Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Are You Having A Fever?

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Yan Rusheng was rather unconcerned. “Even if he met Meiduo, what could that possibly mean?”

“If his grandfather didn’t forbid them to carry on dating because Meiduo came from a poor family, they might already be married with children by now.”

Yan Rusheng sighed and sounded resigned. “You don’t understand love.”

It perplexed Xuxu. “What do you mean?”

“If Madam Mu Li and you both fell into the sea, I would choose to save you first,” Yan Rusheng answered with a huge grin.

“Go away, you’re so hateful.” Xuxu punched him lightly. “I want to tell Madam Mu Li that you have forgotten about your mother once you had a wife.”

But what he wanted to say was if it was true love, he wouldn’t have bothered about anyone else.

“So Ming Ansheng doesn’t really love Meiduo?”

But it was true. If he had really loved her, he would definitely have revolted against his grandfather.

When Ming Ansheng broke up with Meiduo years ago, everybody could tell that it had deeply affected him.

“It’s so late at night and you keep mentioning other guys. Did you spare a thought for your hubby’s feelings?” breathed Yan Rusheng as he gritted his teeth. The next moment, his hands wandered to Xuxu’s chest, and he pinched her chest forcefully.

Xuxu didn’t even have time to utter a word when his lips crushed her.

“Hey!” Xuxu pushed him away. “Can you be more civilized? Who was the one who couldn’t stand Ming Ansheng dating a pretty girlfriend and went after the school beauty?”

Yan Rusheng cheekily grinned. “So you’re still bothered by this.”

He gazed at Xuxu’s face and had a sudden impulse to bite her.

Xuxu denied. “No! I’m not.”

She had really casually blurted that out and that thought didn’t cross her mind. In the end, his accusations made her blush.

“Stop pretending, stupid woman.” Yan Rusheng managed to bite Xuxu’s rosy cheek and his hand started fondling her.

Xuxu writhed in protest. “Yan Rusheng, I’m warning you. Stop touching me! These guys are protesting and kicking me right now.”

“Let me see.”

There was silence.

Xuxu’s belly was getting enormous, hence Yan Weihong and Mu Li forbid her to go to work anymore. She could only work from home.

Taking a nap after lunch every day had become a habit.

When she woke up, she walked out of the room to get a glass of water. Su Yue also came out of her room at the same time.

Su Yue’s head was bowed and she looked lethargic. Worried, Xuxu asked, “Yueyue, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Su Yue noticed Xuxu, so she hurriedly pulled herself together and smiled feebly. She shook her head. “Nothing, I’m fine.”

Her cheeks were flushed and it made Xuxu worried. “You look so red. Let me check if you have a fever.”

She stretched her hand towards her forehead.

Su Yue avoided her agilely. “I just ate a bag of spicy cheeks. It must be too spicy.”

Xuxu frowned. “Why are you eating spicy chips on such a hot day? It’s unhealthy.”

Indeed, she was still a child for liking such snacks.

She remembered that she liked such snacks when she was young, too.

Su Yue smiled. “I won’t eat it again.”

“Mmm.” Xuxu continued, “Follow me downstairs. I’ll make some green bean soup for you. Look at how red you are.”

She turned around to head towards the staircase. Su Yue shouted after her. “Third sister-in-law!”