Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 He Kisses You On Your Chest

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“Let’s go inside,” said Ming Ansheng.

He led the way, and Su Yue closely followed.

Meiduo gazed at them intently, especially at Su Yue. She seemed to be looking for something, and a mixture of emotions could be seen on her face.

When they were near her, she smiled. “Getting a tattoo at such a young age? Did her parents agree?”

Ming Ansheng’s face fell and he glanced at Meiduo. “Pretty Miss Mei, what did we agree on?”

His words served as a stern reminder.

“Alright, I got it. I can’t joke around.” Ming Ansheng glanced at Ming Ansheng swiftly before smiling brightly at Su Yue. “Come in with me. You’re so pretty.”

She offered her hand to Su Yue.

Su Yue instinctively shrunk and retreated.

Meiduo didn’t mind and she glanced at Ming Ansheng. The mysterious smile on her face became more profound.

“Take a seat on the couch. I’ll go upstairs to get the tools.”

Ming Ansheng and Su Yue entered the mansion.

The huge mansion seemed lonely and cold. Su Yue surveyed the entire house and saw no one else.

“Take a seat.” Ming Ansheng clutched Su Yue’s arm and brought her to the couch.

Su Yue settled down and crossed her legs.

Ming Ansheng told her. “Wait here for me. I’ll be back.”

After informing Su Yue, he proceeded towards the staircase.

Su Yue watched him and knew that he was heading upstairs. Suspicion flashed across her eyes.

“Little lass, it will be a little painful.”

Meiduo came down with a white box with her.

She draped a pink shawl over her shoulders.

Ming Ansheng trailed closely behind.

It startled Su Yue. “Uncle Ming, is she the friend whom you mentioned was a great tattooist?”

Her attitude and impression of Meiduo had considerably changed.

“Uncle Ming?” asked Meiduo, looking surprised.

She turned towards Ming Ansheng, with a look of confusion.

Ming Ansheng was stony-faced and Meiduo covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. “Uncle Ming, how old are you this year?”

Ming Ansheng frowned. “Hurry up, it’s late.”

Meiduo stopped her jokes and walked to Su Yue. She opened the box and bent to sit down.

She glanced at Su Yue and asked, “Your Uncle Ming said that I’m a great tattooist?”

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

She was looking at Meiduo with admiration and she didn’t conceal it.

Ming Ansheng stared at her, feeling amused. She had always idolized and admired people who could do the things that she was interested in.

If he could cook, especially making chicken wings or doing a tattoo, would she idolize him?

He had a sudden impulse to learn those skills.

Ming Ansheng sat down on the couch and folded his arms across his chest. He crossed his legs and waited for Meiduo to get started.

Meiduo took out her tools and looked at Su Yue. “Where do you want the tattoo to be?” asked Meiduo.

“Here. I want a cat.” Su Yue pointed to the left of her chest.

Meiduo frowned. “Little girl, if you tattoo it here, it will affect the feeling.”

Su Yue looked puzzled. “What feeling?”

Meiduo pressed on, “In the future when you have a boyfriend and he kisses you on your chest, wouldn’t he feel…”

She hadn’t finished and Ming Ansheng’s stern warning echoed loudly. “Meiduo!”

Meiduo coughed loudly to conceal her laughter. She steered the topic out of dangerous waters. “So you have decided to tattoo it on your chest?”