Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 95

Chapter 81: chapter 81--I will protect you

"I am fine, and if you don't have anything else important, please don't call me again." Tang Ningshan hangs up the phone.

Shao Ruihan looks at the phone that has been suspended and gets a little distracted. Isn't the distance with her getting further away? Her tone is not like the original tone, and she's more like treating a stranger.

Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is ill. He knows that she has been tired all day and he is still disturbing her at that time. It seems that the previous worry is entirely unnecessary; perhaps Shao Ruihan would want to take advantage of her. Thinking of here, Tang Ningshan shivers, hasn't Shao Ruihan already known her secret?

The more she thinks about it, the more scared she is, the body begins to sweat constantly.

"Master. Calm down." The system reminds her.

"... how could I be calm, if Shao Ruihan knows your existence, can you calm down? When that day comes, I don't care if they kill me, but how about you!" Tang Ningshan shouts at the system, and her face gets pale and confused.

"Take it easy, Master. That we are a whole, and I will protect you, so long as you study hard, everything is not a problem." System comforts her.

"How will you protect me? You said she had a system too, didn't you? But she's dead, and still was treated in that way. She died without peace. If I have that kind of treatment one day, I might as well kill myself!" Tang Ningshan disappointedly says, her hands continually rubbing on her head, she is also keeping walking around in the room.

"I don't know about her, but I can protect you. When you've done all the work, I can protect you. So, master, you must study hard, and you will grow stronger." The system finally says what it wants to say. It does not understand why it would show that segment to Tang Ningshan, it just feels that that could inspire Tang Ningshan, but did not expect to frighten her.

"Well, I'll go in now, I can't take it anymore. I need to vent, or I'll drive myself crazy." Tang Ningshan says and lies down on the bed to close her eyes. Then she gets into the virtual space, burying into the sea of books.

With all the relevant knowledge in mind, the system creates a company, from staff to senior management, where Tang Ningshan is continuously changing her roles. In different position, she learns how to benefit herself most, and how she can make the company profitable, how she can negotiate with people and how to gain more advantages for herself without offending others.

"Master, do you wish to proceed?" The system finds that as if Tang Ningshan can negotiate calmly and she even can master other's minds, asking.

"Well, you'd better simulate the stock market for me. It's the fastest way to make money." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, figuring out such a way, which can make money quickly.

'All right.' The system now fully supports Tang Ningshan, as long as she wants to learn, the system will give her more rewards in the case of active learning, which is to encourage her positivity. But now her only mind is to make money, so Tang Ningshan does not care about the rewards, only wants to be able to make money faster.

Soon a big screen and a table are appearing in front of Tang Ningshan. The table is full of notes and documents, and Tang Ningshan reads them one by one. They are all about how to look and predict the trend, and how to read all kinds of different lines. And Tang Ningshan is dazzled.

"Your special task today, Master, is to find out how to conduct the stock, then simulate the business. You need to reach at a special point on a stock, guaranteeing that the stock will always make a profit." After saying that, the system disappears.

Tang Ningshan does not answer the system. The mission is not the key now; Tang Ningshan wants to make money quickly because the thought of such a picture of that woman will let her chill.

When she finally finishes reading all the books and materials with various charts, she remembers if the system had said anything to her.

"Did you just say something to me?" Tang Ningshan asks suspiciously.

"... Master, you need to take out stock at random now, and then you must let it earn the most profit in the shortest possible time. If you cannot make it profitable, you will be unlucky." The system speaks with a giggle, and it thinks that you did not answer me just now, so I will make it more difficult for you.

"Well, you choose." Tang Ningshan leans on the chair, raising the hand to rub the heart. She does not know how the system will make it difficult for her.

After a while, the system finds a stock. Looking at the declining trend chart without even the slightest sign of raising, Tang Ningshan feels the system is mean.

But she has no choice. Since it's a task, she must do it. Otherwise, she'll be the one to be punished. She releases all the thoughts inside her mind. Her hands are continually dancing on the computer. Tang Ningshan opens many different trading accounts to buy and sell to adjust the share price.

Finally, when it comes to the closing time, the share price has raised a lot, which lets Tang Ningshan feel very fulfilled.

