Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 He Is The One Who Was Suffering

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There wasn’t even a servant around.

Ming Ansheng lightly answered, “She doesn’t come back often.”

It piqued Su Yue’s curiosity. “Where does she live?” asked Su Yue.

“In Country M. Every summer and winter, she will come back for a month,” answered Ming Ansheng. He pressed his lips and peered at the starry night sky.

He opened the courtyard gates and led Su Yue out.


Su Yue answered only after a long time.

Su Yue seemed to be deep in thoughts in the car.

Ming Ansheng observed her for a while before blurting out. “What’s wrong? What’s on your mind?”

“Sister Meiduo said that you have a beautiful thorn apple tattoo on your waist.” Su Yue turned her head to face Ming Ansheng. Her eyes were shining and twinkling like stars in the darkness.

Ming Ansheng’s expression froze when he heard her. He slowly nodded.

Su Yue asked, “Actually, Sister Meiduo likes you, right?”

He couldn’t catch any other emotions in her tone.

It stunned Ming Ansheng.

Su Yue confidently repeated, “I can tell that she likes you.”

She pressed on quickly without giving Ming Ansheng the opportunity to speak. “I feel that she is better than your fiance. She is prettier than her and more likable. I can’t understand your judgment of character.”

She pouted, looking upset. Ming Ansheng knew that she hated Tang Feiling and that’s why she was feeling upset.

Disappointment crashed over him like waves.

He was clear that she was an innocent and pure girl who didn’t have any ulterior motives. Just like her appearance, she was so clean it feels like he was defiling her with a touch.

If she liked you, she would linger around you all day long.

If she didn’t like a person, there was no way you could win her over no matter how hard you try. Fang Jiayin was an excellent example.

He was disappointed because he knew her too well. She disliked Tang Feiling. Hence, she was openly criticizing her so.

It’s not that she was interested in him.

Ming Ansheng adjusted his emotions and glanced at Su Yue. “You have only met Meiduo once. How do you know that she is a good person?” asked Ming Ansheng, looking amused.

“I just feel it. She has a better personality than your loud-mouthed fiance. Your fiance is intellectually challenged.” Su Yue had a vicious tongue when it comes to criticizing Tang Feiling. “Her personality is so horrible that she even bickers with a minor,” concluded Su Yue.

The minor she was referring to was herself.

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

It is true that each new generation excels the previous. This little girl’s vicious tongue is at par with her third brother.

Su Yue sneered coldly. “I don’t like you to be with her.”

She had blurted this casually but it made Ming Ansheng’s heart skipped a beat. “Yueyue.”

He knew that she hated Tang Feiling and that was the only reason!

Su Yue continued as she looked at Ming Ansheng. “So I advise you to consider carefully and wake up before it’s too late. Choose Sister Meiduo.”

This concluded that she hated Tang Feiling and had no feelings towards him. Ming Ansheng smiled bitterly and somberly answered her, “You’re a child, don’t interfere with an adult’s affairs.”

He didn’t want to continue discussing other women with her. He was the one who suffered immensely.

He looked ahead and his eyes looked forlorn. His eyes were like a lonely, solitary lamp in the darkness.

He sent Su Yue back home and someone came rushing out of the house. It was Xuxu.

She strode to her hastily, looking worried.