Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 96

Chapter 82: chapter 82-- library

Tang Ningshan stores the information in a hidden folder. After all, it is not yet the time, but she will use it one day. She doesn't ask how Yu Huan gets these things. After all, everyone has their channels. As long as Tang Ningshan receives something that is good for her, she is not interested in anything else.

"Hey, do you know how much it costs to open an account in the stock market? What procedure is required?" Tang Ningshan clicks to open the dialog box to type such a few words to send over.

"Take your ID card and your bank card and go to a security company and you can open an account. How much principal depends on how much money you have in your bank card, after opening an account, you have to go to the bank to confirm the three-way depository, and then you can operate normally. Why? Do you prepare to speculate in the stock market? Need to introduce you to some financial management methods? Or a trader?" Yu Huan answers merely Tang Ningshan's question before asking.

"No, I'm just studying it. I've been reading a lot of books about it recently, and I want to try it out for myself." Tang Ningshan says briefly. Now she remembers that she needs to buy some books in this respect and put in the house as a decoration, even if she does not read.

"Oh, if you want to do it yourself, I suggest you input less at first, or you'll lose your money." Yu Huan says with alarmist.

"Um, by the way, can you get me some jobs? Whether it is a translator or hacker that hacks into a computer, kill viruses, even if it is to build a firewall for others, as long as the money is paid." Tang Ningshan thinks that Yu Huan should be able to provide her with some help.

"Why? What's up? Need money? How can a top player like you be short of money?" Yu Huan says in surprise.

"Well, I plan to play stocks, so I want to make some money first. Otherwise, it's not a good idea if I'm going to lose my money as you said." Tang Ningshan puts a sad expression on the back of this sentence.

"Well, OK, I'll ask you for you, or would you like to leave a contact number? I'll call you when there's a job?" Yu Huan carefully asks. After all, people like them rarely leave contact information to others, just feeling that Tang Ningshan's ability is fantastic, so he wants to contact her. It's much better if they can communicate with each other in real life.

"Send a message to me. I'll be there every day. If I am not there, you can send me a site letter or a message. I'll be on the Internet every day." Tang Ningshan does not intend to give him her number.

After all, they do not know each other.

"Well, I'll text you if I have a job. That's all. It's too late. Get a good rest. Good night." Yu Huan sends out a smiling expression, and then he logs out.

After Tang Ningshan minimizes the window, she finds some part-time websites on the Internet. After watching for a long time, neither it's fake, nor it requires her to go to work. These are not suitable for Tang Ningshan, so she finally gives up decisively and has to wait for Yu Huan to introduce her to the job.

Just putting the computer aside, she is ready to lie down to sleep. Suddenly, she hears the stomach is grunting. Helpless Tang Ningshan can only go downstairs to look for food.

As soon as she opens the door, she sees Pu Jiayi coming up from downstairs. Tang Ningshan remembers that there is another one in the room. If she wants to leave, she would have to take him with her; otherwise, he would be a time bomb.

"You're up so late?" Tang Ningshan asks, looking at Pu Jiayi.

Pu Jiayi nods.

"Did Ji Jun give you the carve tools?" Tang Ningshan asks again.

He goes on nodding his head.

"Come out to eat with us later, or your body will not be able to stand it." Tang Ningshan frowns and thinks for a long time before throwing such a sentence.

Pu Jiayi's eyes are slightly red, looking at her with moving eyes, and then nods slowly.

Tang Ningshan rubs a few times on his head before saying. "Well, go to rest, tomorrow; please remember to come out to have dinner with us."

Pu Jiayi's eyes are so much like a puppy's; there are tears in his face. After seeing his appearance, her heart softens. The hand unconsciously rubs on his head. During that time, Pu Jiayi still looks enjoyable, as if he has gained the favor of a host.

Pu Jiayi stands in the same place without moving, letting Tang Ningshan rubbing on his head.

"All right, see you." Tang Ningshan pats him on the shoulder and then walks downstairs.

Tang Ningshan goes down to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator but finds nothing to eat. She sighs, taking some eggs from the fridge and going to the pot. After studying the pan for a long time, she begins to make her dinner. Soon, Tang Ningshan pours the fried egg out of the pan and sprinkles some salt on it before carrying it to the restaurant.

When she sits down, Steward Lin comes out suddenly.

"Are you hungry, Mrs. Shao? I will ask them to make some dishes for you." Steward Lin whispers to

Tang Ningshan. He still scares her. In the midnight, Lin does not sleep, but suddenly come out to frighten her. What does he want to do?

"No, that's okay. I'll have a quick bite. You should get some rest." Tang Ningshan's face naturally hangs up a smile, lightly saying.

