Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 94

Chapter 80: chapter 80-- something wrong with her

Shao Ruihan does not know how to describe his current mood. Tang Ningshan went to rescue him, which proves that she is a credible person, not an enemy. But he only wanted to test her, but never think about that why Tang Ningshan is willing to save him. In fact, there's no necessary for her to save him. Thinking of here, Shao Ruihan stupefies himself, which lets him not know how to face Tang Ningshan.

"I'm going back to the army. I have a drill report tonight." Shao Ruihan says a sentence, going out.

Lee puts all the things in the hands on the ground and chases out.

"Hey, man." Ji Jun walks up to Li and pats him.

Li looks up at him.

"Was that girl as worried as you said about Ruihan?" Ji Jun doesn't believe it.

"Well," said Li without hesitation, nodding directly.

"I can't believe that the girl even cares so much for him. I didn't realize that there is such a deep feeling between them a while ago." Ji Jun touches his chin with his hand and looks askance at Qu Bo and Xuan Yun.

Xuan Yun and Qu Bo ignore him. Since Shao Ruihan said that Tang Ningshan is trustworthy, and then the design drawings can be used, the company can quickly put into production, and then the company can be developed well.

Two people go upstairs to change clothes. Each one of both takes a computer bag, directly going downstairs. They drag Ji Jun's collar and directly pull him away.

"Hey... Hey... What are you two doing? Where are you going? We just come back." Ji Jun shouts as he backs away, and his hands are still waving.

"To the company!" Xuan Yun doesn't want to talk to Ji Jun. He just gives him an answer.

Hearing this, Ji Jun shuts up at once. He claps Qu Bo's hand, and turns and follows them out.

There are only Li and two people hidden in the dark in the living room.

"Come and have a seat, both of you." Li murmurs in a low voice.

After a while, two people come out of the shadows and go to sit down beside Li.

"How do you guys feel? Won't Mrs. Shao care about me anymore? I haven't been cared for so many years since my mother died. Mrs. Shao is the first one. I treasure her very much, but I can't disobey orders. I guess she hates me now." With these words, Li scratches his head with his hands and puts his hands on his head.

"..." The other two don't know what to say either. If they must say something, then Tang Ningshan is really good to them. Their food and shelter have been arranged. In the past, they went out to do such secret protection tasks, no one has ever given them these, and they can only solve their own problems.

"Well, you don't understand that feeling. I really think that Mrs. Shao is like my family, so I think it's a bit too bad for me." Li is leaning against the sofa with a bitter face.

Tang Ningshan doesn't know what was going on downstairs. She is planning for the rest of her life, and for the first time, she begins to think seriously about how to live. She never has a chance to think about it since she came here. She was too lazy to think about it herself. But now it's different, she is suspected and tempted. Of course, it's totally fine for the first time, if she is tempted for anything she does in the future, she'll be like the woman lying in the glass box, and that's the end of her.

The first is to be rich. She has to have her own money source. Now that Tang Yichun and she have been cut off from each other, she could not use his money. And also, she doesn't want to touch Shao Ruihan's money because she rejects them from the bottom of her heart.

When she has money she has to buy a house of her own, otherwise she would have lived here in Shao Ruihan's villa. She feels very depressed and always feels like she is being held without any freedom.

Then is to complete the agreement with Shao Ruihan quickly, and she could just walk away without any misgivings.

"System, you come out." Tang Ningshan says to herself.

"What's the matter, master?" The system replies languidly.

"Starting today, I have to learn all the business management knowledge. I have to earn my own money. Then I will learn some necessary legal knowledge and other related things. You arrange it for me. I'll come in this evening." Tang Ningshan says what she wants.

"Master, you're not really in shock, are you? Do you remember what you told me when I asked you to learn these things?" The system is surprised. If it could now take shape in front of Tang Ningshan, it would have startled.

"Now is different. Once, I didn't need these things, I can choose not to learn. But not now, some things must be done quickly. If one day I am kicked out of the house, won't there be a shelter of myself." Tang Ningshan says.

"Well, if you have such awareness, then prepare your mind. And if you fail in your task, you will be punished. You know that." The system is happy that Tang Ningshan thinks so.

"Well, I see. Just go and arrange it. I'll come in this evening." Tang Ningshan says that, the stomach begins to growl.

She gets up and goes to the fitting room to get a coat and puts it on her body then comes downstairs with her hair untied.

Just she just gives a glance at the three people sitting in the living room.

