Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 92

Chapter 78: chapter 78-- do you like him

Seeing there are no other red dots, Tang Ningshan gets up and walks back. As she passes through those people, she wants to vent her anger so she shoots on a man's body, and because of the two shots, Tang Ningshan is suddenly shocked.

"This is military exercises, how can you shoot me twice? Don't you know that also hurts, even though that's an air bullet?" The man rises from the ground and pats his body as if nothing has happened.

"Military exercises?" Tang Ningshan asks blankly.

"Yes, military exercises. We're Blue Army. We're here to play the role of lawbreaker. Aren't you Red Army?" The man behind him rises up and explains.

In a few moments, several of the people who have just fallen to the ground stand up and tear the mask off from their faces, some of which she knows well.

At this moment, Tang Ningshan has understood everything. what missing, what illegal elements, what wounds, but only to play her, so many people here to set up a game for her.

Think of here, Tang Ningshan's heart, mood get calm at once, and even she has become cold. Her eyes are also more and more cool, estranged. She shows a natural smile on the face, but that's not a real smile.

"Well, now you've failed, go back. We'll go back together, I'm tired." Tang Ningshan languidly talks with those people.

"Well, No. 38, I didn't hear you are in the Special Forces. Why are you here all of a sudden?" A man with a familiar face comes up to Tang Ningshan's side and asks with a smile.

"An accident..." Tang Ningshan smiles and shakes his head. She throws down two words, not going to say anything more.

The man looks at Tang Ningshan, who does not want to talk, so he can only change the subject.

"You'll have a celebration this night, and you'll be rewarded for your deeds. You'll certainly be praised by your superiors this time for you have settled all of us."

"... I'm a little tired. Can I sit down and have a rest?" Tang Ningshan has been running the whole day; the body has been a little out of limits. If Tang Ningshan runs at the usual speed of 300 meters per minute, then today her speed is 3000 meters per minute.

This is the maximum her body can trigger at the moment, but it is only allowed to erupt occasionally. But for the whole day, Tang Ningshan basically ran with this speed, except that part that she carried Shao Ruihan. Because she was afraid of Shao Ruihan's accident, but her worry is a joke, a game.

Thinking of here, Tang Ningshan's face shows a sarcastic expression, then shakes her head again to let the loss, the defeat in her heart disperse.

"Of course, there will be a director's officer to meet us. We're all dead already." Several people form a circle for talking and laughing. And Tang Ningshan chooses a tree to sit down under, relaxing herself. There is no any anxious emotion in her heart, and she only takes it as her illusion. She will never admit that she was worried about Shao Ruihan. She feels foolish for all she has done for the day.

In a short time, two cars are coming. One of the drivers is Li, and the one who is sitting next to him with a handsome face is Shao Ruihan. There is no trace of fatigue on his face, but he is a little pale-faced.

Tang Ningshan looks at Li; the smile on her face is stronger.

Going to open the door, she gets in the car and takes everything off. She puts it on one side of the chair, closing her eyes. There's a smell of alienation releasing from her body.

Inside the car is so quiet that you can only hear the breath of those three people. Soon someone knocks on the window, and Tang squints at it. The man outside is Wang Yu. Tang Ningshan's brows move slightly and then she closes her eyes again.

After a while, someone opens the back door, getting in the car and shutting the door. He sits beside her. Tang Ningshan moves away unconsciously to the side, hoping to keep her distance from the people on the edge and she still doesn't open her eyes.

Looking at such Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan does not know how he is feeling right now. While Wang Yu shows an exciting expression to him, then goes to the copilot seat. Li with a bitter face drives the car back.

Tang Ningshan doesn't open her eyes to have a look. Driving, parking, the car is stopped. Finally, Tang Ningshan opens her eyes; they have arrived at Shao Ruihan's villa.

Tang Ningshan gets out of the car, ignoring the three people in it. She goes straight to the bedroom, after entering the room; she locks the door and goes to the bathroom. She is exhausted from the day's physical exertion. She got up early without eating anything. And the feeling in her mind let Tang Ningshan would not be able to breathe. Now she just wants to rest.

Spending more than half an hour in the bathroom, Tang Ningshan finally figures out that Shao Ruihan is suspicious of her, he was testing her. If she does not show such performance, is she likely to be caught and sliced? The sarcasm in her expression is increasing, and she feels that she was a waste of time for caring such a psychopath like Shao Ruihan. What could possibly go wrong with a fox like him?

