Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 97

Chapter 83: chapter 83-- Yu Huan

"Go straight down there, and you'll see a big bookcase. Usually, there are a lot of people there, you can see at a glance. If no one is there, you can look at the sign on the bookshelf and see what kind of books is written on it." Tang Ningshan looks in the direction of the woman's finger, then nods and thanks her.

"Make sure to mute or turn off your phone and don't disturb anyone else while reading." The middle-aged woman in the back warns.

This moment, Tang Ningshan remembers that going to this kind of public places like library must keep quiet, taking out the mobile phone from her pocket and turning it into a silent mode, then she says thank you to the woman and goes in that direction.

She looks at a numbers bookcases that are more than two meters high, rows of bookshelves are set in the library, like dominoes, each cabinet is more than one meter wide apart. It's enough for two people to pass by at the same time, even standing on the edge of the bookshelf reading. Also, there are some tables and chairs on both sides of the bookshelf for people to read and rest, which is human design. Tang Ningshan thinks this library is lovely.

The sign above the bookshelf is quickly found, before long she finds some financial books, many of which are celebrity autobiographies and some about teaching people how to be a good businessman. After looking for a long time, she can't find any books about the stock, and she can only swim among several bookshelves.

After several rounds of searching, she doesn't see the book about the stock, which upsets Tang Ningshan. Isn't there any book about the capital in such a big library?

It seems that she could not find that, Tang Ningshan decides to go home. Then she sees a man wearing short beige sleeves and jeans with sneakers holding a book in his hand. The title of the book is "how to be a qualified trader." When she has seen such words, Tang Ningshan's raised foot instantly comes back. Since there is a book of this kind in his hands, this kind of books must have been there. She must not have found them carelessly.

With eight bookshelves in the financial category, Tang Ningshan begins a carpet search. Row after row, from top to bottom, hopefully, she finds it. It's at the top of the innermost bookshelf; it's no wonder she didn't see them after a long time.

Tang Ningshan goes to the edge of the bookshelf and looks at the books on it. She is in a quandary because she couldn't reach it. She has tried to tiptoe several times, but feeling that the bookcase is swaying, so Tang Ningshan dares not try again. She could not afford it if she knocks it all down.

Standing in the same place, staring at the books on the bookshelves, Tang Ningshan, who has been about to give up, hangs her head and hears a warm voice on edge.

"May I help you?"

Tang Ningshan looks up; it is the boy just now. Tang Ningshan embarrassedly smiles, but still says yes.

"Well, could you please help me to get all the books about the stock on that shelf, I'm a fast reader, but I can't reach them, Could you?" Tang Ningshan says with a pleased expression, hoping that he will not refuse.

The man is also a helpful man, and without saying a word, he takes the books down one by one and hands them to Tang Ningshan.

The book in Tang Ningshan's hand is already above her head.

"Why don't you watch these first? I'll come and get them after a while, or you won't be able to carry them to the reading corner." said the boy.

"Well, thank you for your help." Because the books are in front of Tang Ningshan, the people opposite cannot see Tang Ningshan's expression, and he reaches out and takes half of the books in front of Tang Ningshan.

"I'm Yu Huan. Nice to meet you." Yu Huan's gentle smile is like jade, his temperament is like bamboos, his voice is quiet and elegant, and his words will not make Tang Ningshan feel disgusted.

"Thanks for your help, I am Tang Ningshan." Tang Ningshan smiles and replies him. At this time, Tang Ningshan is just looking at him seriously, and his hair is cut correctly, which accentuates his features. His face is neither delicate nor unsightly. Only one look that can let people be fond of him. Although a pair of eyes is not as bright as Pu Jiayi, also he does not have other meaning in his eyes. He looks at Tang Ningshan's eyes happily, like to know a new friend.

Two people take a stack of books and go to a nearby table. They put them on the table, and the two of them sit opposite each other. Tang Ningshan begins to look through one book after another. She comes to the library just for acting. The information of these books must are not as perfect as that given by the system. But now that she has come, she must pretend to study, just in case someone is following her.

Both of them look at their books in silence, and Yu Huan could not help asking, because Tang Ningshan's flipping speed is rapid. "What's the matter? Can't you understand?"

"Nope, I'm used to reading like this. I have a better memory so that I can read faster." Tang Ningshan explains with a smile.

Yu Huan nods without speaking and continues to read and take notes. Tang Ningshan is interested in his records, some of which coincides with her thoughts, allowing her eyes to keep scanning his notes.

"Would you like to read it?" Yu Huan feels that Tang Ningshan's eyes are looking at his notes, which are so intense that he thought she is looking at him, but when he looks up and finds that she is staring at his records.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho, can I...?" Tang Ningshan smiles awkwardly.

