Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Down With A High Fever

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She grew up in adverse circumstances, so her immune system had been trained to be strong since she was young. She couldn’t remember the last time she had caught the flu, nor could she remember if she was ever down with a fever.

Except for the time she injured her thigh and it became inflamed after her shower. That time, however, Xuxu noticed it in time and her fever wasn’t that serious.

She had never felt this way before.

She was afraid.

Bai Jing frowned. “What are you blabbering about? Your injury is inflamed so you’re just down with a fever.”

Then she thought for a while and continued, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Su Yue had her reservations about going to the hospital. “Will my Third sister-in-law know if I went to the hospital?”

“She won’t,” Bai Jing assured. Then she continued with a frown. “If you’re so scared, why did you get a tattoo? Only hooligans and gangsters get this kind of thing.”

She helped Su Yue up.

“No, Uncle Ming has a tattoo too,” Su Yue defended. She then pointed at her chest and continued, “He tattooed a mouse here. It looked really good.”

She had just laid down for a while, but when she stood up, her giddiness had faded a lot.

Bai Jing commented, “Mice don’t look good.”

She held onto Su Yue and walked towards the door.

When they reached the doorstep, Su Yue put on her shoes. Bai Jing took a bunch of keys from above the shoe cupboard and asked, “Are these your house keys?”

Su Yue glanced over and nodded. “Yes.”

“Bring them along,” Bai Jing replied, stuffing the keys into Su Yue’s pocket.

It was summertime and the heat was scorching even at five p.m.

Su Yue felt very hot and her entire body was as red as a cooked prawn. But she couldn’t sweat it out. They got to the entrance of the district and it was ages before they managed to get a cab.

The two weren’t familiar with their surroundings, so they consulted the taxi driver. He asked them about their situation and brought them to the district hospital.

“Good gracious, 40.5°C. Any later and your brain would’ve been fried.”

The female doctor in her forties looked at the thermometer and glared at Su Yue.


Bai Jing was horrified. She asked in a panic, “Doctor, what can we do?”

She replied, “What else? She has to eat medicine and get an injection.”

She then looked over at Su Yue’s chest. “What tattoo did you get?”

Su Yue had already filled her in on her situation.

Su Yue replied, “A cat.”

She then pulled down her collar and showed her tattoo to the doctor.

She looked at it and smiled. “It’s an abstract.”

“It’s swollen,” Su Yue explained as she pouted. “It looked good before that.”

“Go pay up, then get a drip,” the doctor said, passing Su Yue a bill. “You need to stay in the hospital tonight. Your inflammation is serious.”

Su Yue frowned. “Must I stay here?”

‘What if Third sister-in-law found out?’

“Yes, it’s a must.”

The doctor felt that she had to be clear when she was communicating with a young lass.

Su Yue replied with an ‘oh’ . She was scared of dying, so she obediently stayed the night in the hospital.

Bai Jing did all the hospital papers and procedures for her. It was a district hospital, so the conditions weren’t very good. Su Yue had to share a ward with someone else.

She had four bottles of IV drips, which continued dripping even at seven p.m.

When Su Yue woke from her slumber, Bai Jing was sitting at her bedside using her phone. In her hand was the latest iPhone model.

Her phone cover had a cute shell on it. Su Yue commented disapprovingly, “Bai Jing, your phone cover is not cool at all.”