Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Gou Liancheng

"What?! Ling Yun is on leave again? What's the reason?"

Kong Xiuru panicked upon hearing this. If this was about the old Ling Yun, the useless junk who would not move even if someone kicked him, she would not even bat an eyelid if he missed classes for 3 consecutive months, let alone take a day off.

This was not because Kong Xiuru was irresponsible. On the contrary, as Ling Yun's form teacher, she had already done everything that she could have done!

Approaching Ling Yun for countless sessions of counseling, communication, encouragement, and advice, she even approached Ning Lingyu because of Ling Yun's lack of motivation and made her bring her mother, Qin Qiuyue, to school for a face-to-face discussion.

But even though Ling Yun's mother's beauty left Kong Xiuru extremely insecure, the things that his mother had said were extremely odd, leaving Kong Xiuru speechless and helpless.

Qin Qiuyue had given a faint smile and said to Kong Xiuru then, "You don't need to care about him, just let him be."

Since his mother did not seem to be worried, what else could Kong Xiuru say?

During the Grade 12 semester, Kong Xiuru even did a house visit to Ling Yun's house out of desperation. However, Qin Qiuyue still maintained the same indifferent demeanor. In Kong Xiuru's eyes, it seemed as if whatever Ling Yun did in school had nothing to do with Qin Qiuyue.

From then onwards, Kong Xiuru had completely given up on Ling Yun. She really abided by Qin Qiuyue's instructions and allowed Ling Yun to do whatever he wanted to. She did not care if he attended lessons or not, as long as he did not interfere with his classmates' learning.

In Kong Xiuru's heart, she was secretly very unhappy with Qin Qiuyue. She thought to herself, Is Ling Yun even Qin Qiuyue's biological son? The poor child doesn't even have a real mom.

However, things were different now since Ling Yun had displayed his immense potential. With his horrifyingly amazing memory, along with fixing his weakest point which was mathematics, he was undeniably a good candidate to enter college!

Kong Xiuru could not be bothered about whether Qin Qiuyue cared for Ling Yun. However, as Ling Yun's teacher, she had to take her responsibility in educating him!

Not giving up on any student was Kong Xiuru's biggest belief as a teacher!

Therefore, how could Kong Xiuru not panic upon hearing that Ling Yun had taken the day off without any valid reason?

Sitting in the backseat, Cao Shanshan remembered the reason Ling Yun had given her and she began to blush furiously. She replied softly, "Teacher, Ling Yun said he's sick, he needed to rest for the morning."

Kong Xiuru gave it some thought and figured that even though the old Ling Yun had been useless, he never lied. Thus, she could only nod and tell Cao Shanshan, "Oh, he's sick. I guess we'll see if he shows up for the afternoon lessons. If he doesn't show up, give me his number. I'll call him myself and ask him what happened."

After hanging up, Cao Shanshan immediately searched for Ling Yun's number on her phone and began cursing furiously at Ling Yun's contact name that was displayed on the screen. "Hmm, balls hurting, huh? As if! My wrist is hurting for real!"

Ling Yun's balls weren't really hurting.

However, there were at least more than ten people in Qingshui City with aching testicles today. Not only were their testicles in extreme agonizing pain to the point that they wanted to rip their skulls open, they were still rolling in pain even after the doctor had given them sedatives.

The feeling of a man's genitals being kicked to mush was definitely insufferable!

Right now, Gou Liancheng was in the midst of suffering the insufferable! In pain, he tossed and turned in bed. Not only was his groin hurting, his heart was aching too! He was absolutely devastated!

After regaining consciousness, Gou Liancheng was shell-shocked upon hearing what the doctor had to say! He was so shocked, he even forgot about his pain temporarily!

Actually, the doctor's words were redundant. The first thing Gou Liancheng had done after regaining consciousness was stick his hand down his pants and feel around before he made that devastating discovery. His manhood was gone!

It was truly gone!

That cucumber and two eggs, everything was gone!

Therefore, to be specific, Gou Liancheng's testicles were not hurting. Instead, his groin was hurting due to the newly-bandaged surgical wound from the removal surgery.

Back then, Ling Yun had given Gou Liancheng, Director Zhang and Manager Wang the worst treatment out of sheer, unadulterated anger. Therefore, all three of them ended up with the same outcome. They all had their genitals surgically removed and became actual eunuchs!

