Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Black Guy

That figure pressed on a switch, and a pink light lit up. Su Bai was aware that Ying Ying'er purposely installed that lighting to create the ambiance. Luckily, it was enough to reveal that man's looks.

It was a black guy a black guy who spoke fluent mandarin. Based on his dressing and his Shanghai accent, he was not a black guy who purposely learnt Mandarin due to his love for Chinese culture but a local.

"Black guy?" Aroma furrowed her brows. She obviously had strong observation skills. She realized the black guy in front of her was a Chinese national.

To ordinary people, it was hard to understand why a Chinese national would have a black person's parentage. In truth, China did not recognize dual citizenship; it was very strict to apply for citizenship. In the past ten years, there were less than three hundred people who had managed to successfully apply for citizenship. It was ironic and surprising. Many Chinese nationals migrated overseas every year, letting others feel that the Chinese citizenship had no value, but the majority of people did not know how hard it was for foreign nationals to apply for Chinese citizenship. A Chinese citizenship was harder to obtain compared to European and American countries.

Over the years, China also had a few black people. A small portion of them had Chinese citizenship. They did not obtain special treatment due to special abilities. In the past, when their fathers sailed across the ocean to China, they gathered at the ports of economically rich cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities and had a baby after having relationships with the local Chinese ladies. These black fathers would usually disappear without a trace because they entered the country illegally. They had no ability to bring their child and the Chinese woman who gave birth to their children back to their country.

This was not fresh news. A certain Chinese lady gave birth to a black guy's baby and her black boyfriend disappeared without a trace.

This black guy in front of Su Bai looked around his thirties, dressed decently and had a refined aura; he was more like a noble.

The trend of black people entering China only began in the year 2000. This was because they were attracted by the quick development of China's economy. This black guy was not considered a child of accidental birth.

"Hey, young people, don't keep thinking of creating waves. There is obviously racial discrimination from the way you two look at me, I really mind it.

"Furthermore, I am also an audience. If I'm not wrong, I am slightly stronger than the both of you, the task completion rate of the both of you added up together is not higher than me. Please maintain your respect towards me. Otherwise, if I felt that my weak pride is insulted, I can commence punishment while disregarding any karma ties."

Su Bai shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry."

"Alright, even though there is no much sincerity in your apology, I will accept it. This really is a blundering society, just tolerate if there is anything." The black guy shook his head and said, "Let me introduce myself, I am Huo Kun, my father is a Chinaman and my mother is an American. Too bad, my father is too weak and my mother is too strong. I would actually prefer to have yellow skin and not this black skin."

Huo Kun knocked his head in displeasure. "Sorry, back to business. Two audiences finding this lady should not be for erotic asphyxiation treatment, right?"

"Oh, right. You are called Su Bai? I have seen you in her list of latest customers. There's even your photo, but the photo should be saved from the CCTV, the picture was not very clear.

"You should have just received treatment today, why? Is the treatment effect so good that you had to experience it one more time the same night?

"Alright, I admit that the therapist is quite captivating."

When Aroma heard about it, she looked at Su Bai while feeling surprised.

Su Bai did not plan to continue on with the topic and only asked:

"She is the murderer?"

Huo Kun continuously shook his finger, "No no no, she is not. But she knows who the murderer is. I had just finished asking what I needed to know. I intended to appreciate this mesmerizing equipment before heading to capture the perpetrator and then you guys arrived."

Ying Yinger's complexion grew paler and paler. It was obvious that she was heavily injured.

When handling the reality task, the freedom and limitations of the audiences were increased. Huo Kun would not be bound by too much karma even if he murdered Ying Yinger to obtain the information to complete his task.

Su Bai walked over, Ying Yinger was really a special lady. She pointed to Su Bai the corner of her office table using her lower jaw.

There was a first aid kit over there.

Su Bai knelt down and pulled out the first aid kit. He opened it and started to tend to Ying Yinger's wounds.

"Your items are quite complete." Su Bai teased.

"Heh heh, even though I am a professional, these things are a must." Ying Yinger inhaled a deep breath as Su Bai dressed her wounds, obviously in pain and yet she did not make a sound.

"Who is the murderer to you?" Su Bai asked.

"My master, my master in torture equipment."

Su Bai nodded his head. "I'll send you to the hospital."