"Prepare the dishes, Lin." Tang Ningshan walks into the restaurant and sits down on a chair.

Tang Ningshan looks at the table full of food, thinking that in the future she cannot eat so many delicious dishes, her heart appears infinite resentment.

"Damn Shao Ruihan!" Tang Ningshan mutters and then begins to eat.

"Mrs. Shao." Li sees that Tang Ningshan does not respond to him at all, and takes the initiative to approach Tang Ningshan, whispering.

"Yeah? What? Let's have the dinner." Tang Ningshan with an alien smile answers in a flat voice.

'Oh.' Li finds that Tang Ningshan is still willing to answer, which proves that she is not as angry as he thought she would be. He sits quietly in his chair and picks up the bowl to eat.

But the two men behind Li see Tang Ningshan's smile, which is almost like a smile to a stranger. And they wonder if they should tell Shao Ruihan about that.

Tang Ningshan feels someone staring at her, looking up and seeing two people standing on the same side all the time.

"What, you don't eat?" Tang Ningshan still smiles like that, very formal.

"Yes." The two of them quickly recover and sit down in their chairs. The four of them eat in peace.

"I am done, and you just help yourself." Tang Ningshan whispers, picking up the tissue to wipe her mouth. Gracefully she puts down the tissue with the same smile on her face, and then turns to go upstairs.

"... Something's wrong with Mrs. Shao." Li has been burying his head to eat, then hears the person on the edge whispering a sentence, so he looks up blankly.

"... Come on, give the boss a phone call, or at the rate of Mrs. Shao, if she really doesn't want us to follow, we probably can't catch up." The man who has been silent says this.

"Li just tell the boss what happened and we'll go back to our place." Finishing saying, two people act in unison. They put down bowl and chopsticks quickly, disappearing in the house in an instant.

Li looks blankly at the vanishing figures; he still does not understand what is wrong with Tang Ningshan. But since they said to call Shao Ruihan, then he will call.

He takes an antique phone from his chest and presses it a few times and puts it to his ear.

"What's the matter?" The telephone is soon put through, and Shao Ruihan's eager voice could be heard on the other side.

"Boss, they asked me to tell you that something is wrong with Mrs. Shao. She smiled at me during the meal and asked me to sit down for dinner, but they said I need to let you know there is something wrong with her." Li does not understand what had happened and repeats it.

"Well, I see." Then he hangs up the phone.

Shao Ruihan leans back in his chair and looks out into the dark. There are places with bright lights, but his thoughts are already gone far away.

When he decided to make such a plan, it was only a temporary idea. And when he heard Qu Bo asked him if Tang Ningshan is worth trusting, he would like to answer for sure, but she did a lot of things that are unexpected, simply cannot be understood, so he cannot be sure. After checking the address that Tang Ningshan said, no one in the neighborhood had ever seen Tang Ningshan or heard her name. This made him more and more suspicious of Tang Ningshan, especially when he called her that day; Tang Ningshan said she wanted to chat with Miao Yu. So he felt that there must be some problems in it, so he had such a plan.

At the beginning, he did not expect the plan to succeed, but wanted to see what kind of things she would do if they told Tang Ningshan that he was missed. What he did not expect was that Tang Ningshan had given him such a surprise, and none of them thought that she would explode, and she would solve all the enemies. It only took her less than half a day to find him. And if he reports it to head office, they would definitely recruit her, but Shao Ruihan knows that Tang Ningshan has her own secret. And there are a lot of things could not be explained at all, so he gives up this idea, he has been thinking about how to retain talent for his own use.

He completely forgets the thought of letting Tang Ningshan rely on him to leave her with him. But now what has happened are all out of his expectation. He did not know that Tang Ningshan would worry so much about him, as if she is a wife who has lost his husband and she rushed into the army to look for Wang Yu, which he did not expect.

He always knows that he like Tang Ningshan, but from today's performance, Tang Ningshan should also care about him, otherwise who would risk his life to save an irrelevant person.

But just now the phone call lets Shao Ruihan know that perhaps these concerns were dissipated today. That he wants to leave Tang Ningshan with him becomes more difficult, because she is more and more outstanding and excellent.

Thinking of here, Shao Ruihan takes out the mobile phone to call Tang Ningshan.

"Man, may I ask what you're doing for calling me at this hour? Don't you know you're interrupting my sleep time?" Tang Ningshan's voice is very cold.

"... Li said you don't look well, so I call back to ask." Shao Ruihan doesn't know how to answer her, so he mentions Li.