As the super tycoon of real estates in Qingshui City, Gou Liancheng had a big reputation, as well as millions of connections with both the good and the bad in the city.

Especially in the past ten years, ever since Gou Liancheng had entered the business of real estates, his power had grown at an alarming rate and he was able to have everything go his way. His net worth totaled up to a terrifying sum of several billion dollars!

As the up-and-coming millionaire in Qingshui City, Gou Liancheng was still far from Qingshui City's richest man, the CEO of the Zhuang Medical Group, Zhuang Tiande. However, after investing all of his effort in the past 2 years, Gou Liancheng was slowly catching up to him.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for his only son, Gou Junfa, to be this arrogant and wild in Qingshui High!

Gou Liancheng was a meticulous and sly man, leaving no traces behind whenever he executed a plan. His favorite trick up his sleeve was ambushing and he was willing to do anything to achieve his goals. If proper methods did not work, he would opt for immoral practices. If doing things in a legal way did not work, he would opt for the illegal methods. If the illegal methods did not work, he would arrange for beauties to seduce his targets. Whoever got in his way would always end up dead!

However, Gou Liancheng would never get into someone's bad books. He adopted a similar demeanor as Xie Junyan from Qingshui High whenever he interacted with others, giving people the impression of a rich yet kind man. He even put up an act of doing charity work occasionally.

In everyone's eyes, his only flaw was his lascivious behavior! Gou Liancheng was too horny! Not only was he not ashamed of it, he was extremely proud of this trait and never bothered to hide it!

In his own words, "As a man, you can't call yourself a man if you've never been with tens of thousands of women in your life!"

Apart from insanely raking in money, Gou Liancheng's only goal in life was working diligently towards achieving that very quote of his.

Gou Liancheng's nights would not be complete without the company of a woman. His highest record was being with 13 different girls, all in one night. Up until the point where Ling Yun practically castrated him, Gou Liancheng had already completed 25% of his goal.

There was a distinct feature about Gou Liancheng's sexual escapades, which was the fact that he would never be with a prostitute or an escort. He would only mess with decent and demure women: female celebrities, models, doctors, teachers, air stewardesses, students, even married women. As long as he had his eyes on them, he would either order his subordinates to bring them in or he would invite them himself for his own pleasure.

Of course, Gou Liancheng's wife, who was Gou Junfa's biological mother, was also a peculiar being. The both of them engaged in their own separate sexual escapades without interfering with each other's business.

Gou Liancheng always strolled along the river, yet he never got his shoes wet. However, he never would have expected someone to barge in, right when he had the chance to gobble up Lin Menghan two nights ago, and save her, neither had he expected the person to ruin his manhood with one kick!

It was the circle of life, the effects of karma. This was the perfect explanation.

Right now, Gou Liancheng was lying naked in the best single-bedded suite available in the provincial hospital. Enduring the burning sensation in his groin, he stared blankly at the ceiling, his glassy eyes devoid of all emotions. With no tears left to cry, no one knew what he was thinking of.

Crying? He dared not cry because Ling Yun had not only given him one good kick, the second kick had landed on the lower dantian. Right now, he had to be extra careful even when taking a deep breath, let alone wailing out loud.

"Dad, do you know who did this to you? If you do, I'll immediately bring my lackeys and murder him in cold blood before feeding him to the dogs to avenge you!"

With bloodshot eyes and hatred in his voice, Gou Junfa spoke to his dad with a sinister expression plastered on his face.

This was no different from someone murdering his father. For someone as vengeful as Gou Junfa, of course he wouldn't be able to tolerate this!

Gou Liancheng did not say a word, his eyes still fixed on the ceiling as he slowly shook his head.

Both father and son were connected emotionally, thus, Gou Junfa was somewhat able to understand Gou Liancheng's current emotions and feelings. Seeing that his father was clueless as well, Gou Junfa could only rant angrily. "Dad, don't worry, I will never forget this grudge. Even if we have to spend one billion, or even ten billion, I will find the person who did this to you and decimate him, grind him to powder and ensure that he will never be able to reincarnate!"

Gou Liancheng's crime was attempted solicitation at best. In addition to that, his networking was huge, therefore, the police force did not make things difficult for him. In fact, they did not even impose a fine on him and decided to let him off the hook. Their only request was for his cooperation throughout their investigation of the incident.