Since Dreadful Radio had already issued a reality task, Su Bai could walk away.

"You can't send her to the hospital. You have to follow me to catch that person. Your zombie lineage could save me a lot of trouble." Huo Kun said and then looked at Aroma. "You no lineage aura, no other aura, ordinary human? Only an experiencer? Then you'll send that lady to the hospital."

Aroma pouted. She was already uncomfortable with the way Su Bai treated Ying Yinger and now Huo Kun was bossing her around, causing her to be in a bad mood. However, Aroma was not an idiot. She was also not so childish; she only nodded her head.

A notice appeared in Su Bai mind soon enough:

"Huo Kun invited you to join the reality task, do you accept?"

Su Bai had been invited by the monk to complete a reality task together before this, he had also completed a reality task on his own before. He was well aware of the importance of completing a reality task. It could be said that Su Bai had indeed received certain care in the story world.

Su Bai immediately agreed in his mind.

"Did you drive over?" Huo Kun looked at Su Bai. "It's hard to hail a cab at this hour in Shanghai, furthermore, it is quite a distance."

"Drove," Su Bai replied.

"That's great, young man, let's go."

Huo Kun waved his hand and the ghostly infants on the wall disappeared.

Both of them got down via the elevator and entered the car. Su Bai started the car and asked, "Where is the location?"

Huo Kun passed his phone to Su Bai, it was a map app. Su Bai nodded his head indicating he knew the location. It was considered a technology park district; it was a little isolated but not very far away.

"Those little ghosts were bred by you?" Su Bai asked.

"Heh heh, those are drawn by me. They are not permanent, only ghostly shadows. Didn't you destroy one in the elevator?" Huo Kun asked in return, "Using a live human, especially the soul of a child to refine a little ghost is too much harm to the harmony of the heavens."

A black guy talking about the thoughts of an eastern Taoist, it really gave a strong sense of violation.

Su Bai drove very fast and even exceeded the speed limit; he even purposely ran the red light. This driving satisfied Huo Kun very much. His expression was like 'this fella has a great future'.

"Is there any music in the car?" Huo Kun asked as he searched around. "Yo, I like jazz."

The lively music started playing, and Huo Kun's body started relaxing. He wasn't obese and was even a little slim, but this black guy indeed had quite a physique.

"My father was an American Chinese, he researched in high end weaponry. Qian Xuesen[1] is considered my father's senior. With the help of some people from this country, he returned and brought my mother along. I was born after they had returned to this country. It was still considered okay when I was younger, everyone was just curious about me. But now, with more and more black people coming to China over the years, I could clearly feel the racial discrimination towards black people become more and more serious."

Su Bai looked towards the front as he replied, "That's why many people in our country jeer at Americans before this for not emphasizing on human rights and discriminating black people. In truth, that was because it had not happened to us. Now, we could feel it."

"Yeah," Huo Kun sighed. "A majority of black people are mischievous, lazy, have no wish for success, covet pleasure. They came to China just to continue the second American dream. They thought they could obtain a more comfortable life after arriving in China, they only came seeking that. Of course, some of the ladies of our country do not have too much self-respect. "

"In China's cultural circle, a divorced lady bringing up a child could be accepted by society. But, if it was a black person's child, then not many people would be able to tolerate it."

"Living pleasurably with a big package" Su Bai teased.

Both of Huo Kun's leg trembled. "Thanks for the compliment." Following that, Huo Kun gave off a low growl. "After this reality task is completed, I am planning to go for surgery and bleach my skin. I didn't go before this because I was afraid it would affect my performance in the story world. With this reality task at hand, it doesn't matter anymore."

Su Bai was not so holy to advice Huo Kun that all beings were equal, all races were equal and these types of words. He was well aware that as an audience, an audience who had richer experience than himself, their line of thoughts had long been independent. The way they looked at the world was already fixed.

On the contrary, Su Bai purposely turn his head over and observed Huo Kun's facial features. He chucked and said, "Your father still put in much effort. At least the outline of your face is Asian. As long as your skin was fairer and not so dark, you would be no different from an ordinary chinese, just a little tanned."

"Hahahahaha..." Huo Kun laughed, "Your words are pleasing to the ears. After this task is completed, let's go for a drink."

"It's my pleasure."