"Keep up the good work, master. If you can't finish the job, you're ready to take the consequence." The system suddenly comes out to say a sentence and then disappears.

Tang Ningshan makes a "hum" sound, and then studies how to ensure the most significant profit and can still escape.

The market opens and closes, all in the operation of the system. About a long time later, Tang Ningshan feels that she could throw away, and does not hesitate to sell all the shares above the account. Then she is relaxed, at least, won't be punished by the system.

But it's not long before; she feels a lot of pain.

Tang Ningshan clenches and says "I have completed, why is also punished, don't you know it's getting more and more painful?!!!"

"Master, I said I want to make sure it is profitable in the shortest possible time, but I didn't say that I want it to be as profitable as possible, so you know..." The system laughs with pleasure.

"Isn't the more you earn, the better it is? What's wrong with making the most profit?" Tang Ningshan argues.

"Master, you have to understand that if this is in your real life, you manipulate a stock by yourself and you sell all of them at the same time, it will attract attention. And I think you wouldn't want anyone to care about you, would you? So, you can only do short-term, and it's best not to buy too much; otherwise, no one knows what will happen. You can't lose your mind because of money, understand?" the system is like what I'm trying to do is best for you, which makes Tang Ningshan speechless.

"Well, that's a good point. I'll go and see my transformer pen." With that, Tang Ningshan rises from her chair and walks toward the lab to see the pen, which has finished producing. With that pen, Tang Ningshan feels she has the power now. At least, she can save her own life when necessary.

She had produced ten at a time, and each pen looks the same as an ordinary pen. She cannot see any difference, and it can even write, letting Tang Ningshan sigh that the products the system produced are not bad.

Putting the pen aside, she gets ready to take it out for a while. This is something that can save her life, so it is better to always bring with her.

She is ready to see if there is anything new that can be studied, but only find that on her level, she could only explore refreshing potion, the rest products are locked.

"Systems, what is this? Does it mean lack of proficiency?" Tang Ningshan asks aloud.

"Well, there are only three things in level one. You've only studied two. You can't get to level two, so you have to study potions to upgrade."

"Well, then, study the potion." Tang Ningshan shrugs and reaches up to click on the research button.

Getting out of the virtual space, Tang Ningshan goes to the bathroom, as usual, to take a bath to relax. It's this time that she remembers that she doesn't have a card that belongs to her. One was given to her by Shao Ruihan; the other was by Ji Jun. She seems to have no money at all.

Thinking about it, she decides to study how much money she needs to open a stock account. And then, she has to find a way to make money.

She doesn't know anyone, so she decides to go online and check it out.

Logging into the computer, habitually she goes to the hacker website. Looking for a long time without discovering any new matter, she prepares to do her own business. Soon, she receives the Yu Huan's message.

Tang Ningshan opens it and sees a lot of messages.

Several questions were asking why she is not online. And he has found some information she wants to know, but only a few information which he thought would be useful. And he asks when he would send that information to her.

After reading the message, Tang Ningshan answers Yu Huan.

"Jesus, you're here finally." Yu Huan says.

"Why don't you tell me what's going on? I won't pay you if it's not worth it." Tang Ningshan replies with a smile.

"... I am so shocked that the Shao's family is bizarre; it can raise such a child. I will send the information to you. You see it yourself, some key points that I think are useful are marked out." Yu Huan says.

"Well, I'll take a look. I'll call you later." Tang Ningshan says and closes the dialog box and clicks on the file that has been sent.

This is a detailed account of Shao Mushuang and Shao Kaile, including the height and age, even their family members and what kind of blood they are, all of which are written clearly. And when Tang Ningshan sees those things that written in the red words, immediately her mood is complicated.

Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang have an affair, and Shao Mushuang had been raped. And as if there is something that Shao Kaile knows that could threaten Shao Mushuang. After that, two people maintain this kind of relationship, which Shao Mushuang is obedient to him and never resists. There is also some information about Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang, such as whom they usually get along with and what they typically do.

The most important thing is that it even records when they get up every day, when they go out, whom they have seen after they go out, and also how much they spend every day, what they order for dinner, all of which are well documented.