Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 93

Chapter 79: chapter 79-- your wife is tough

"That's not true. There's something... There's nothing you can do." Wang Yu gets up and goes to Shao Ruihan's side and pats him on the shoulder.

"I'm going back. I'm coming back tomorrow. I wanted to come for dinner today. I don't think I'm welcome. I hope you're done by the time I come tomorrow." Wang Yu says to Shao Ruihan laughingly.

Shao Ruihan ignores him.

Wang Yu doesn't say anything more. He turns and walks away, then we he gets out of the door, he suddenly remembers that he comes there taking Li's car. If Li does not go, would he have to walk back?

"Li, will you come back with me? Your brother's going to change your shift in a little while." Wang Yu shouts into the room.

"I, uh... I'll wait for my brother's arrival. I'm Mrs. Shao's chauffeur and I need to obey what she says." When it comes to Tang Ningshan's thoughts, the expression on Li's face is even more strange, which makes Ji Jun wonder what had happened, so that Shao Ruihan couldn't figure out a way and just sits there all the time.

"... Well, what about me..." Wang Yu stands where he was and says awkwardly.

"I don't care. Do it yourself." Li drops his head and makes a meditative gesture.

"Damn, you're not human." Wang Yu says immediately followed by a sentence "if I know the consequence, I would not come to watch the show, now also I have to find my own car back, really a big loss."

"Boss, go up and ask your wife to come down for dinner. She hasn't eaten all day..." Li looks at Shao Ruihan and says in a low voice.

"Yes, where's that girl, today she went to do the paternity test, it there any result? Is she really her father's?" Ji Jun mentions this question again; he gets more gossipy and wants to know the development of the matter.

"..." Ji Jun's words make Li feel that himself is not human. This morning Mrs. Shao disowned her father and had done a paternity test. And it wasn't long before he cheated her. Isn't it impossible to gain her trust in the future?

"Lin. "Shao Ruihan calls Steward Lin in a low voice.

"Yes." Steward Lin walks quickly to Shao Ruihan.

"Make some tonic soup, and I'll bring it up later." Shao Ruihan says it and then continues to be silent.

Until now, Qu Bo seems to know something vaguely, winking at Shao Ruihan. Then he stands up and walks upstairs. Shao Ruihan follows Qu Bo upstairs, and the two of them enter the study one after the other.

Shao Ruihan goes to the chair behind the table and Qu Bo sits opposite Shao Ruihan.

"Tell me what has happened, have you tempted her?" Qu Bo sits down and says.

As he nods, Shao Ruihan says "Hmm."

'Look at this.' Qu Bo picks up the computer on Shao Ruihan's desk and taps on it. Then there comes out Tang Ningshan's drawings and plans.

After watching that, he has to say that's absolutely right that Qu Bo let him test her. The plan is not so good, but there are several important points. The design is simply too perfect, if they really produce according to Tang Ningshan's design drawing, the products must be hot.

"Don't worry about it. She's all right. There's something I don't know yet, but she's not the enemy." Shao Ruihan sighs, but the heart is constantly recalling today's scene, when he lie on the ground, even though he did not open his eyes, he could feel her anxiety and worry. She had been in a state of tension from treating the wound to carrying him on her back. Later, she even distracted the enemy for him. If Tang Ningshan performed that action, then Tang Ningshan is too terrible, but who would sacrifice her own life to play like this? In fact, she did not have to go, and did not need to help him, but in what state of mind would she go to find him?

The problem is one which he does not understand, and from the very beginning to the end of it, there is not much contact between them. But Shao Ruihan could see that Tang Ningshan is a person who is afraid of trouble. If according to her nature, she should have stayed far away, if she knows something happened to him. Why would she go to rescue him directly?

"I'll go and talk to her." Shao Ruihan feels it necessary for him to talk to Tang Ningshan.

He takes out the spare key from Steward Lin to open the bedroom door. Tang Ningshan huddles on the bed. Her head is buried under the covers. She seems uneasy and is moving inside the covers.

Shao Ruihan goes to the bed, gently lifting the quilt, and sees Tang Ningshan's frowning brow and bare body.

Putting down the quilt at once and putting her head out, he stars at her for a long time.

"Wake up?" Seeing Tang Ningshan on the bed has the trend to open her eyes, Shao Ruihan asks in a low voice.

"How did you get in?" Tang Ningshan asks with a frown.

Shao Ruihan raises his hand and shakes the key in his hand, making a tinkling sound.

"You're giving me a room, or you're going to another room, and I don't think both of us need to live in the same room." Tang Ningshan says calmly and her tone is aloof.

Hearing this, Shao Ruihan feels as if there is something wrong.

"There are no other rooms for the time being, and I won't be coming back these days. You may live here easily." Shao Ruihan frowns and says in a low voice.

"Well, is there anything else? If not, please go out. I need to rest." Tang Ningshan says with a tired expression on her face.