"I wrote all the notes myself, which synthesizes what I thought is good. And some of the books are complicated, so I simplify them myself and make them easier to understand. If you need them, I can give you to read." Yu Huan's voice is just like his smile, which is gentle and elegant and sounds very comfortable. Tang Ningshan nods unconsciously.

Yu Huan hands the notes directly to Tang Ningshan, which has already written down a lot about how to look at the trend chart, how to master the timing. And all of them are written clearly. Tang Ningshan and he exchange their ideas and advice, letting Yu Huan's eyes bright. Then he takes the notebook to rewrite on the above, while Tang Ningshan is looking at him, showing a gentle smile.

As soon as Yu Huan looks up, he sees this smile; he cannot help but shock for a moment.

"Hey," Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan, who has been staring at her, could only remind him.

"Hey, you have a beautiful smile. Don't smile like that again. You'll get in trouble, especially in the evening." Yu Huan says with a smile.

So the two of them go on discussing that chart, each of them has a different opinion, but a lot of aspects are reasonable. Yu Huan will put new information on the notebook after the two people figuring out a new idea. And he said to take back those ideas to test; maybe this can work.

The time passes so quickly that it is already past six o'clock.

"Let's have dinner later to celebrate our friendship." Yu Huan says with a smile.

"Well, having dinner together. You're my first friend, and it's something worthily to celebrate." Tang Ningshan nods gravely and thinks his proposal is excellent.

"... Come on, you're a beautiful girl with no friends?" Yu Huan's face is surprised, but there is not a trace of strangeness and distrust in his eyes, which makes Tang Ningshan feel that it would be good to be friends with him.

The two people put back the books they have taken, and walking towards the door.

Going out of the library gate, they see a thunderstorm outside. At this time, Tang Ningshan remembers Li and quickly takes out her mobile phone from her pocket. She finds that there are more than ten missed calls, all of which were made by Li. Tang Ningshan directly dials him.

"Well, where are you?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Mrs. Shao, are you done? So I'm coming to get you now?" Li says quickly.

"Well, come over now, then, and I'll wait for you at the door." Tang Ningshan hangs up and looks at Yu Huan.

"Maybe we can't have dinner today. I've had a boy waiting here all day. I've forgotten about him," She says.

Yu Huan still smiles and says, "No problem. We can meet tomorrow. It's just a bad day today. When the weather gets fine, we can go to eat together."

Tang Ningshan says apologetically with a smile, "Tomorrow then. I will come here to read books tomorrow. Shall I drive you back?"

"No, that's okay, I'm driving. It's right over there. I'll be on my way." Yu Huan laughs and says, and then he sees a car coming this way, so he says that he needs to leave.

Tang Ningshan smiles with nodding and says "I'll see you tomorrow."

Li parks the car firmly at Tang Ningshan's side, opening the door to get out of the car with an umbrella in his hand.

Li walks in front of Tang Ningshan with his umbrella and puts Tang Ningshan under his umbrella. He says, "Mrs. Shao, get in the car, please."

"Well, let's go." Tang Ningshan says.

After two people get into the car, Li asks Tang Ningshan curiously.

"Mrs. Shao, who is that man just now?" It can't blame Li for being curious. He's been with Tang Ningshan these days. Apart from the Tang's family, he didn't see any relationships between Tang Ningshan and anyone else. When he came just now, he saw Tang Ningshan and the man talking and laughing, so he opens his mouth to ask.

"Go back. He is my friend." Tang Ningshan lightly responses, then leaning on the chair and closing her eyes. Her clear repelling expression makes Li directly shut up and drive to the villa silently.

Back at the villa, Steward Lin has prepared dinner. Tang Ningshan asks Steward Lin to ask Pu Jiayi to come down for lunch and then walks to the dining room to sit down.

After Pu Jiayi comes down, Tang Ningshan picks up chopsticks to eat. Tang Ningshan eats very slowly because her mind is filled with those trend lines. After all, the things they two communicated today are not the same as the things they read in the virtual space.

But Tang Ningshan's such expression lets Li misunderstand. He thinks Tang Ningshan is missing that man just now.

The more he thinks, the more he feels it is possible. After all, Tang Ningshan did not have such a laugh with other people before. But also he does not know what Tang Ningshan is like when she stays with Shao Ruihan. After that, Li is struggling that whether to tell Shao Ruihan about this. After all, the other day, he made Tang Ningshan hate him. If he is reporting to Shao Ruihan again, whether Tang Ningshan would directly throw him out? So he decides to discuss the matter with the two men in the evening. If it's necessary to report to Shao Ruihan, he would ask them to say, because they have always been the ones who secretly protect Tang Ningshan, and it is normal for them to report the situation.