Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 This Posturing Fellow Had Surpassed Yan Rusheng

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“Ha.” Lu Yinan coldly snorted. “Now that I want to be responsible for my actions, that person simply doesn’t give a damn.”

“This is indeed tricky. For the sake of the children.” Yan Rusheng had trouble concealing a grin. “Can you explain why did you go to her room after getting drunk?”

They haven’t been able to figure out the reason Lu Yinan had gone to Zhou Shuang’s room that night.

“Beats me too.” Lu Yinan furrowed his eyebrows tightly and stuffed his hands deep in his pockets. He looked depressed as he leaned against the tree.

Yan Rusheng continued, “Think carefully. If you want the children, you need to get the woman as well. If not, forget about both.”

“Why are you acting like a relationship expert?” Lu Yinan glanced at Yan Rusheng with an amused expression.

Yan Rusheng gave him a supercilious look. He retorted, “If it wasn’t because my Xuxu has been fretting over what will happen to the mother of your children, I wouldn’t waste my breath on you.”

Lu Yinan was speechless…

That explained why he was suddenly dishing out advice so earnestly.

It was because of Wen Xuxu.

He frowned and sneered with disdain. “Third Yan, other than Wen Xuxu, is there anyone else you care about?”

“Xuxurusheng, how can I add anyone else?” Yan Rusheng answered haughtily before turning around to leave.


Lu Yinan finally snapped after Yan Rusheng had walked for some distance. He sprinted after him.

Before he reached the entrance, the bustling and noisy house suddenly quieted down.

A woman began singing.

‘The dark sky hung low… as the bright stars filled the sky. Fireflies, fireflies, who are you thinking of… the stars are crying and the roses are wilting away… the cold wind blows, the cold wind blows…’

It stunned Lu Yinan when he heard the song. He mumbled to himself about how this hooligan could actually sing.

Usually, she would be spewing vulgarities.

“Sister Zhou Shuang’s voice is too lovely!”

Applause filled the place when she finished the song. Lu Yinan suddenly jerked. He realized that he seemed to have entered a trance.

He took some time to recover himself before entering the house.

He beamed at the innocent faces as he declared, “My voice is nicer than hers.”

He strode towards Zhou Shuang.

No one believed him as they protested. “You’re lying!”

Lu Yinan acted as if nothing had happened, and he sat down beside Zhou Shuang. He smiled at them and glanced at Zhou Shuang. “Ask Sister Zhou Shuang if you don’t believe me. I joined a band when I was in high school.”

Zhou Shuang remained mum as she threw him a contemptuous look.

Bragging about being in a band to all these little children.

This posturing fellow had surpassed Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu watched both of them and turned to glance at Yan Rusheng. Their eyes met at the same time.

Both of them broke into a smile as though they’ve read each other’s mind.

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng didn’t go home for dinner tonight, hence the rest of the family ate dinner earlier than usual.

The sky wasn’t even dark yet.

Su Yue had just showered and changed into her pajamas. She collapsed on the bed, feeling bored.

Su Yan was away on a work trip, so she stayed with the Yan family.

After an afternoon nap, she woke up feeling refreshed.

She stared at the ceiling for some time before grabbing her phone to call Xuxu. She wanted to ask Xuxu when would she be back.

However, a thought struck her, so she opened WeChat instead. She clicked on Ming Ansheng’s name.

She hesitated briefly before sending a punctuation mark to him.

She placed the phone next to her and lay sideways to stare at the screen.

“One, two, three, four, five.”