'Okay.' Originally, he wanted to talk to her. Shao Ruihan looks at such Tang Ningshan; unexpectedly he cannot say any word out. Such Tang Ningshan seems to be far away from him, is simply fictitious.

Shao Ruihan just walks to the door, hearing Tang Ningshan calling his name. He quickly turns back, thinking that Tang Ningshan decides to talk to him.

"Leave the key." Tang Ningshan says that, she just lies down without looking at Shao Ruihan again.

Shao Ruihan puts the key on the nightstand and looks deeply at the person on the bed, then turns away.

After hearing the sound of the door closing, Tang Ningshan sits up and thinks she doesn't like Shao Ruihan at all. As long as he is excluded, everything would be normal; she just keeps out of touch with him.

"Out so soon? You got it?" Qu Bo looks at Shao Ruihan who is coming out from bedroom, asking.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head and sighs.

"Come on down, Lee has brought a lot of things to you guys." Ji Jun is shouting at the two of them downstairs.

"Brother, give me my card." Li stands behind Lee for a long time, thinking before saying.

"What's the matter?" Lee feels confused. Lee has always been managing the money since they were young, and Li would use whatever Lee bought for him. He never took the initiative to ask for a penny. Since they become soldiers, they always stay in the military area; even have less chance to use money, so Lee is surprised what Li would do with the money.

"I, uh... I lied to Mrs. Shao, and I have to buy her a gift to apologize. Mrs. Shao didn't even look at me from the moment she got in the car to get out of the car. Mrs. Shao took good care of me during this period. Even the last time I was in Tang's house, she told me not to do anything. But now..." Li says and hangs his head.

"What's the use of giving you money? Besides, it's natural for you to take orders from your boss. Mrs. Shao will understand." Lee pats Li on the shoulder and sighs.

"No, I can feel Mrs. Shao doesn't understand. This period of time I stay together with Mrs. Shao every day. I know she is a simple person, she likes chocolate very much. Every time we go to buy it, she would show a smile. When eating chocolate, her expression is enjoyable. If you don't accept the chocolate when she gives it to you, she would be very grateful. But she doesn't Yin Bilu and her father the way she treat us. She thinks we're nice, and then we're good guys. But if she thinks you're not nice, and then you're bad guy." Li says, revealing a sad face.

"... I mean, you fall in love with that girl, don't you?" Ji Jun leans over to Li and jokes.

Shao Ruihan listens to this; his eyes fix on Li, letting Li's body can't help but being tense. He looks up at Shao Ruihan, who has a cold face.

"Fuck you. When I first came here, I said I'd stay in the guard's room. Mrs. Shao asked Lin to make room for me and the two of them. I have dinner every day with Mrs. Shao; she will deliberately delay her eating time to let the two of them have enough time to eat. It is rarely to meet such a nice person like Mrs. Shao now!" Li looks at Ji Jun in anger as he speaks.

"You're just being bribed?" Ji Jun looks at Li and asks.

"What do you mean by bribe? You didn't see that when I knocked on the door today and told her boss was missing, Mrs. Shao's face was pale and she didn't stand still for a moment. If there was no wall on the side, she would have fallen down. She went inside to change her clothes for less than a minute. Then I drove the speed of 120, and Mrs. Shao even thought that it's too slow. If not that someone need to check the identification of us before entering the military area, Mrs. Shao would definitely let me directly drive into the gate. Now, you still think I am bribed?" Li is sobbing as he is speaking.

"Are you serious?" Shao Ruihan suddenly opens his mouth.

"Of course. If you don't believe me, you can just ask someone else. They know how fast the speed of the car is. When she saw Wang Yu, Wang Yu told Mrs. Shao that your disappearance is a military secret and then Mrs. Shao was going to beat him up, and she said that she would tear the base down if he didn't tell the truth." Li thinks Tang Ningshan is a good person and so he tells them the whole story.

"... Your wife is tough, Ruihan. Even it is the Army District, she can smash it." Ji Jun gets smacking after hearing that.

Qu Bo kicks Ji Jun.

"What are you doing? Kick me?" Ji Jun looks back at Qu Bo doubtfully.

Qu Bo gives him a wink, letting him to watch Shao Ruihan's expression.

Then he sees Shao Ruihan's stiff expression, and the body of him actually appears a kind of sad breath, which is the same with that time, but is stronger than that time.

"Hello, Ruihan. Are you all right?" Ji Jun leans over to Shao Ruihan and gives him a nudge.

Shao Ruihan does not make any movement, also doesn't makes any sound, even the body is still stiff. His sad can be seen at a glance. In fact, Shao Ruihan has thought that Tang Ningshan may like him, but after listening to what Li said just now, he wonders if Tang Ningshan has fallen in love with him. But he has just seen Tang Ningshan's expression in the bedroom just now. She looked at him as if he is a stranger. Is it because of his temptation that he has pushed her away?