"Master, you're not yourself today. Have you fallen in love with Shao Ruihan?" The system comes out suddenly. There are several times today that it wanted to remind Tang Ningshan that her condition couldn't go on like this, but it could feel the her restlessness, so it kept silent.

"I like him? No way!" Tang Ningshan sarcastically says.

"If you don't like him, why were you so anxious when hearing that he disappeared? Why the mood in your heart rises and falls so high?" The system feels that it is necessary to remind Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan has always been living alone, so she doesn't understand something like making friends or falling in love. In the eyes of the system, if Tang Ningshan is left in the deep forest, maybe she will live very well. But if she is thrown into a large company or enterprise, she will be fired sooner or later just because she doesn't know how to build a social relationship with others.

"Master, you must understand that he is such a wise man, and if you really like him it can be very troublesome." The system is worried and says.

"Who says I like him? I don't like him at all. I just don't know why I've suddenly become edgy. I'll try to keep distance with him later." Tang Ningshan quibbles. In fact, it cannot be said to be sophistry. In her heart, she does not understand exactly why such feelings appeared, and now her heart is more complex, so that she subconsciously does not want to face.

"I don't care if you really don't like him, or if you like him. But you need to remember, if you are deceived, your heart certainly cannot bear that. If you even tell him the existence of me, then you think about what will happen next." The system doesn't think it's alarmist at all, or it wouldn't...

With that, the system directly creates an image in Tang Ningshan's mind. A woman is kept in a laboratory, and she is lying in a glass box filled with green liquid, with tubes inserted in every part of her body and is connected to an instrument on one side.

The woman's eyes are closed, Tang Ningshan can't see any breathing of her, and she's not moving. Tang Ningshan looks at her blankly, as if the person lying there is her, the woman is releasing sad smell, but Tang Ningshan knows that the woman inside the box is dead.

"Who is she?" Tang Ningshan quickly asks she always feels that the woman and she must have a certain connection; there is a kind of familiar feeling.

"She's a person with the system in her body like you..." The system whispers.

'What?' Tang Ningshan is shocked; she knows exactly what the existence of the system means. To her amazement, she wonders why this woman will come to this end even if she has a system in her body.

"She did have system in her body like you, but she's become like this because she has trusted wrong people..." In fact, the system does not know that woman, but in its archives, there is such a memory, before it came to Tang Ningshan's body.

"... Okay, I'll think about it." After listening to the system, Tang Ningshan feels that she should be prudent, or carelessness would be fatal.

The first point is to keep distance with Shao Ruihan; she cannot be in such mood like today again. If there is someone watching her today, then...? At this point, Tang Ningshan's back chills, such a man is too clever, he is not she can control. No matter now or in the future, she can't control him. So she must not expose in front of him. Thinking of here, she remembers that agreement. If she can't expose in front of him anything about the system, then she needs to find a time to Shao's house to install some cameras.

When she figures it out, she gets out of the tub, taking off her wet training clothes and throwing them in the trash. Then she goes out and lies down on the bed and falls asleep.

At this time in the living room, Shao Ruihan, Wang Yu, Ji Jun and several people are sitting around the coffee table.

"Oh, Ruihan, you come back, you have to reimburse me, I have paid your wife a diamond, and then she used chocolate to repay." Ji Jun jokingly says, he just wants to ease the atmosphere, but he does not expect in exchange for the supercilious look of Qu Bo.

"I mean, what's the matter? You're all stiff and won't cry or laugh." Ji Jun couldn't stand it. When the three of them enter the room, he sees three people sitting on the sofa and no one is talking.

"Nothing. It's just that Shao Ruihan may be in trouble." Wang Yu says with a smile.

"Ruihan is in trouble? Why? Why? Will it be dangerous?" Wang Yu's words let three people's eyes at the same time put on him, Ji Jun asks directly.

'Nothing.' Shao Ruihan coolly says a sentence, staring at Wang Yu.

"Come on, don't talk in riddles. Tell us what's going on. Let's talk it over." The attitude of Shao Ruihan makes Ji Jun curious. They grew up together, so he knows Shao Ruihan well enough. He will solve the problem without bothering other people. But now they are free here. At least they can analyze some problems for him.

Ji Jun says that, seeing Wang Yu has a smiling face as if he is ready to watch an exciting show. Li is still keeping a bitter face, while Shao Ruihan's face is expressionless, but no one speaks.

"I mean, are you sure? The three of us are anxious here. We're all in a sweat." Ji Jun says reluctantly.