Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 98

Chapter 84: chapter 84-- the first earings

Thinking of here, Li is relieved. He goes to the table to sit down and eat, perhaps in his mind, there is no other idea, so he eats more than before as if he is very relaxed.

After Tang Ningshan finishes eating and then she goes upstairs with Pu Jiayi. Locking the door after entering has become Tang Ningshan's habit. She changes a nightgown to sit on the bed with the computer.

Turning it on and she sees that Yu Huan sends her a message to see if she's there.

"I'm here," she replies quickly.

"There's a deal. I'll give you $200,000 when it's done. Will you take it?" Yu Huan asks soon after.

"What kind of business? Let's say I don't do anything illegal." Tang Ningshan cautiously replies.

"Well, this is the manager of a big corporation, and she has a lover. That person has some special hobby, who likes to put some photos and videos on the computer. Now two people break up, that person starts to take photos and videos to threaten her constantly, which makes her miserable. Every time, he will either ask for money or say something that is unbearable, so she wants to have everything removed from the PC then she can get rid of it." Yu Huan tells her the details, but whether accepting, that's depending on what she thinks.

"Well, can you make sure that the person doesn't have a backup? Those are all on the computer?" Tang Ningshan asks again.

"According to her, the man has two computers, one is in the company, and the other is in the home. And the one in the company and she has access to it, so it is only possible that those videos would be on the computer at home." Yu Huan says.

"Well, send me the address, and I'll see. If it's what she says, I'll delete it. If it's not, tell her I can't do it." Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time before saying.

"Well, that's fine. I'll text you the address later." Yu Huan responds quickly.

After a while, Yu Huan sends an address to her, and Tang Ningshan checks the address and successfully hacks into the computer. Finding that the laptop has not opened a firewall except a shared password. If this is the case, then that girl does not need to look for hackers to delete these things.

After going into the folder one after another for a while, she does not find anything unusual. Tang Ningshan is typing a string of code above the computer; then there appear many hidden folders. The name of one of those folders is "photograph," and another is called "video." Tang Ningshan opens the photo to take one look; instantly she shuts it down. And then, she opens the folder named "video," Tang Ningshan even thinks that the owner of the computer is the director of adult movies, otherwise, what is the purpose of saving this stuff.

Closing the folder of the video, she opens the last one without any marks, which is full of documents. She clicks one and takes a look, and it is something like a ledger, but it has nothing to do with any company. There are names written on it and how much they should pay. There are about two dozen such texts, each of which with more than ten titles.

Tang Ningshan shuts down this file, opening the dialogue box of Yu Huan.

"Can you ask the name of that woman? There are too many videos and photos. I'm not sure what's hers." Tang Ningshan says speechlessly.

"..." Yu Huan is in silence.

"If you can't ask her, that's okay. I'll give you a simple screenshot, and then I'll delete it all. And you'll show her the results." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, and she estimates that no one who encountered such a thing will tell other people his name.

"Well, that'll work, or she may feel embarrassed." Yu Huan replies quickly.

Tang Ningshan directly opens the folder, quickly sending a few screenshots to Yu Huan.

"You can delete it. She has confirmed that it has her inside, but she didn't expect that there are too much of them." Yu Huan replies after a while.

"Well, I see." Tang Ningshan replies and closes the dialog.

Looking at these things inside the person's computer, Tang Ningshan thinks that the owner of this computer is not a right person. After deleting everything and then she hacks the person's computer.

As soon as he turns on the computer, there will be a pig. The pig will keep saying to himself that I am an idiot.

Then Tang Ningshan smiles and begins to clean the traces, existing from his computer.

"Okay, done." Tang Ningshan finally sends the pig to Yu Huan.

"Ha-ha, good job, give me your card number, and I'll have her transferred the money to you." Yu Huan says.

"... Can I leave it with you? I haven't got my card yet. I meant to go today, but I'm behind schedule. I can't leave until tomorrow." Tang Ningshan says.

"If you trust me, that's fine with me." Yu Huan says.

"Well, that's it. You send me your phone number and tomorrow I'll get the card and then you can send me the money." Tang Ningshan indifferently replies.

"Well, that'll work." Yu Huan replies followed by a string of numbers. Tang Ningshan puts the numbers in the phone.

"I'll take a break, then." Tang Ningshan is off the line after she replies.

After turning off the computer, Tang Ningshan goes to the window and looks out at the starry sky. She doesn't know what she is feeling. Happy? Yes, she is. After all, anyone who makes money would be happy. But she doesn't have the joy from the bottom of her heat.