Therefore, Gou Liancheng received a different treatment. Unlike the people from Qingyun Film Company, he did not have police officers stationed outside his hospital ward. Or else, Gou Junfa would not have the guts to utter such words.

On the other hand, Gou Liancheng's wife had been busy touring Europe with two male models when her husband got injured and she still had not rushed back from her trip.

"That person is good" *Cough cough* Gou Liancheng spoke suddenly but began coughing due to the sharp pain in his abdomen.

Even though his genitals had been removed, his eyes and brains were still intact. He was obviously able to see and figure out that Ling Yun was out of the ordinary from the fact that he had been able to cripple him with his kicks.

Gou Junfa gritted his teeth and said, "Dad, I don't care how good he is. We have all the money and people at our disposal. We have to avenge you no matter what!"

Gou Liancheng looked at his son in silence. Soon, tears began streaming down his cheeks from the corner of his eyes.

At his age, he would not simply attribute such an incident to bad luck. After messing around so many women, he settled all his disputes by paying the men off. Sometimes he would pay off the girl's father, sometimes it would be her husband. Now, he was faced with someone who could not be convinced by money. It was only natural for him to be on the receiving end of the bad luck. There was not much left for him to say.

"Dad, do you know the name of the slut from that night? We can start there with our investigation!"

As intelligent as Gou Liancheng was, Gou Junfa was naturally not an idiot and quickly deduced a method to start off his investigation.

Naturally, Gou Junfa was asking about Lin Menghan.

After a long pause, Gou Liancheng said to his son slowly in an extremely deep voice, "Son, I think this incident isn't as simple as you think it is. Don't make any rash decisions for the next few days. Let's observe the situation first before making any decisions."

Even though Gou Liancheng tried his best to keep his voice as stable as possible, he still ran out of breath after saying such a long string of words and began to cough continuously.

Gou Liancheng remembered what Ling Yun had said right before he left, saying that he had only collected the interests and he would be back to collect the debts. Therefore, he was planning to retaliate in silence instead of taking the initiative to attack. He wanted to see who this mysterious teen who mastered the practice of martial arts was!

Even though he had suffered such a tragedy and was filled with hatred from the grudge of a broken penis, Gou Liancheng was still determined in following his philosophy, which was countering changes with changelessness!

Gou Junfa still worshipped his father like a god. Judging by Gou Liancheng's response, it seemed as if he already had a plan in mind. Therefore, all that was left for Gou Junfa to do was to endure the humiliation and hatred as he nodded in silence.

For such incidents, apart from figuring out a way to exact their revenge, there was nothing else left for them to do.

Due to the fact that Gou Liancheng had just suffered from a tragedy, Gou Junfa's evil schemes for Ling Yun were naturally delayed. Of course, if Gou Junfa found out that Ling Yun was the one responsible for injuring his father, he would have been out the door a long time ago, on his way to seek revenge.

In the same provincial hospital, there were countless police officers stationed at the entrance of more than ten surgical wards, inspecting the doctors and nurses who hustled in and out of the rooms.

Naturally, these were the hospital wards of the people from Qingyun Film Company. Right now, there was no need for them to visit the urology or nephrology department.

All that the doctors were able to do was to handle the external injuries, bandaging or removing whatever was necessary. However, they were unable to salvage the situation.

They were unable to save anyone.

The general manager of Qingyun Film Company, Huang Feiyang, was sitting in the ward where Director Zhang had been admitted in the name of visiting. Silently, he observed Director Zhang, who was drenched in sweat as he laid there in agony.

His expression was extremely somber!

Huang Feiyang was overwhelmed by fear. If it was not for the fact that he had had to rush back to Beijing in order to submit his reports two nights ago, he probably would be in the same situation as Director Zhang, who was currently lying before him!

Due to the fact that there were many police officers stationed at the entrance, Huang Feiyang did not ask Director Zhang too many questions. He had understood the gist of the situation through his conversation with the police officers. In fact, Huang Feiyang knew that the police force had placed most of their focus on him for this incident!

If he did not manage to settle this incident appropriately, he would most certainly be in big trouble. It might even be possible for him to end up in jail for a few years!

"Rest well for now, I'll take care of this myself" After remaining silent for a long time, Huang Feiyang said slowly to Director Zhang, who was struggling in agony as he laid in bed.

A hint of murderous intent flashed across Huang Feiyang's eyes!