Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Uncle Ming Brought Me To Get A Tattoo

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Ming Ansheng abruptly stopped the car, and he turned around to slowly stare at Su Yue.

Su Yue blinked in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Gazing into her twinkling black eyes brought Ming Ansheng back to his senses. He shook his head lightly. “Nothing.”

He extended his hand towards her. “Give me the chicken wing. My steering wheel isn’t dirty.”

Su Yue nodded vaguely and handed him the chicken wing. She casually quipped, “There is more in the bag. I can’t finish them all since I’m still feeling full. Aunt Zhang also made me chicken wings for dinner and I ate too many.”

She drank her coke and sipped it slowly using the straw.

Ming Ansheng re-ignited his engine and he kept glancing at Su Yue sneakily. His heartbeat had been erratic ever since Su Yue fed him the chicken wing.

“Uncle Ming, what present should I give to Brother Qi Lei?” asked Su Yue suddenly. She bit her lip. She looked conflicted.

“Huh?” Ming Ansheng was momentarily stunned and spun his head around to look at Su Yue. His heart sunk involuntarily.

Did she want to give that TCM boy a present? Why was she giving him a present?

Su Yue could tell that Ming Ansheng was feeling confused. She elaborated, “He always cooked delicious food for me so I ought to give him a present to thank him. But I don’t know what to buy him.”

Ming Ansheng breathed and felt slightly more relieved. So she merely wanted to thank him for the food.

He answered, “Then you can choose not to eat the food he brought for you. Then you don’t owe him anything in that way.”

He was looking ahead as he spoke. He then turned towards Su Yue. “To be honest, it isn’t good to owe someone a favor. Am I right?”

Young Master Ming despised himself for using such tactics, but he couldn’t help it.

Su Yue pouted. She protested, “But his chicken wings are the best!”

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

‘Chicken wings, chicken wings! Damn those chicken wings!’

He suspected that he had drugged the chicken wings.

‘Hmph! It’s just chicken wings.’

Both of them conversed happily and Ming Ansheng soon realized that every topic they talked about would eventually end up related to food.

Ming Ansheng came to a realization that whoever wanted to win this girl’s heart needed to cook well.

They reached the suburban district, and he stopped the car outside a mansion. He pressed his horn and the gates opened.

He drove slowly into the courtyard and stopped.

Ming Ansheng and Su Yue unfastened their seatbelts and got down.

A slender and voluptuous figure strode towards them, and she was wearing a black casual sleeveless dress. She had voluminous curls, making her look incredibly sexy and alluring.

“Hi, Young Master Ming.” The woman waved happily at Ming Ansheng. Her pleasant and seductive voice matched her appearance well, making one go limp.

Ming Ansheng smiled at the woman. “Boss Mei.”

“Tsk.” The woman’s expression darkened. “Is it so hard for you not to distant yourself from me?”

Ming Ansheng grinned and corrected himself. “Miss Mei.”

She looked slightly more pleased and her eyes darted to Su Yue who stood beside Ming Ansheng. She curled her lips. “This is the little girl?”

She had an ambiguous smile.

Ming Ansheng smiled in response.

He glanced askew at Su Yue and gestured to the woman. “Yueyue, she is Meiduo. You can call her Sister Mei.”

Su Yue answered curtly with an ‘oh’ and looked at her without speaking.

Ming Ansheng knew her too well. She didn’t like talking to strangers.