Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 I Couldn't Imagine

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Su Yue got down the car. Ming Ansheng whispered to her a reminder. “Lass, remember you can’t touch water for a few days.”

Su Yue bent and mumbled softly, “Got it, naggy old uncle.”

She stuck out her tongue cheekily at him before straightening her back. She closed the door after her.

Ming Ansheng ignited his car’s engine and felt extremely guilty.

“Yueyue.” Xuxu reached her but Ming Ansheng’s car had sped away.

She glanced swiftly in the direction of the car and back to Su Yue again. “Where did you go? Why did you come home so late?”

Su Yue pursed her lips grudgingly. “No one is at home and I was bored. So I asked Uncle Ming to bring me out for a spin. We then went to look for his friend.”

They were gone for hours, and for fear that Xuxu wouldn’t believe, she added that they met his friend.

It was the partial truth. Of course… she left out the tattoo part.

It puzzled Xuxu. “You met his friend?”

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

‘Why did Ming Ansheng bring Su Yue to meet his friend?’ Xuxu began to feel suspicious as she held Su Yue’s hand. She asked as they entered the courtyard. “Can you tell me who is his friend?”

Su Yue didn’t notice Xuxu’s expression and casually answered, “She is Meiduo and she is really pretty. She is very nice too.”

Xuxu was completely taken aback. “Meiduo!”

Xuxu’s reaction made Su Yue confused. “What’s wrong?”

Xuxu questioned her instead. “Why did he bring you to meet Meiduo?”

Su Yue answered naturally, “He was on his way to look for Sister Meiduo so he brought me along.”

Xuxu didn’t probe further. “I see. Take a shower and sleep soon.”

“Okay.” Su Yue nodded and went upstairs.

Xuxu stood in the living room, and she took a deep breath as Su Yue disappeared out of sight.

She began to climb the stairs.

She walked to the study and opened the door. It was pitch dark, so Yan Rusheng must be in the bedroom.

She closed the door after her.

Yan Rusheng had just come out of the bathroom in his bathrobe.

He glanced at Xuxu as he rubbed hair. He asked, “Is that little lass back?”

“Mmm.” Xuxu nodded and she walked to Yan Rusheng. “Ah Sheng, is Ming Ansheng still in contact with Meiduo?”

Yan Rusheng stopped in his tracks and nodded. “Yeah. Meiduo comes back during winter and summer.”

They sat down on the bed and Xuxu slumped against the bed. She sighed and mumbled. “Come to think of it, Ming Ansheng’s grandfather is really unlikable. He is too overbearing.”

Yan Rusheng turned to look at her. “Why did you mention Meiduo suddenly?”

Xuxu explained, “Ming Ansheng went to meet Meiduo tonight, and he brought Yueyue with him.”

Yan Rusheng grunted in response.

Xuxu suddenly quipped, “Is Ming Ansheng still in love with Meiduo?”

Yan Rusheng stopped rubbing his hair and flung the towel away. He laid down on the bed sideways and snuggled closer to Xuxu. He gently stroked Xuxu’s belly.

He raised an eyebrow. “Wife, can you stop gossiping about others?”

“I’m just a little curious.” Xuxu hugged Yan Rusheng’s arm and sighed. “I always thought that a man like Ming Ansheng wouldn’t be faithful in love. I couldn’t imagine that he would still think about her after all these years.”