Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 99

Chapter 85: chapter 85--open an account

The stock-market company is relatively large, with rows of chairs that are already filled. Others stand, staring at the big screen hanging over the wall. There are a lot of people discussing it, some are upset, and some are excited.

Tang Ningshan finds a man dressed in overalls to ask where to open an account. The person gives her a direction, and then she sees a row of windows. Many people are here to open an account, maybe now people have spare money, so they will come to speculate in the stock. Tang Ningshan can only stand in one side of the line quietly, holding a bank card and ID card in one hand, pulling out the phone from her pocket with the other.

"The money has been received. Good cooperation!" Tang Ningshan sends a short message to Yu Huan, just putting the phone back.

Soon, it comes to Tang Ningshan's turn; Tang Ningshan can only sigh that now the customer service's work speed is breakneck.

"May I ask how to open an account?" Tang Ningshan asks directly.

"We need your ID card, a bank card that you use, which cannot be a credit card, and you also need to pay 100 dollars to open an account." Customer service answers immediately.

Tang Ningshan hands the ID card and the bank card to customer service, and then takes out $100 from the pocket and hands them over, then stands there quietly.

Soon, customer service hands her a bunch of stuff.

"I would like to ask that this can be done online, right?" Tang Ningshan takes these things and smiles.

" yes, there is a piece of paper, which writes the download method, in the stuff I gave you just now, and you can download it directly from the website and trade it on the internet."

"Yes, I see. Thank you." Tang Ningshan smiles and nods, taking what was in her hand and her ID card then goes back to the car.

"Come on, let's go to the bank again and then to the library." Tang Ningshan gets in the car, stuffing all the stuff in her hand into the computer bag, and prepares to get off the car with that bag while going to the bank. Otherwise, if the bank clerk needs something, she would have to come out to take, which is very troublesome.

Also really thanks to her trouble-averse nature, she can save a lot of problems. When she backs to the bank again, she goes to the customer service just now, smiling and saying her purpose here.

Customer service asks Tang Ningshan for a book, which was given to her when opening the account. This book is specially used for the bank, the staff of the bank only needs to change some things above and enter that information to the computer.

Tang Ningshan takes everything out and puts it on the counter, handing to customer service one by one. The customer service looks at her for a long time, wanting to ask Tang Ningshan to stop, but Tang Ningshan's movement is so fast that the clerk can only take one after another.

When Tang Ningshan puts all stuff out, she says "which one is it? I have not done such a thing. I am sorry to trouble you." Tang Ningshan gives an apologetic smile.

"Well, it's all done for you. Is there anything else you need to do today?" The customer service gives the thing to Tang Ningshan and then continues to ask.

"Oh, no, oh, there's one more thing. Could you please open the online banking of that card for me?" Tang Ningshan remembers that she hasn't opened the online banking yet.

So Tang Ningshan does some business again, taking her computer bag back to the car, but it is nearly noon.

"Go over there and get something to eat at KFC. I'll go to the library later." Tang Ningshan puts her computer bag on one side of the seat and leans on the chair to relax.

The two of them go to the library after eating. And Tang Ningshan really couldn't stand the way people look at her. In the past, she used to stay at home all day so that no one could see her. But this time at KFC, as if people's watching has strafed her, and she is in a state of great discomfort.

Entering the library, she says hello to the library manager, then takes her computer bag to get in. And she sees Yu Huan sitting in the same position as yesterday with his head bowing, but she has no idea what he is reading.

Tang Ningshan is up to mischief and wants to tease him. So she makes a detour behind him, patting him on the side and immediately runs to the other direction, but Yu Huan turns and looks straight at Tang Ningshan, instead of turning to the side that was patted.

"I mean, you're pretty good. Normally people react to the side that they're being patted. How do you turn to the other way? Why are you looking at the other side?" Tang Ningshan inquisitively asks.

"Oh, that's because I can feel someone passing behind me." Yu Huan says with a smile.

"... When did you come today?" Tang Ningshan sits down and begins chatting with him. Only the two of them could hear each other from their distance, which makes Li, who came in with Tang Ningshan and is secretly watching, feels that this is not proper.

Li continues to stare at Tang Ningshan after giving a gesture to those people in the dark. He would like to rush over and ask Tang Ningshan what she is doing, but he has no position at all, and he can only pray that the two men can quickly tell Shao Ruihan.

"I've been here for a long time. I told you to have dinner with me, so I come early. I haven't eaten anything since this morning, so I'm waiting to have dinner with you." Yu Huan exaggeratedly says. The smile on his face is getting stronger.

"Well, we'll have dinner later." Tang Ningshan says with a smile, then takes the computer out of the bag and puts it on the table. She finds out the paper, which the customer service said and with the download address on it.

