Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 This Aloof And Pretentious Little Lass

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Su Yue began to quietly count in her heart as she waited for Ming Ansheng to reply.

But she wasn’t sure if Ming Ansheng would since she only sent him a punctuation mark.

She was beginning to feel disappointed when her screen lit up. It was a text from Ming Ansheng.

She excitedly grabbed her phone and read the text. ‘What is it?’

Su Yue pouted her lips smugly and replied. ‘I accidentally pressed it.’

Ming Ansheng replied quickly, ‘Oh. What are you doing?’

Su Yue typed, ‘Looking at the ceiling.’

Ming Ansheng replied, ‘Have you eaten?’

Su Yue replied, ‘Yes, I did.’

Su Yue was trying to maintain her aloofness.

Ming Ansheng replied, ‘Rest early then.’

Was he ending their conversation?

Su Yue was flustered and typed the words she had been keeping inside her heart. ‘You said that you would bring me to get a tattoo. Are you still keeping that promise?’

Ming Ansheng was about to keep his phone away when he saw Su Yue’s reply. Subconsciously, he smiled to himself.

His good-looking face seemed to blossom like a flower in spring.

“This aloof and pretentious little lass,” Ming Ansheng muttered to himself as he continued to smile blissfully.

Just because he didn’t bring her out for a longer ride?

She was angry with him for a few days. Even if she had initiated the conversation today, he wouldn’t be so stupid to bring up that matter again.

Ming Ansheng hesitated for a while as he read her text again. He replied, ‘Yes. When do you want to go?’

He knew that this young lass wasn’t someone he could offend.

He needed to answer her question directly without any teasing. If not her pride might be hurt and she would ignore her.

The consequences might be her not talking to him for weeks.

Su Yue typed hastily. ‘Now. I want to go now.’

Her response had tempted Ming Ansheng but he had his reservations. ‘It’s getting late. Will your third brother and third sister-in-law agree to you going out?’

Su Yue typed, ‘They are still at the orphanage. My second uncle and aunt are watching a movie. I’m so bored at home.’

Ming Ansheng didn’t hesitate any longer and replied Su Yue. ‘I’ll fetch you now.’

After sending her a reply, he stood up and marched to the door.

Some of his staff were still working.

All of them hastily stood up to greet him. “President.”

“President.” Ming Ansheng’s secretary rose as well and followed him.

He stared at him with a frown, unable to understand the urgency in his boss’s footsteps.

Ming Ansheng reached the elevator, and he pressed the button as he instructed his secretary. “Tell them to finish it by tonight. I’ll take a look tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, I will.” His secretary nodded.

Ming Ansheng stepped into the elevator and his phone vibrated.

Su Yue replied with a ‘yes’.

Ming Ansheng curled his lips—a gentle and affectionate smile could be seen on his face.

He drove his car out from the basement and headed straight for the Yan’s house. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any traffic that night.

At a traffic junction, Ming Ansheng began to slow down when he approached it. He saw a fast food restaurant a short distance away.

Without thinking, he immediately turned his car towards the direction of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He got off the car and entered the restaurant.

It was dinnertime and people crowded the restaurant.