on the ground, adjusting her breath, she targets the gun to the man's brows. And she even doesn't tremble like before. Since the map shows that they are the entire enemy, it's so easy for her to handle them within a single shoot.

Tang Ningshan sees there is a silencer on the gun, so she does not hesitate to shoot directly. She hooks the trigger, directly hitting the person's brow under the tree, and then she sees that the man falls down from the tree.

The red dot on the map disappears, and Tang Ningshan feels that the military equipment is really advanced now. After eliminating that one, Tang Ningshan is not ready to see whether that person is dead, because she is confident to her shoot.

She continues to search for the next target. The red dots on the locator disappear one by one. Tang Ningshan finds that there is no sign of Shao Ruihan at all. This is not a way to go on, but in such a place, there is no monitoring equipment, so she cannot use technology to search, she can only do carpet-like search without leaving any place which can hide.

After a long time, she finally finds a strange place. It seems that no one is here, just a depression covered with grass. But Tang Ningshan just thinks there is a particular bump on the road that looks suspicious.

Taking the sniper rifle back, she draws the pistol from her waist. She walks to that place gradually, aiming the muzzle at the bumpy ground. And if anything happens, she will be able to fire the first shot.

Just before Tang Ningshan approaches, she sees the ground moves, and Tang Ningshan knows that there must be something inside. She keeps more careful footstep, not making a sound.

Just as she is about to close to that position, suddenly a person turns out from the inside of the lawn. Tang Ningshan subconsciously wants to shoot, but when they see each other's face, Tang Ningshan subconsciously stops.

"Hey, are you all right?" Tang Ningshan quickly crouches beside Shao Ruihan, patting his face with her hand.

"Um..." Shao Ruihan makes a sound, but his eyes do not open.

Tang Ningshan anxiously shakes him, only to find that there is a wound on his body, which is on the leg, it's not like a gunshot wound, but more like a knife wound. On his arm, there is also a wound with the same length.

Tang Ningshan puts her backpack down, finding out hemostatic, disinfectant and bandage inside. Firstly, she pours the disinfectant on the wound, seeing Shao Ruihan frowns, but the eyes have no sign of opening, which lets Tang Ningshan get more anxious. Secretly hate her for not learning enough about medical knowledge.

The wound is treated well, but Shao Ruihan is in a coma. Tang Ningshan can only carry Shao Ruihan on the shoulder, and plans to find a safe place to put him down. Then she'll send a signal to Wang Yu to call a doctor to come over, and she will go to solve the red spot that is left.

But after a long walk, she doesn't find a place she thinks to be safe. So Tang Ningshan can only shoulder Shao Ruihan, slowly approaching the red dot. Each step is very careful; she stops very far from the red dot, which is about 2 kilometers away. She finds a good shooting place, and then first she puts Shao Ruihan on the ground. After that, she takes the gun out and puts it on the shelf. She finds that there are quite a few of enemy; it's about six or seven. Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and decides to kill the man with the sniper gun first, after all, that is the safest way.

After choosing her target, Tang Ningshan shoots him in the head just as the man turns his head.

Although the shot does not reveal Tang Ningshan's position, it puts the remaining men on guard. Tang Ningshan's head is buried on the ground, calculating the position of those who have just been there, and then raising her head with a shot.

The bullet has already been seen coming from her direction, and several people are firing without purpose. Bang, bang, bang.

Tang Ningshan feels that this is not the way, but also cannot leave Shao Ruihan himself here. Then, there is only one way, which is to reveal her position, letting the few people to chase her.

When she is ready, Tang Ningshan puts the pistol into Shao Ruihan's hand. If he wakes up, he might still be able to protect himself. She pulls up a pile of grass from the edge to disguise him on Shao Ruihan's body. Thanks to the dense growth of weeds nearby, or else Tang Ningshan really does not know what to do.

Everything is done, Tang Ningshan takes a deep look at Shao Ruihan, and then stands up, running in the other direction, and then she hears a voice behind.

"Over there, after her..."

Tang Ningshan finds a chance to look back, and sees everyone chasing her. A number of bullets crackle.

Tang Ningshan lies on the ground. And now that Shao Ruihan is safe, these men should bear her wrath. Just when she saw Shao Ruihan wakeful moment she thinks that he had died. The palpitation trembling of her heart lets her feel that if he really died as if she also loses everything.

The men behind her think they hit her in the leg when they see Tang Ningshan falls down. All slow down and move slowly to her, which makes Tang Ningshan's plan easier, because if they move so fast, she couldn't kill the target quickly. Okay, bang, bang, after a several shots, she just knocks all out.