"Did you open an account today?" Yu Huan's face is surprised, Tang Ningshan's words and attitude toward the stock does not look like a new beginner, and she has a unique eye, which is impossible for a beginner to do so.

"Well, ready to try." Tang Ningshan smiles and nods and the computer browser begins to download, and it only takes a few seconds to finish.

Step by step, after the procedure is done, Tang Ningshan heads down to start looking at the stock above. She begins to concern what kind of share to choose. Yu Huan introduces several to her. After Tang Ningshan notes that down, she starts to find another sort of stocks from that website. But also she does not say whether she is ready to buy the stock that Yu Huan introduces.

Li looks at the interaction between the two people, and he feels very anxious for Shao Ruihan in his heart.

Soon, Tang Ningshan's phone rings.

Looking at the name on the phone, Tang Ningshan frowns subconsciously.

"Hello!" Tang Ningshan says lightly.

"Where are you?" Shao Ruihan speaks with some interrogative tone in the voice.

"The Library." Tang Ningshan replies, glancing at Li hiding behind the bookshelf. The glance of her makes Li tremble and immediately disappears.

"Why did you go to the library? With whom?" Shao Ruihan continues.

"What do you want?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Why can't I call you if I don't have anything?" Shao Ruihan says.

"I hope you don't call me if nothing happens. After all, there's nothing between us other than an agreement, and I want you to know who you are." Tang Ningshan's frigid tone annoys Shao Ruihan.

"Who am I? I think you've forgotten who you are. Don't forget; you're my wife now!" Shao Ruihan roars.

"I there's nothing else. I'm just going to hang up. That's all!" Tang Ningshan says directly and hangs up the phone, showing an apologetic smile to Yu Huan opposite.

"Let's go to dinner. I'll treat you." Tang Ningshan says this, beginning to pack up her stuff and feeling that she should go back to study which stock to buy.

'Good.' Yu Huan replies with a smile.

"Let's go." Tang Ningshan packs up her bags and leaves with Yu Huan. Li quickly runs after them.

Tang Ningshan also does not want to talk to him, anyway, he is Shao Ruihan's side, whatever happens, and she will have nothing to do with him in the future.

"Just a moment, I'll drive over." Yu Huan says, and then he goes the other way.

Tang Ningshan runs after him and says, "I'll go with you, and then you can drive straight out."

Looking at Tang Ningshan, who does not wait for him, Li does not know what kind of mood he is. He has indeed regarded Tang Ningshan as his family, but now so...

Soon, he sees Tang Ningshan gets in Yu Huan's car, and then he hurriedly gets in his car to follow up.

Tang Ningshan and Yu Huan go to a nearby coffee shop and order two coffees. The two are still discussing the stock, but this time, it is the direction of the stock market, which is not in the books. Tang Ningshan listens very carefully. After all, she only studied some stocks; now someone is talking about the practical application, so she decides to listen to him. But whether she will use this knowledge, it is another matter.

Li has been sitting in the car watching, finally can't help taking out the phone and directly calling Shao Ruihan.

"Boss, Mrs. Shao is having coffee with a boy. They are chatting and laughing. Last night, they were like this at the library. Now they are at the coffee shop. I don't think that's right." Li crackles to say, but opposite Shao Ruihan does not respond at all.

"Captain?" Li calls him.

"Are we done? Then I'm hanging up!" Shao Ruihan finishes saying, and directly hangs up, which lets Li confused. How come that Shao Ruihan is not so warm to Tang Ningshan? After all, Tang Ningshan is also his wife, and now his wife is laughing and chatting with another man, why doesn't Shao Ruihan care? But then he thinks that since Shao Ruihan does not care and he is so at ease. What is himself worrying about? Then he pats his head, scolding that himself is a silly, and then restores the usual mentality.

Since Shao Ruihan over there hung up Tang Ningshan's call just now, he is in a state of rage, just like a firecracker. He is going to explode if someone lights a fire, and this fire is Li.

He knows that he is only interested in Tang Ningshan. But after that thing, immediately the gap between the two was increased. Even if Tang Ningshan would listen to him whatever he said, but that's because he knows her secret. And now Tang Ningshan seems to be indifferent, so Shao Ruihan is wondering whether to threaten her again to let her obedient.

Just as Shao Ruihan holds a bellyful of anger without spreading out, Wang Yu knocks outside.

"Come in." Shao Ruihan wrings his brows; his eyes are burning, and staring at the door angrily.

"Boss, I have some bad news. Our head office has been hacked, and Shi Shaohui has been chasing for a long time but fails. Now we can't find out the other side's position. We're passive. If it's a foreign enemy, it's easy to leak confidential information." Wang Yu says with a black expression on his face.

"Well, find some hackers to chase. After catching them, then arrest them for me. What's the use of telling me this?" Shao Ruihan slaps the table and shouts at Wang Yu.