Steward Lin sees Tang Ningshan like this and says nothing more. After bowing, he turns and leaves.

Tang Ningshan eats this salty poached egg. She is filled with resentment. From now on, if she would eat such things every day, then she very doubts whether she can grow strong. In the future, she must buy a house with a lot of food delivery restaurant nearby. Otherwise, she will starve to death.

Quickly finishing eating the eggs inside the dishes, she puts the dishes into the sink, then directly goes upstairs. Anyway, there are servants here; she does not need to clean up.

Backing to the house to lock the door, then she lies in bed to sleep. And now Tang Ningshan is very uncomfortable staying in this house, and she is eager to leave.

Getting up the next day, she watches the time on the mobile, which is already 9 o'clock. She gets up to open the curtain. It is still gray, and it's cloudy outside, this is the first time to encounter this kind of weather since Tang Ningshan comes in the body.

Going downstairs to see Pu Jiayi sitting in the living room, Tang Ningshan smiles and says hello to him.

"Had dinner yet?" Tang Ningshan goes over to him and sits down.

Pu Jiayi shakes his head and stares at her closely.

"... All right, let's start!" Tang Ningshan holds the forehead with her hand, and helplessly says.

Sitting there at the table, she sees Li standing outside the door and then she calls his name. For no other reasons, but that she is looking for a library or a bookshop to look for some books to read.

"Li, I'm going out soon. I need a car later. Please get ready." Tang Ningshan says politely.

Li who is outside the door hears Tang Ningshan's voice, subconsciously nodding.

"By the way, hasn't my shopping arrived yet, Lin?" Tang Ningshan turns to ask Steward Lin, who has been standing behind her chair.

"Yes, Mrs. Shao, they're in the guard's office. Shall I bring them in?" Steward Lin asks politely.

"Well, take it inside now. I'm going to wear it later." Tang Ningshan nods and then Steward Lin goes out.

When Tang Ningshan has finished her dinner, she goes upstairs to see those unpacked parcels, which have been rummaged inside. And she is outraged.

But she resists the urge to be angry, for this is not her home, nor her servant, nor her housekeeper. She has no right to blame others. After all, she is only a temporary stay. Tang Ningshan quickly gives herself a position. She just temporarily lives in Shao Ruihan's home; they have also just co-operative relationship.

Inside, she pulls out a pair of white sneakers, dark blue jeans, a white shirt, and a small flowery coat. Moving those parcels into one corner, she goes to change in the fitting room. Then she nods with satisfaction in the mirror, coming out of the fitting place to pick up the cell phone from the table. She stuffs it into her pocket before going downstairs.

Tang Ningshan opens the door and gets in the car, sitting directly in the back seat, then shuts the door and says, "Let's go, find the nearest library, or a bookstore. I'll buy some books, or borrow some books."

"All right!" After answering Tang Ningshan, Li starts the car. But in his heart, he also really feels that something is wrong with Tang Ningshan, but he doesn't know what happened. The former Tang Ningshan didn't repel to talk to him, but today he feels that Tang Ningshan seems not to want to talk to him, or even resist to talk to him.

Because it is cloudy, there are not many people in the street. Li drives to a library. There are a lot of cars parked outside. Initially, Li wants to go in with Tang Ningshan, but he does not find a parking space after turning around. So Li could only watch Tang Ningshan entering the library herself.

"Mrs. Shao, call me when you come out. I'll go and find a place to park." Li shouts to Tang Ningshan's back.

Tang Ningshan does not look back but raising her hand to wave to show that she got it.

Entering the door, she finds there is a large hall. And on the right side of the building, there is a table with a computer and some things on it, and a sign, which writes "front desk."

Tang Ningshan walks to the woman's side and asks in a low voice.

"Hello, do I need a library card to read here?"

The middle-aged woman looks up at Tang Ningshan and sees that she is a student. She smiles and nods then says "Little girl, if you are reading a book here, just sign in, it is free for students, if you want to borrow, you need to get a library card."

"Well, thank you. Today I won't get the ID card. I'm too anxious to take the money out. I'll register first." Tang Ningshan blushes and bows her head awkwardly.

"It's OK. There are a lot of students like you who come to look up the information. There are a lot of them who just come in with a pen and a copy of their books. It's OK. Just go in and read it." Said the middle-aged woman with a smile.

Then she takes out a thick notebook and a pen from the drawer and hands it to Tang Ningana. Tang Ningshan takes it and writes her name and ID number and her cell phone number on it. After filling in it, she gives it to that middle-aged woman.

"Thank you. By the way, where is the book about finance? Is there any notice when I am reading?" Tang Ningshan asks embarrassedly.