The next day, early in the morning, Tang Ningshan gets up after a long time searching in the fitting room but also does not find a computer bag, only to change clothes to go downstairs with the computer in hand.

"Lin, get me a computer bag later. I'm going out." Tang Ningshan says as she is walking down the stairs. She sees Li and Pu Jiayi sitting opposite each other at the table and looking at each other.

"Are you two playing a new game?" Tang Ningshan smiles and says to Pu Jiayi, nodding to Li too.

Pu Jiayi shakes his head, but his eyes stay on Tang Ningshan's body with a pair of sad eyes.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan suspiciously looks at Pu Jiayi, then turns to look at Li, who immediately shakes his head.

Pu Jiayi falters for a long time, the eye sockets are redder and redder but does not intend to speak.

"... If you don't talk, I don't know what you're trying to say." Tang Ningshan rubs her brow, helplessly saying.

Pu Jiayi hesitates to stand up, looking intensely at Tang Ningshan, then runs upstairs, which makes Tang Ningshan confused.

"Did you bully him?" Tang Ningshan asks in a low voice.

"Mrs. Shao, he's been looking at me like that since I've been sitting here. That's why I've been staring at him. It's not bullying him." Li's face is anxious, being afraid to destroy his position in Tang Ningshan's heart, but he does not even know that he has changed from a friend's brother to a driver in Tang Ningshan's heart.

Tang Ningshan nods, not making a sound. She feels that if Pu Jiayi has a problem, he will talk to her directly.

In a little while, Steward Lin comes over with a computer bag and gives it to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan takes it and puts the computer in it.

Tang Ningshan puts the computer down before saying, "We'll go to the bank later, and then we'll go to the library."

Li nods in a hurry.

Just as Tang Ningshan is about to leave the house after dinner, Pu Jiayi runs down in a hurry,

Holding a book in his hand. He rushes up to Tang Ningshan and hands Tang Ningshan a notebook with the words written inside. Tang Ningshan feels speechless.

"I'm just going to the library. I might be back a little late. I'm not going to leave you here. Don't worry." Tang Ningshan puts her hand on his head and kneads it gently.

Pu Jiayi takes the book in Tang Ningshan's hand and writes quickly: "Really?"

"Of course it's true. I won't leave you here. Don't worry." Tang Ningshan shows a soft smile on her face, which lets Pu Jiayi feel at ease. Then he goes upstairs.

"Let's go." After Pu Jiayi goes upstairs, Tang Ningshan restores that kind of faint voice, faintly smiling.

The two people get in the car and go to a bank. There are not many people in the bank; perhaps it is because it is still early. This seems to match with Tang Ningshan's willing. After all, no one wants to wait in a long line.

She goes to the front of the counter; the customer service inside takes the initiative to smile and say hello.

"Hello, may I know what business you require?" The servicer asks softly.

"Well, I want to get a bank card and get ready to speculate in stocks. They all say that I need to handle the third-party entrustment supervision. Can I do it directly when I apply for a bank card?"

Tang Ningshan asks politely.

"This can't be done. You have to go through a bank card first, then open an account and come back for supervision. You have to go through such a procedure." Customer service explains with a smile.

"All right. Let's get a card first." Tang Ningshan pulls her ID card from her pocket and hands the clerk a hundred dollars.

Customer service looks at the 100 dollars; the smile on her stiffens before taking Tang Ningshan's ID card. Soon, after the card is finished, Tang Ningshan takes out her cell phone and sends a message to Yu Huan. The letter says who she is, of course not her real name, followed by her card number. When she is just about to walk out of the bank, she receives two messages. Tang Ningshan takes out the mobile phone to see. Initially, she thought it's the card information that the bank sent, but she did not expect to have transfer information. This message is followed by an ordinary text message.

"The money has been remitted. Please check it." Tang Ningshan smiles and turns off the text message, and then walks back to the bank.

She goes to the ATM to withdraw a few hundred dollars and puts it in her pocket, only then she feels like she is in charge of herself.

Getting out of the bank and getting in the car, Tang Ningshan's face is wearing a smile.

"Let's go to the security company nearby." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

"Are you going to buy shares? Or money management? Financial investment?" Li looks at Tang Ningshan suspiciously and asks involuntarily.

"Well, I'm going to buy stocks." Tang Ningshan says carelessly.

Li nods, turning the car around and heading to a security company. The bank is very close to the company, and it only takes 15 minutes to walk there. Tang Ningshan tells Li to wait for her in the car, opening the door to get out of the car by herself.